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  1. Pittsburgh reporters are saying Conner looks doubtful. So even if he plays, doesnt sound like he'll be the man. Samuel could be a good play, although the Saints D is pretty solid.
  2. IDK, probably Brees, but maybe the steelers figured it out last week and could be getting hot at right time. I havent seen the weather in Philly, but its warm this weekend in pittsburgh, which is about 1/2 day earlier than philly weather. Might rain tho.
  3. Ingram could be a real nice play this week. I wouldnt sweat AB so much, Lattimore should cover him, leaving Juju vs Apple. I wouldnt bank on Conner tho, and Gordon is vs Ravens.
  4. I am a mess at WR too. Basically use ARob and Landry. Had Kupp, he was at least a sure starter every week and usually got decent pts. Now its just those 2, Pettis, Reynolds at WR. In a Super Flex, I used Goff and Watson all year, that was always my advantage, Goff is scaring me now tho. Karama at RB helps! So basically this week, dont want to use Pettis vs Bears. Dont like Goff, but gotta use, but dont want Reynolds in case Goff sucks again. So its back to ARob at SF and Landry at Cincy(not a bad matchup actually).
  5. Russell v KC seems logical. I would wait up until last minute to see status of Allen, he didnt look good last week for sure. Ridley isnt awful at this point, ATL is just closing out the season, and could throw a lot vs weak CAR DBs
  6. I picked the worst two WRs from my roster, Landry and ARob, woulda been better with Pettis and Reynolds, but, I am only 13.1 down with Kamara left tonight. Fingers crossed. my matchup was like follies and not semi finals, we both had real stink jobs in our lineups. Goff is starting to worry me for the finals(if I make it).
  7. Pettis being gimped up a bit makes it easier, cant risk a guy with a foot issue playing late on Sunday.
  8. I'd go with Thomas. I dont think game flow in HouVJets is going to produce much for anyone today.
  9. Full point, PPR, need 2 WR this week in playoffs.... A Robinson vs GB J Landry at Den Pettis vs Sea J Reynolds vs Philly Gallup at Indy Not the best group, thats why I need to get at least one good game from these guys, and let the rest of my team win the playoff matchup. Right now I have ARob and Pettis in, but am considering Landry over Pettis. Who you taking?
  10. the only option of anyone mentioned above is Reynolds, Miller and Burkhead, and I want 0 of Burkhead, and have allen robinson AND have Kupp. So my move has to be at Reynolds. He could have a big game or two, but will need to accept 4/45 games as well.
  11. Traded up a bit in a dynasty rookie draft, took him before he was mocked at going, I just like the offense, and with no running game, and 2 outside weapons, he could get some looks. Not sure if yesterday was an accurate of coming weeks, Colts D is soft, but so far I like what I see. Our rosters are huge, so there is no dropping him off my roster.
  12. If Whitehead is anything like he was a pitt, he'll be a target for offenses. Great athlete, cant play safety tho.
  13. Cant get upset when his team blows out the other, and the other has no desire to run, to get their "franchise" QB some passes, and put in Ronald Jones. Tackle opps just not there yesterday.