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  1. Yes please. Player safety, sure makes complete sense. Kickoffs and on-side kicks used to be exciting but with moving the kick up, the touchback spot up, equalizing the amount of players on each side, and changing the rule to that you can just let the ball bounce or roll into the endzone, it really is a waste of time. The most exciting kickoff in the history of the game (as per the video) would have been a touchback as soon as it rolled into the endzone under todays rules. I love the idea of in lieu of a kickoff you get 4th and 10 at your own 30 and can choose to punt or go for it. Let's get the math guys at it, it might make sense to go for it every time just like the 2 point conversion vs 1 point probability equations.
  2. Just in regards to #5...isn't there something in the rulebook that says the game cannot end on a defensive penalty and the offense gets to run one extra play? Usually referring to regular time I know and usually involves the clock, typically on a hail marry if there's DPI. Wondering why that wouldn't apply in this scenario? #1 makes no sense to me, how many times have you seen the refs huddle up to discuss an intentional grounding call and then throw a flag? Why would looking at a reply affect the ability to do this? I think the use of replay should be used to determine if there's been a penalty. #2 actually makes sense to me the way it was applied in the scenario. #3 you'd probably see the play blown dead if it played out like the scenario, but if not I guess it makes sense. #4, I would assume Tomlin would accept the penalty so the game wouldn't be sudden death, Pitt goes down to kick a FG then the Ravens march down for a TD and win the game.
  3. I don't really want to trade Kupp but offers keep rolling in. Not exactly rebuilding, but retooling at least with the hope of competing next year. I've already got (2) 1sts and (2) 2nds next year in, from what I understand, a poor draft class.
  4. I also don't care much for Thursday night games. Week 1 and Thanksgiving are fine, but every week is too much. Unfortunately the NFL has beaten us over the head with their product so much that if they called off Thursday games now we would miss them. I think teams should never play on 4 days of rest and if they do play Thursday it's after their bye week. What I have grown to love being in the eastern time zone are the 9am Sunday games. Don't care much about London and it would be impossible to manage if those games were state-side, but football at 9am...what's better than that? I would say one improvement would be to move Thursday games to prime time on Saturday nights instead. I'm sure they would be worried about splitting with the college fans, but would make for better games and an entire weekend of football.
  5. Appreciate any feedback on this offer I'm considering. I feel I can contend this year so not too concerned about the future, my concern is becoming too thin at RB. My team now is RBs: Coleman/Freeman, CMC, Fournette, Abdullah. WRs: Jeffrey, Sanders, Moncreif, C Coleman, Conley. TEs: Gates and Henry. Offer is I get: K Allen, Gronk, Savage, Hightower (LB) and a 2017 3rd. I give: Abdullah, C Colemen, Henry, Keuchly (LB) 2018 1st and 2nd. 16 teams, full IDP, start 2-3 RBs, 2-4 WRs and 1-2 TEs. Full PPR. We're not in the IDP section so input on the LBs is still welcome but not vital. I understand Keuchly is #1 but willing to take that hit to upgrade my offense...also concussions scare me. Savage is just a throw in as I don't have a backup QB at all behind Rivers so let's forget about him. So the deal becomes: Allen, Gronk and a 3rd for Abdullah, Coleman, Henry, a 1st and a 2nd. He also has: Forte, Langford, Lewis, Martin and Yeldon. I could try to get one of them to help a bit with RB depth. Thoughts?
  6. I saw this was responded to so I'll close the loop on it. I ended up giving the 2.01, 2.02 and Treadwell for Alshon and the 5.01. Pretty happy.
  7. I need to improve my WRs and a guy has Alshon on his block, I'd like to make a move for him involving picks only. It's a 16 team league, full IDP, PPR. What's possible based on the following: I have: 1.01, 1.02, 2.01, 2.02, 3.01, 3.17 and 3.20. He has: 1.06, 1.08, 1.10, 2.06, 2.10, 3.14. Really don't want to move the 1.01 or 1.02 as I'm penciled in at least 1 of those RBs into my opening day lineup. Is 2.01 + 2.02 for Alshon about right or way off?
  8. Looking for a league that combines fantasy, NFL pick 'em pool, elimination pool and fantasy playoffs. If such a beast exists please send a PM. I'm open to any kind of fantasy pool set up. Redraft, keeper, dynasty...12-16 team, offense only or IDP. I have experience in all. Thanks, Rob
  9. It's just typical close-minded coaching in the NFL, and the fact that coaches don't want to do anything wrong to look bad and lose their jobs. There's stats out there if you want to look, but 2 point conversions are about a 50/50 proposition...maybe a little less but for arguments sake let's say 50/50. So if you go for 2 every single time you're still going to come out roughly the same. But, if you practice it and make it part of your gameplan, perhaps you can get that number up to 55-60% and then you're way ahead of the game. There's always a case to go for it and there's always a case to kick the single. If a TD puts you up by 7 you kick the single to go up by 8 every time. But if a TD puts you up by 5 you should be going for it every time. Likewise if it puts you down by 9 you go for 2 to be within a TD. All of this shouldn't matter if there's 3 minutes left in the game or if it's midway through the 1st quarter. Coaches should be trying to be ahead of the curve. Imagine your team going for 2 every time and being ahead 16-14 at the half instead of tied? Or being up by 9 with 5 minutes to go in the game instead of being up by 7? Of course I realize coaches need the buy-in and support of upper management as well which is another problem altogether. Rant over, my $0.02 anyways. Next up...why punting from anywhere over the 50 yard line is a huge mistake.
  10. Was just offered a 1st and 2nd in 2017 for Hunter Henry and Sims. It's quite intriguing but I don't have anybody to replace Henry with. I am in mostly rebuild mode so the picks are great, and I've already got (2) other 1sts in 2017, one of these is going to be early if not 1st overall, the other one will be in the middle somewhere. The picks being offered could turn out to be very early as well, again if not #1. Are these picks too good to pass up despite zero depth at TE? This is a 16 team dynasty with mandatory TE position and x2 flex spots.
  11. Please send Roger Goodell an email about your woes and see how many ####s he gives about your pretend dynasty. Wow, a bit harsh no? I'm pretty sure we're all here because we care about our pretend football teams. I asked a pretty simple question, if you don't care to provide an answer then don't.
  12. Has he or will be be suspended officially from the NFL? There's a section in my dynasty rulebook where if he's suspended I don't have to pay his salary. I realize he won't see the light of day for a vey long time so I'm hoping the league doesn't forget to suspend him...