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  1. LBs are shaky, I would look to beef up in that area. Hope Evans becomes what he was drafted to be.
  2. Those would be my 3 as well.
  3. True true. On the defensive side, I guess i can afford to lose any one of them, or maybe two if it meant getting a strong offensive player. Goff and Watson - superflex, so I am solid there Kamara, Mack - can improve off Mack but like the upside WR is weak, Landry, Kupp - wasnt planning to keep either TE - Henry - want to see what he does in camp/preseason, make sure he is 100% back, but love that upside Can only keep 8, so 2QB, 2RB, 1TE, 3 defense. Then draft the heck out of WR. I want D Adams or Hopkins...those are my trade target, with Theilen a bit lower down the ranks.
  4. I could keep and start all 3 LBs, that would close me out at that position in our draft for the first 21 rds. We have roster requirements by end of 21. I've never thought about it that way. And James would be a huge trade piece to deal this summer, more than Smith, esp considering half of the league is in LA.
  5. In all likelyhood, I am going to keep 2 LB and 1 DB on my squad this year. Derwin James is the DB. But at LB, I drafted young last year and now have a decision to make, so I get to keep 2 of these and throw one back into the draft... 1, C Littleton - LAR 2, R Smith - CHI 3 T Edmunds - BUFF 2/tack, 1/asst, 4/sack, 5/int, 10/TD 14 team Is this a complete toss up, or am I missing something? Personally I like Edmunds, I think he can make the bigger plays as well as the standard tackle. But Littleton is all over the place. I guess Smith would be my cut if I had to today. What say you?
  6. He can play a few years in NOLA and then go wherever he wants. NBA is a strange league, all these dudes want to be with each other.
  7. Get your popcorn ready, and if you have never seen a head-on car wreck with many fatalities before...stay tuned.
  8. Took him in last rd of a rookie dynasty draft. Worth the price(near nothing). Maybe him and Rosen hit it off.
  9. I took Metcalf at 1.08 in my PPR, considered Hockenson, but with Kittle and Ian Thomas(lurking), TE wasnt a priority as WR is. Had no 2nd, so just waiting, hoping there is something left on the bone at 3.08.
  10. Drake is nothing but a backup, he can or cannot change and it wont help. Ballage will be the man there by week 6. Gaskins will push Ballage, Drake will be looking to buy a house in another city next year. Miami will be very very bad again this year. 3-4 wins.
  11. Alize Mack in NOLA is interesting. If they dont ask him to do the dirty stuff, aka block, he might be a nice 50 catch TE. He has all the skills. But, being a ND fan, he just never lived up to what I thought could have been an all-American type career there. Again, all the skills to be pass catching, but just didnt want to get dirty. Not sure how that plays in NOLA.
  12. Being a Steeler fan, I will miss the production, but glad he is gone, let him be New York's problem child now. I have him on a dynasty team, hoping to get a lot of receptions this year, wont be much rushing yards with that OLine. But who knows. Its good to have a guy like that back on my team(to use).
  13. Conner will be the main man, again, Snell will be a short yardage guy or goal line guy at first. Not sold Snell has the quickness to do what Conner does. Samuels will be a 3rd down back, might get more carries than Snell this year. Its a good situation they have now with 3 competent RBs. Hopefully they stay healthy.
  14. Not sure where to post this, but is there a rookie dynasty pick value chart anywhere online? I can find the real NFL one and FFL ones, but nothing for rookie dynasty draft picks. Thanks in advance.
  15. Do the teams that tank and have like 7 first rd picks ever end up any good? We've never had both out 1st and 2nd rd picks, and never have finished out of the top 3 in our league. We have a quality young team, and it the startup year we drafted Bell, D Freeman and K Benjamin 1, 2, 3...not exactly perfect. Every year I see teams that have 4-5-6-7 first rd picks. Do you ever hit home runs and dominate your league? Curious. Not talkin trash.