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  1. Nope, walked off with the assistance of two trainers.
  2. Andy Dalton down, helmet to helmet after sliding.
  3. Mapletron making Canadians and British Columbians real proud! Knew this kid would be a stud. 🤗
  4. At this rate the waiver wire will be empty, going to need to add even more Ir spots....🙄
  5. Should've been a PI call, blatant holding, no call, no booth review, more incompetency from the refs, what's the freaking point of the rule change for these types of important games if they still can't get it right! Brutal delay of game call, I love Carroll but this stupid mistakes keep costing the team. That being said it all boils down to The Saints, as calls never seem to go their way, they can't buy a playoff break, they should be on a bye, Saints screwed again!!
  6. With San Fran's injuries on D start KC over them? AJ Brown, Lockett or Deebo half point PPR. Thank you
  7. San Fran D or Chiefs and Chris Carson or David Montgomery? 0.5 PPR. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hardman had a 74 yard TD called back too, beautiful route unfortunately Shady was called for holding. Sammy Watkins still needs to prove he can stay healthy for a whole season, Hill may be out longer it's hard to say with this type of injury, any WR with Mahomes throwing to them is valuable!
  9. Hey Sig, thanks in advance. I know being week 2 it's early but do you see a defense or two that are flying under the radar that have the potential to be a year long starter?
  10. Agreed, he is risky and often injured Wr but he was a first round 9th pick overall in the 2017 draft. He was ranked as the third best wide receiver prospect in the draft by ESPN and was ranked the second best wide receiver prospect by Sports Illustrated and He's fast as hell and he now has the opportunity. Teams on the schedule are Saints, Steelers, Browns twice one being Week 16, Raiders Week 15, Worth a flyer.
  11. John Ross, due to return against the Saints, nice SOS, groin injury has hampered him so hopefully he returns as close to healed as possible. Toe injuries in football are nasty business, AJ may struggle all year.
  12. Apologies. ? It was the nick name his Mom gave him as the Nuk brand pacifier was the only name brand he would use.
  13. I have the exact situation, both guys have some pretty tasty match ups coming up, Carolina has so many mouths to feed, I'm banking on MVS from here on out, Cobb can't seem to stay healthy and will be a free agent next year, insert MVS here. There's also a strong possibility that Allison may have a hard time staying healthy this year as he continues to battle with back to back injuries, plus MVS is faster, smarter as he's picking up the play book quickly in his first year not to mention earning Rogers trust. Rogers missed him early on a deep ball too, when they were down Rogers looked for him and he made two really big time catches; the fact that Gilmore moved over to cover MVS speaks volumes.