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  1. Why couldn't you do it? It's a great song, and what better way to fly into the afterlife with some cowbell.
  2. Percy is in the house! He sure as hell was in the car when I was growing up. Percy was played in the car endlessly on family trips by my father. He has a tendency to listen and watch the same things over and over. At a very young age, I knew every lyric to every song on The Best of Percy Sledge. When dad would start the 8-track/cassette all over again, my siblings and I would always scream, "Nooooooooo!" On the long trips to Florida, we would take our pillows and cover our ears. My sister and I grew to love Percy by our teen years, but I don't think my brother ever did. 9. My Special Prayer - Percy Sledge
  3. I'm sorry for the loss of your Grandpa, krista. Special thoughts and a prayer to your Mom, to you, and to your Grandpa. ❤️
  4. My very first concert without the parentals was seeing these guys. I first heard their music when our babysitter would play The Best of the Bee Gees, which was a compilation of their music from 66-69. Then I'd hear their stuff on the radio. I like their early years, mid-years, and disco years. What is known as their disco years is somewhat misleading, because they were more pop and R&B with only a few disco/dance songs sprinkled in during that time of their career. I've always snuck them into mixes played at parties, road trips, etc. through the years. I remember singing a song of theirs on karaoke in some seedy place in San Francisco many moons ago. It just seems natural that they would be present on this mix. I'm going to go with one of my favorites from their mid-years (1975). They tried out their falsettos for the first time on this album (Main Course), and it is present on this song. Arif Mardin produced the album and said, "During the recording of Main Course I asked Barry to take his vocal up one octave. The poor man said 'If I take it up one octave I'm going to shout and it's going to be terrible.' He softened up a little bit and that's how their falsetto was born." Fanny was the name of their housekeeper. 8. Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) - Bee Gees
  5. I am a Panthers fan, and I was rooting for the Rams, and I thought that no-call downright sucked. There were some missed calls for both teams during the game, but that was a blatant defensive pass interference. Not only did he hit him early, but it was helmet to helmet. It wasn't like it happened in a crowd and was hard to see. It was in the open. It was an awful no-call, and a game changer. The Saints should have had a first down around the 5 yard line.
  6. Speaking of the Merlefest, every Saturday of the festival on the Hillside stage, they have the Hillside Album Hour. The Waybacks and guests cover a classic rock album in its entirety. It is always a secret what album they are going to do. They also weave in clips of songs from artists that died over the past year into some of the songs. Two years ago, they did Sgt. Peppers, which marked the 50th anniversary of the album, and it was also the 30th anniversary of the festival. Here is a link to the first two songs they played. Whoever filmed it had the camera all over the place at the beginning, but it shows the band at 3:30 in, and then all over the place again, but finally focuses on the band around 5:00 mark.That is Joan Osborne on lead vocals. It was hot as hell that day. We were sitting under some trees about midway up the hill.
  7. Del McCoury Band sighting! I like their cover better than the original. The Del McCoury Band plays the Merlefest often, and they are so much fun live. Del is getting up there in age (79), but he and his band (which includes two of his sons) are still going strong. I love Steve Martin (he actually played at the Merlefest last year with The Steep Canyon Rangers). He's a great banjo player.
  8. Straight Up is my favorite of their albums, and you're right, they are a tragic story.
  9. This song is one of my favorite spiritual songs. It was written by Marijohn Wilken and Kris Kristofferson. The song was sung a little over a year ago at my grandmother's roommate's funeral. It was her roommate's (Clarice) favorite song, and I loved singing to it. We loved Clarice, especially my mom. They became very close over the years. When this song was sung, tears streamed down mom's face. Clarice died on mom's birthday. We miss her. 6. One Day At A Time - Lynda Randle I love this spiritual song as well, and it was also written by Kris Kristofferson. 7. Why Me - Kris Kristofferson
  10. It will be part of mine too, but I want the Golden Slumbers medley, minus the added on Her Majesty song.
  11. simey

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    I'm sorry for your loss, Joe. This is for your Mamma.