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  1. I see the upgrade/downgrade columns on both sides of the ball as worthless. They do nothing other than tell you who had a great or bad game the week before. I can see that in the same amount of clicks simply by doing a quick stat sort on MFL. You can see the same guy on both sides of those U/D lists from week to week based on nothing more than what his box score was that previous week. The last thing I would pay FFG’s for is a summary of what has already happened. If FBG’s isn’t turning that info through analysis into a projection for next week, then what good is it? If i’m Paying for content, I want to be paying for insight into whether that guy is going to have a good or bad game NEXT week, not last week. You get the sense that there is a lot of filler that is put out just so the page has links to click and content to read. And that isn’t a slam on the authors. I don’t know that I could do better trying to submit content by deadlines while holding down my real 9to5 job and trying to at least give my family some of my off-work time. But it is an issue for FBG’s because as someone else posted, because the price keeps going up and the quality is not. But then, I’ve been waiting for FBG’s to fix Draft Dominator so CB’s can be separated out from S’s like they do for TE’s and WR’s for about 10 years now. By this point I know that they just don’t care enough to do it, but to hear them talk, you’d think we were asking them to balance the federal budget and eliminate the national debt all at the same time.
  2. I agree. I tried using the weekly cheat sheet in myFBG to pick up some streamers due to injuries and it was fairly useless. It seems like there is very little analysis that goes into it, which you would think should shake up rankings from time to time. You see guys listed high in the projections when they are injured and there seems to be little impact in the remaining season projections when trends start to emerge. It makes you wonder if someone is just kinda doing it on autopilot. As the season wears on, I seem to be doing better when I simply go with who has scored more points as recorded in the MFL player stat summaries than I do by following MFG’s rankings. Sad. I used to love the IDP content.
  3. The funny thing about this is that it seems pretty obvious that the o-line is a big part of the problem since both baacks were <4.0 ypc and they were routinely getting met at the LOS if not in the backfield. I have wondered if the criticism of Miller for his yards after contact might be a bit misplaced. Meeting first contact in the hole or in the backfield is very different than meeting contact at speed or on the backside of the hole. It's difficult to draw much from a sample size of a couple of carries. But 30 carries between them and what they were able to muster last night starts to tell a story. While Miller isn't special like I had hoped he might be as a rookie, he wouldn't be the first back in NFL history to be fairly dependent on competent blocking either.
  4. That's just the stages of grief you're going through.
  5. I am having trouble importing my MFL league. When I put in my username and password, I get an error and program sticks in a perpetual processing loop. It reads like this... Import Status--------------------------------------------- Operation: Logging in...... State: Error Status:
  6. I'm getting an error when I try to import. Main league auction on Saturday and I can't import my league info? That's BS. My attempts look like this after I type in my username and password.... Operation: logging in State: error Status: The cursor keeps spinning like the program is trying to do something but no joy.
  7. I understand your role in all this. So do not take my comments as being directed at you personally. I hope you can see our frustration and pass that along to the powers-that-be. If Classic isn't available next year and the new DD doesn't have a way to simultaneously access all the various information contained in the multiple windows I could access in Classic (as I described in my previous post on 8/9/16) and it cannot import league settings and rosters from MFL, I will not be a subscriber or purchaser of FBG's products. That isn't a punitive decision primarily based on anger, it's primarily motivated by inadequate product specifications versus my needs as the end user. I only ever subscribed to FBG's because of DDC. Despite my frustration over the lack of refinement in DDC over the years, DDC is/ was still the best program out there for how I like to run my main league auction. I have struggled with the decision to stay with FBG's over the years over the lack of refinement in DDC, primarily over the positional break-out issue, but have stayed because DDC was still better than the competition. I say "primarily motivated" because if DDC is dropped then the current FBG offering is no better for my uses than competitors' products. And at that point anger would be the tie-breaker against FBG's. Because if I'm going to shell out money on an app that is inadequate for my purposes, I might as well purchase from someone new for the next few years and see if they will appreciate my brand loyalty and incorporate my feedback. The worst that they could do is continually ignore annually repeated consumer feedback ... as FBG's has done to DDC users since I have been a subscriber. At some point you know the Devil You Know well enough to realize things aren't going to get better. At that point, you're better off rolling the dice on the Devil You Don't for the mere chance that things could be better.
  8. I thought the positives were significant...that he isn't getting pulled in favor of Johnson when the Browns fall behind and they aren't pulling him in passing situations. I think this may be shaping up to be a situation where both backs are less compliments of each other and more in a larger/smaller timeshare situation. Crow can block and catch and Duke can run, so it's less about specialization than people think. That does bode well if one of them gets hurt because that could lead to a clear bellcow share for the healthy one rather than having a backup RB on the roster stepping into the niche touches the injured guy used to have. Of course that's easy for me to say as an owner of both where the combined cost from years past was pretty cheap. I'd be anxious right now if I owned Duke at this year's draft prices and someone else was holding Crow.
  9. This is my read as well. I am a Washington investor. But it might be that Murray holds him off. The early stuff on Washington was good. But it may take an injury for him to get more than a COP/3rd Down role.
  10. I've nabbed four of them in my main league: D.Washington (Oak) K.Marshall (Was) T.Ervin (Hou) D.Washington (Det) They aren't necessarily my top 4, but I was happy with what it cost to get them. I really wanted Washington from Oakland and Marshall because I think they are talented in their own right and can take over a starting gig this year and for a fraction of the cost of Elliot. I like Dixon and Henry as talents but I think their situation is tougher and the other owners in my league were simply willing to pay more for them than I. This Terrance West thing may be for real in Baltimore and I think DeMarco Murray is still too young and talented to write off. Ervin I grabbed mainly because I am a Miller/Blue owner and I am certain that Blue is JAG. If Miller gets hurt, I think I may need Ervin because it's a PPR league. With Washington from Detroit, it's basically an end of roster lottery ticket. I'm intrigued by his athleticism. His path is as crowded as anyone's, but other than Riddick, the rest of the guys in front of him have injury history. He could be one of those guys that no one sees coming but he ends up with a shot due to injury and shows well. I never would have thought that James Starks would have carved out the career he has.
  11. Aaron Rodgers said Jeff Janis is still trying to master the mental side of the game. "When he can stop thinking so much and react more, you see the athletic ability," Rodgers said. "He's obviously gifted very well with his athleticism, his jumping ability and his speed. He just needs to get to a level where he's not thinking as much and his instincts take over." Janis almost single-handedly saved the Packers' postseason run with two Hail Mary catches in the dying minutes of the Divisional Round loss, but he has yet to carve out a consistent role in the offense. These comments could help explain why. With Davante Adams' future in question, Janis has a real opportunity to seize a role, but he needs to show a better grasp of the offense. According to ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky, third-year WR Jeff Janis "is still a raw guy," and it "seems he's just not there yet." Janis is running as a starter with Jordy Nelson (ACL) on active/PUP, but was reported to have had several miscommunications with Aaron Rodgers on the first day of camp. Demovsky considers Davante Adams the favorite to return as Green Bay's No. 3 receiver. Janis made waves for his monster game in the Divisional Round against Arizona, but he has just two career catches in the regular season. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Michael Cohen and Bob McGinn agreed on their Packers Podcast that third-year WR Jeff Janis has had a "disappointing" training camp so far. It's been the consensus among beat writers from other Packers media outlets, as well. McGinn did suggest Janis may be more of a "gamer" than practice player, and that Janis' performance in Green Bay's preseason games carries more weight than his play on the practice field. By all accounts, Janis has dropped too many passes and still struggles to get on the same page as Aaron Rodgers.
  12. First, ask that to the guys that are insulted by believing they are the token interviews. Second, I don't think it unreasonable for anyone to question why someone must be compelled to do something (anything) against their will. Can there be justification for this interference with the individual's right to do best with his time and resources as he sees fit? Certainly. But whether such interference is justified IS the very heart of the question. If there is nothing to be gained, even if the motives were altruistic or well-intentioned, then that would certainly swing some (myself included) to think that the the individual's interest in self-autonomy should be respected over such interference or compulsion when it serves no real or tangible purpose other than that it assuages someone else's sense of guilt. I'm not a big fan of trampling over individual liberty simply because someone wants it to look like they are trying to do something when in reality nothing is being accomplished. The road to Hell and well-intended pavers and all that...
  13. You can't legislate motives. It's THAT simple. That's the biggest hurdle to any sort of ethical/moral legalism. You can't effectively legislate morality. You can more efficiently legislate actions and inaction, but you can't really legislate motives and thoughts which drive those actions and inactions. Racism, in it's manifestation, is always going to occur in the context of some individual's internalized thought process. It happens when an individual does something or makes some decision for a racist reason. Did so-and-so not get that job because the interviewer was racist or because the interviewer had a legitimate or at least non-racist motivation to not hire so-and-so? To know the answer to that, you have to be able to look in a person's soul. But we can't do that so well. So we come up with these top-down, broad brush attempts at solutions like the RR which, by their very nature, invariably entangle all transactions, not just those transactions in which racists are involved.
  14. What I found when entering salary numbers into keepers is that if your first digit to the right of the decimal is a 0, you need to go ahead and type in the next digit and then back space to insert the 0 in between that next digit and the decimal point. When done that way, the 0 stays put. Example: To enter "2.03", I would type in "2.3" and then use my <- direction key to put the cursor between the "." and the "3" and then hit the "0" to insert it in between them. Should it be fixed? Absolutely. But you can work around it quickly provided you are using a full key array keyboard.
  15. I know I am late to this party, but I didn't even bother using the new DD app in my main auction this past weekend. Aside from the issues I had saving team names and auction dollar amounts, the inability to have multiple windows open for easy access was a HUGE limitation. When I run Classic, I always have the Player Pool, Team Data, Depth Chart, Draft Summary, Team Data and of course Draft Status windows open. With some clever stacking, or a big enough monitor, you can have all these windows open at the same time and easily cross reference back and forth during live bidding without having to close out of one window to access info on another window. I get that some people want the updated algorithms and need the rankings so they know who to draft, but there are quite of few of us out here that mainly use the software to facilitate the drafting/auction process and want/need the multi-window access that Classic provides. Seriously, you guys have been ignoring us for years now on the DT/DE and CB/S breakouts in Classic. As tempted as I am to not subscribe over the refusal to respond to that request, I still subscribe. But if Classic ever dies and the new DD doesn't allow multi-window access, I'll be done for sure.