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  1. I thought Brad Pitt did a good job acting, but I think his character wasn't much of a stretch for him to play. I agree about Leo. Anyway, I thought the movie was ok. It was a long movie, and some of the parts dragged, which made it seem even longer. Had those parts that dragged been more interesting or entertaining, I would have liked the movie more. This is my favorite scene in the movie.
  2. I didn't find anything masterful in Rob's conversation with Ben. Ben acted like a star struck idiot. It reminded me of the terrible season that Rob won. Rob's interaction with Dani was him trying to intimidate and grandstand, and she just answered his questions. I hope she wants to vote him out again and soon, but Ben can't be trusted, and she has to have the votes. I was disappointed that Natalie was voted off first. I thought she played a great game the year she won. She can get back in the game, but I don't want to see a repeat of the Edge of Extinction season where Chris was voted out early and came back at the end and won. Hopefully there will be a significant difference about playing the game at EI.
  3. I like Sandra. Why does Boston Rob get all the credit for blue winning the challenge? Jeremy made all of his ring throws.
  4. It depends on the recording system they are using. If they are using the trunk side recording system, what you say before they answer will be recorded.
  5. The Dead covers album made me think of covers, which made me think of Boz Scaggs. He did an album a couple years ago called Out of the Blues. It has some covers on it, and some new songs. Anyway, I love his cover of Neil Young's On the Beach. Boz's voice is as good as it was 50 years ago.
  6. He is. He and the Panthers just parted ways. He said he isn't sure if he will play for another team or do something else. I hope he decides to retire and becomes an announcer. It's been great having him as a player on the team I pull for the last 9 years. Great player and an even better person. #88
  7. I drafted Tearing at the Seams. Of the ones on your list not drafted, I considered Margo Price, Mumford and Sons, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise (Seven + Mary). Rainbow Kitten Surpise was in my long list of NC bands that I wanted to draft. I drafted two NC bands, but they could have easily been replaced by albums from this past decade by The Avett Brothers, Chatham County Line, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mandolin Orange, Steep Canyon Rangers, Sparklehorse with Danger Mouse, Tift Merritt, and The Honeycutters.
  8. In a historical sense, I consider REM to be the first US college rock band to make it successfully into the mainstream. They were the kings of college rock radio during the early to mid 80s, which is the only place you heard them with their first few albums. College rock is now considered indie or alternative rock. I still hear them a lot at tailgating events, get togethers, etc. I'm of the age where REM was starting off, and so they were a main band for me during my late high school and college years. I still play them, and I have a spotify playlist that is all REM. I hear them on mainstream radio often, except it is mostly songs from Document and after that. My favorite years of theirs is their early music on the IRS label, but I do love Automatic for the People, and I like Monster a lot.
  9. I like the 49ers, but I too would like to see Andy win a ring as a HC. I hope it is a good game more than anything.
  10. According to some Steelers players, they were well acquainted with that AB long before the Burfict hit. His behavior just wasn't leaked to the public.
  11. More than likely it was a teenager who doctored a photo on instagram or something like that, and thought a vet site would think a dog eating at a table with a hoodie on would make them laugh. My two oldest teenage nephews always put my youngest nephew's head on other bodies of people doing dumb things in these 3 second or so clips, and send it to me so I'd think my youngest nephew really did these dumb things.