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  1. Agreed, he is risky and often injured Wr but he was a first round 9th pick overall in the 2017 draft. He was ranked as the third best wide receiver prospect in the draft by ESPN and was ranked the second best wide receiver prospect by Sports Illustrated and He's fast as hell and he now has the opportunity. Teams on the schedule are Saints, Steelers, Browns twice one being Week 16, Raiders Week 15, Worth a flyer.
  2. John Ross, due to return against the Saints, nice SOS, groin injury has hampered him so hopefully he returns as close to healed as possible. Toe injuries in football are nasty business, AJ may struggle all year.
  3. Apologies. ? It was the nick name his Mom gave him as the Nuk brand pacifier was the only name brand he would use.
  4. I have the exact situation, both guys have some pretty tasty match ups coming up, Carolina has so many mouths to feed, I'm banking on MVS from here on out, Cobb can't seem to stay healthy and will be a free agent next year, insert MVS here. There's also a strong possibility that Allison may have a hard time staying healthy this year as he continues to battle with back to back injuries, plus MVS is faster, smarter as he's picking up the play book quickly in his first year not to mention earning Rogers trust. Rogers missed him early on a deep ball too, when they were down Rogers looked for him and he made two really big time catches; the fact that Gilmore moved over to cover MVS speaks volumes.
  5. I'm assuming you're being cheeky, that being said some may not know it's DeAndre Hopkins.
  6. Sure would be nice with all this scoring to see more Moore! ?
  7. I really hope if the Hawks continue to play this well, and they will, that Pete finally wins Coach Of The Year. Our 2018 draft was lights out, rebuilt the team in one season, there's still a little more work to be done but I'm so impressed and pleased he's our coach. Go Hawks!
  8. Thanks Bloom. 1/2 point PPR I'm starting M. Thomas and DJ Moore need one more between Godwin, Tre' Quan Smith or MJV * like him this week* standard 6 point TD, or suggestions? I'm in a keep three Dynasty League in which I'm only required to start 1 RB and I have Zeke, Kamara Carson and J. White, I could use some Wr help, a Dallas Homer has Golladay, is it worth trading Zeke for Golladay and also ask for a third round pick next year?
  9. The exact same move I made, from here on out I believe he'll be the #2 WR. Cobb can't stay healthy, Allison has had a concussion, hammy injury and now a groin injury. Rogers has stated he's impressed with him thus far and MVS is earning his trust, he's worked out with Randy Moss, puts in the time to study the play book and never makes the same mistake twice.
  10. I agree completely, I've been very happy with the added content this year, I'm just surprised by the lack of updates on the rankings. Cheers!
  11. It would be nice with the recent player movement to see opinions on how this changes dynasty player value and movement, some of us may want to offer trades and not that I solely utilize FBG dynasty rankings when making decisions, I would appreciate content I pay for to at least be kept up to date. The last update was Oct 16, 2018, with only two people submitting rankings seriously! Wow.....
  12. As a Golladay owner what would it take to pry him away from you if you needed a Rb, I'm in a keep three 1/2 point Dynasty league and was just about to offer a trade for him. I have Kamara, Zeke, J. White and Carson. I only need to start one Rb. Curious as to where this moves Golladay on the rankings?
  13. I think so, time will tell.