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  1. Costco and Sam's Club do a nice job on prescription polarized sunglasses.
  2. I haven't had these dreams in years, but in the past sometimes I would dream that I was back in high school and there was test given out that I didn't know about, or I couldn't remember the combination to my locker. I also would dream about snakes sometimes. I would either be stuck in my car on in my house, and I couldn't get out because there were snakes all in the yard and hanging from trees. I also occasionally would have tornado dreams. I could see a tornado coming from a distance, and I would be running to find a place to hide from it. Another dream I'd have on occasion is I was cop, and I would get shot. I'd always get shot in the stomach, and I could feel the burn in my dream.
  3. I was born in Hickory. We moved to Greensboro when I was six months old. My parents are from the foothills of Valdese and Drexel (beside Morganton) near Hickory. My grandparents lived in those two places. My parents lived in Arlington, Va before I was born when my dad was in the Air Force. I read about y'all taking about the NC red dogs. I haven't eaten one of those things in years. They have a weird texture to them.
  4. I have a faith prayer box, and sometimes I will write down a special prayer and place it in it. I put one in for Jack. You and your family are in my prayers too.
  5. I know I have the glaring omission of "Satisfaction" from the list I did, but it just isn't one of my favorites. "Jumpin' Jack Flash" could easily be put in my list as well as some others, but Satisfaction would not make it in any modified list of my top 25 favorites.
  6. It's hard doing a top 25. I guess my Stones top 25 favorites would go something like this, but other songs could easily move into the top, and the ones that are in it could be moved around. 1. Gimme Shelter 2. Can't You Hear Me Knocking 3. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 4. Wild Horses 5. You Can't Always Get What You Want 6. Ruby Tuesday 7. Moonlight Mile 8. Play With Fire 9. Under My Thumb 10. Sympathy for the Devil 11. Monkey Man 12. Some Girls 13. Loving Cup 14. Dead Flowers 15. As Tears Go By 16. Angie 17. Sweet Virginia 18. Winter 19. Mother's Little Helper 20. Paint it Black 21. Heart of Stone 22. Let It Bleed 23. She's A Rainbow 24. Beast of Burden 25. Time is On My Side
  7. The concert was very good, and although it was hot out, there was a breeze that helped make things cooler. I still sported my cooling towel, and people were dodging me as I was snapping it to activate the cooling process. I think it was activated the best when I snapped one of my friends right in the ### with it. Tift opened the show, and she was great. Andrew Bird was great too, and I loved the two cover songs he did, which were Gentle On My Mind and If I Needed You.
  8. Meth is neurotoxic, and has all sorts of terrible chemicals in it.
  9. During Seger's heyday, he was one of the best live performers around.
  10. I don't know much about feral dogs. The cats at the colony don't let me touch them with the exception of one, and it's been five years. The one sometimes lets me pet her on the head sometimes when she eats. Most of them will get very close to me when I'm putting down their food. They start eating and my hand is within six inches of them, and sometimes I will touch one on the head, and it immediately backs up as do the others with this look on their faces . A few still keep their distance, and wait for me to walk away before they approach the food. They all know my voice and smell. They know my car. They also know my whistle. I do a specific whistle when I get there so they can hear it, and know to come, and they do come. There was one out there that let me pet him all the time, but he had an owner at one point in his life. It took awhile for him to trust me, but he eventually did. He would follow me wherever I went. I never tried to pick him up, but he would let me pet him on his terms. I was even able to cut some dreadlocks (they formed from getting grease on his back) off of him with some scissors, but I had to be very careful, and I could only do it while he was preoccupied eating. I knew he was owned before, because the maintenance man that works at a storage place beside where they live fessed up to me one day that he put him out there when he was around 8 months old years earlier. He turned semi-wild out there, but still knew human touch. I called him Jerry, and he knew his name.