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  1. Since I took Grievous Angel, and this one is still out there, I'm taking it too. It's kinda like having a double album since they have the same vibe. Round 36 GP - Gram Parsons (1973) A Song For You (Not the same song by Leon Russell. Gram wrote this one) Streets of Baltimore
  2. Who knew the names Karen and Richard would become slurs? The names should be royalty. 👑 This is by far the best proper album Karen and Richard did from top to bottom. The earlier albums had a lot of filler, but not this one. This one has A Song For You (by Mr. Russell), Hurting Each Other, Top of the World, Bless the Beast and Children, Goodbye To Love, I Won't Last A Day Without You, It's Going To Take Some Time, and lesser known goodies like Crystal Lullaby and Road Ode. Richard takes a stab at singing with Piano Picker. Not bad, but he needed to leave the singing to sis. He excels in arranging and composing. Flat Baroque he shows off his piano skills. There is even a brief intermission tune incase you need to use the bathroom while listening, and the album bookends with a short reprise of A Song For You. The siblings did a great job on this one. Round 35 A Song For You - Carpenters (1972) A Song For You Goodbye to Love
  3. I wanted to watch something in June, but I don't remember what it is. I made a note, and can't find it. Maybe it's Laurel Canyon on EPIX. I'll tape it anyway since Ep.1 comes back on at 1:40 am. It doesn't seem like that is what it was, but I'll watch that anyway.
  4. More Shuffle review A bit of finger/Sleeping village/ Warning - Black Sabbath - It's a mood piece for me. Deep cut rock song that is long, but not bad at all. I could see really liking it if I was high, cause I would lose track of time, and not realize how long it's been playing. You Are the Everything - REM - It's no Orange Crush Right Now, Right Now - Rev. Al Green - Groovy Goodness. I especially like the mid part of the song. Save A Prayer - Duran Duran - They made some good songs, and this is one of them. My Morning Song - Black Crowes - Good song. I like the guitars and the backup singers. None of Us - Fruit Bats - Do I hear a pedal steel? I like it. Everybody Dance - Chic - Disco is always good in my book. Nile Rodgers is super talented. Monday Monday - Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - Nice cover to a great song
  5. Shuffle play review Slave - Elton John - Good song. My go to Elton album has always been Tumbleweed, and I need to spend more time with his other albums such as this one (Honky Chateau). A Pillar of Salt - The Thermals - Good thrashing music, but lyrics could be better A Good Idea - Sugar. Catchy tune Backseat Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar - This music makes me want to shoot the singer just to make it stop The Man Who Sold the World - Nirvana Live - Great cover Drivin' Sister - Mott the Hoople - Good old fashioned 70s rock Frank & Ava - Suzanne Vega - Nice tune Get Down - Nas - Eh tough getting through it, so I had to shut it down.
  6. I've got 6 more records left to draft. I know what three of them will be. I think. I'm always changing at the last minute.