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  1. Bradham isnt good. If I am philly I go with G-Hill a bit longer, its not like they are sitting down D Leonard in order to play Hill.
  2. If you can, wait to see who I add this week....and AVOID them, then once I cut them after 2-3 weeks of nothingness, grab them cause they are about to go off! This is the worst season I can recall since I started leagues back in the 90s. I cant make a correct move.
  3. So who replaces Zach Brown in philly now? Kamu Grugier-Hill gonna have more tackles now?
  4. I think 2, two 4s, 6, 7 They should get a 3rd rd comp pick for Lev Bell.
  5. got outbid for KJ and Wilson, ended up with Okereke for a price of $5(out of $1000 season FAAB).
  6. Everywhere I look, I see Mack Wilson for LB in Cleveland. What happened to Takitaki? I was reading he is a tackling machine. Is Wilson legit? I try not to watch Browns games, uniforms give me headaches. Wilson or KJ Wright?
  7. He's not even a player listed on our league site. Was hoping to bid on him. 😞
  8. Its one team and 31 others trying to pretend they have a shot. They dont. Barring AB being kryptonite to Superman Tom, or massive injuries, Pats arent losing when it really counts, January/February. Steelers were 2nd place in the AFC to Patriots, not now. But they can still win the division, its not exactly murderers row.
  9. Reasonable changes that can be made(but will they?), sit Moncrief and Switzer, get Washington and D Johnson in there, they got juice. Use Vance McDonald. Hope Sean Davis can come back sooner than later. Address play calling on both sides of the ball. Seattle doesnt offer the same weapons, Russ is a great QB, but no Brady. Crowd will be quick to boo if they start slow vs Seattle. Ben needs to clear his head and starting slinging down field, not 2-3 yard passes to Swizter.
  10. 14 team, PPR, can trade til end of today. Knowing now about Luck and a possible foot "situation", would you trade away M Mack to get A Cooper? I have Kamara and Carson at RB, and only Golladay at WR. I can cut Mack, keep him or trade him by EOD today. If I cut him I get a pick a round earlier in our draft(IDP included). I can keep him and be done at RB until later rounds(league draft settings), or make this trade for Coop and hope that foot is ok. FWIW, there are a decent number of WRs in our draft pool(after keepers). If Coop didnt have the foot issue, this would be a no-brainer for me. What say yous?
  11. Does anyone know if there is another IDP round table podcast this week?
  12. Shoot, the Browns will be the highest scoring team in NFL history, and their defense will give up the fewest pts in NFL history. IDK why the other teams would even show up, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Rams, Saints, Eagles, Bears....forget about it, just hand the Lombardi to Baker now. πŸ˜‚
  13. with the James injury and Luck retirement, thus making some think Mack cant run the ball anymore, I couldnt get any trades done. But looking at who kept who in my league, its pretty obvious half dont have a clue. They cut guys I would have traded for had I known they were so stupid. Oh well, its on this Saturday. Does anyone know if there is another IDP round table podcast this week?
  14. Mack went 3.12 and hilton 4.3 seems high to me. Its impossible not to know Luck retired, right?
  15. Brissett. He’s been there long enough to know the offense. Has 2 weeks to prepare for season. Has weapons and a decent OL. Dynasty i go Darnold tho for sure.