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  1. Thanks to this message board I was able to get the deal I was looking for. I have been a Directv customer for 7 years and every year I have been able to call into customer retention to get Sunday Ticket for free. This year though it was much more difficult. I was under contract until December 2020 and my bill was over $200 a month before the NFL Ticket charge. I tried calling 3-4 times to see if there was any promotions or specials to get my bill down but no luck, they offered me $5 off or reduce my number of channels. That is when I decided to follow the boards advice to follow through with the actual disconnect. I set the disconnect date for 8/12, the last day of my billing cycle. I received the "get back" email on Friday 8/9 with a random phone number that didn't work. I tried the number and it didn't seem to be a Directv line. I used the number (888) 333-0804 and said I got the email to see if they can get me to stay. They said they would call me back after I disconnected on Monday, but they wouldn't tell me the deal. I said I needed to know and they said it would be $70 per month for the Extra package that I currently had, free Sunday NFL ticket max and $300 visa gift card, free premium channels for 3 months. They instructed me to call back once I was officially disconnected and then they can put in the offer. Long story short it worked once disconnected, I got the deal that they offered above and now have a 12 month agreement. They also said I would not be subject to the early cancellation charge of my previous contract, I did not lose any of my recordings and my bill is about $150.00 per month lower. The call center seemed to be overseas and it was a very strange experience but ultimately they were helpful. I am very happy but they made it very difficult this year. Not sure why they make everyone go through this, has to do with their activation numbers?
  2. 16 team league it's between Montgomery or garçon on who to start for me. Need help
  3. I'm in a 16 team keeper league and have Ryan and Fitzpatrick as my QB's. It being a 16 team league I'm a bit thin at WR and RB so I traded Matt Ryan away for WR help. I'm looking forward to being that guy that is taking the shot with the no name guy who could lead you to a championship. Hopefully he continues this pace or something close to it, to make me look smart!