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  1. Hopefully they are trying to move Anisimov and/or Saad. Anisimov has a limited no-trade clause and would be good depth for a playoff bound team. They should have been trying to move him ever since they landed Strome like you mentioned. Bowman should still be fired because of all of those ridiculous no-movement contracts he game up. 5 more years of Seabrook?????? Oh joy.
  2. And the Blackhawks are doing.................................NOTHING?!?!?! How does Stan Bowman still have a job? Even if they snuck into the playoffs, there was no way they were getting out of the 1st round with that defense. So how did he not have a plan in place in case they lost the 2 weekend, divisional games (which they did). Make a move Stan.......the Hawks need more picks next year!!!
  3. My daughter used to take swim lessons there and we do the open swim sometimes on the weekends. There is nowhere else to shower except for the locker rooms. There is no hose or quick standing shower out in the pool area to clean off. My biggest concern is why the Y lets this creep do his stretching right in the pool area, in front of several children at times. There is more than enough room to stretch (or whatever he is doing) in the free weight area, hallway outside the locker rooms, where the machines are. He is also wearing shoes while he does his stretching which used to be a bog "no no" in the pool area. I remember that the lifeguards used to really get on people for wearing shoes in the pool area. The only thing that used to be allowed was bare feet or flip flops. I guess the next time I go to work out, I better have my phone ready while on the treadmill. There might be some good photos of Pyrite locking creeper in the sauna to do his creeped-out stretching there! I know..........I or GTFO!
  4. To the OP. The way you described the creep...................I think we go to the same YMCA. my wife and I work out there and I will walk on the treadmills. As you know......they face the pool area, and I have seen the creep doing some sort of stretching over by the sauna area. He wears a bandana and it looked like he was stretching with some sort of walking stick. It is just not right that he does that in the pool area where kids are having swim lessons. He can easily go into the free weight area to do his stretching. Something is way off with that guy!
  5. Give $140 and tell her to take the BIL in back for a dance, if it really is him that just walked in. WIN WIN
  6. How in the world can a penalty kill be so bad? It's off the charts on how horrible the Hawks are this year on the PK. They are now at 41.6% for the year. I have never seen anything so bad. It's it's not like the other team is scoring with 10 seconds left on the power play. They win the draw and get set up almost immediately. Why in the world can't the Hawks win the draw to open the PK and clear the puck???? Yes I know.......3 recent cups, but whoever runs the special teams may need to go. If it's Coach Q.....then he needs to turn the duties over to Kitchen.
  7. The manhunt is still on today. They are having trouble locating the 3 (if they are still together) because it's a very marshy area with the chain of lakes right there. They closed the schools in Fox Lake today and surrounding towns may put the schools on soft lock down again. A buddy of mine taught two of the sons, and the officer was a great community member. Just horrible.
  8. They signed Chris Conte from the Bears?????? Are you kidding me???????? For the 12 minutes that he plays in a game before he gets injured...............he couldn't cover Trent Richardson if he was a WR. Conte is just garbage and got burned on a regular basis. And then he gets injured and misses multiple games. Oh.......and he doesn't know how to tackle either. Watch some highlights of him desperately trying to grab a player to pull him down.
  9. Also funny that the Bills coaches, who see them practice every day, made the Jackson the starter and Spiller the back up again this year. Now that Jackson will miss four weeks, they suddenly think Spiller is going to be this top ten stud just because of garbage time yardage the Jets allowed in a blowout. He will be a nice option for a few weeks till the stud RB comes back. This makes no sense at all. Lots of coaches prefer to to ride the veteran player. FJax is a good player and can be productive. However Spiller is more explosive (due to youth?). Spiller out performed FJax last year when FJax got hurt. But perhaps he just makes silly mistakes in practice that a veteran wouldn't and the coaching staff felt more secure going with FJax. And as far as the Jets defense letting Spiller get his yards in garbage time...since when has the Jets defense with all it's pride and #### talking ever willingly gave up yards? Especially to a RB? I can see playing soft coverage, keeping everything in front of you in the passing game. But stopping the run is what defenses take pride in. I'm positive the Jets defense didn't "let" Spiller eat them up like he did. But maybe they did. I'm just a football fan. No one said they 'let' him get yardage. If you don't know the difference between a standard defensive game plan, and a prevent defense where they are begging you to run so that the clock runs down and you don't get burned on the quick-hit deep ball, then you must be a relatively new football fan. No one is saying Spiller didn't play well. He used the opportunity that Jackson's injury gave him and he performed well. But he is the back up. F. Jackson was a top five back last year when he broke his leg. And the staff saw the two of them side by side all summer during OTA's and training camp. Jackson won the job again. Maybe last weelk's injury will hamper Jackson even when he's back. I guess that's one optimistic way of Spiller's owners to look at it. But if Jackson comes back in week 5 or 6 as good as he was this time last week, Spiller is back on the bench. I just don't see any team going into a prevent defense in the 1st half of a game.
  10. The part that I struggle with is why a lot of people are saying that Spiller got his yards in garbage time during the blowout. When he came in, it was 21-0, but it was still the 1st half. Spiller's td run came shortly after he entered the game. I really don't think the Jets pulled their starters and eased off in the 1st half. I don't see how Spiller is NOT top 10 RB for the next 3 weeks. How many other RB's are not in a timeshare that also get receptions? Yes......Foster, Rice, McCoy, McFadden are up there, but he should be in the next group. Week 5 is against San Fran, but he should be golden for the next 3 weeks.
  11. I am actually now targeting him at #4 overall. Keeper league - 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1 flex - .5 ppr Rodgers is being kept, so the big 3 RB (Foster, Rice, McCoy) will go 1,2,3. I was set on taking Matthews, but that 'broke'. It's between the following: 1. Chris Johnson - I don't like the 3-year downward trend in stats. I don't buy the coach speak that he is in better shape, great camp, etc. 2. Matt Forte - Don't know if Cutler will dump off to him less because of his new toy again in Brandon Marshall 3. Calvin Johnson - WR is so deep this year, and unfortunately I have been hit by the "Madden Curse" twice. I will probably swing for the fences and take the guy that could be RB1 at the end of the year. Maybe come back with Matthews/Peterson/Charles in the 2nd round and hope they come back in time if McFadden were to get hurt again. The potential of having a McFadden/Matthews combo could be HUGE if both healthy. I will also probably take my RB3 a little sooner than I normally would and rely on hitting on a couple of WR in the middle rounds. I am not concerning myself with trying to figure out who the handcuff would be if McFadden went down. I think Palmer would just throw the ball all day.
  12. I charge $200. Non-refundable.ETA: Never ever allow a pet over 25-30 lbs.$300 non-refundable here on most of the rentals I manage.Where would that be? My rents are $775.NC. Most seem to have adopted that in this area, but the do vary from nothing to $500.Great feedback.........thanks!Would it be better to just add on to the monthly rent (say $50/month), or just get the added security deposit up front. It seems like there is a wide range of what is charged. Great point about friends then bringing their pets to the house.
  13. I have a tenant who is interested in renting, but they have a pet. I have never allowed a pet in the past, but this potential tenant seems pretty responsible. Small dog........maltese.......5 years old. What is a reasonable amount to charge for a pet security deposit? There is no carpeting near the doors where most dogs have their accidents. I live in Illinois, so there is no statutory limit to the amount that can be charged for a security deposit.
  14. Hopefully you will find these little tidbits useful: 1. Have your potential tenant get a credit report. Most will comply without argument. 2. When you place an ad for the rental, you can stipulate that the tenant is responsible for all utilities. It won't shy that many away. 3. You can deduct any expenses associated with the rental property (maintenance, furnace service/repairs, etc). That will offset some of the rental income that you have to claim. 4. PRAY for a good, long-term tenant. I have heard some horror stories about some bad tenants and it gets quite costly trying to recover damages, etc. 5. Don't just accept the 1st person that wants to rent it out. You can be a little picky if you are not in a rush to get it filled. I've been quite lucky with tenants, but I also live 5 minutes from the renatl property, so I arrange to pick up the rent check in person so that I can peek in on things every month. Good luck!