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  1. Completely unnecessary link. You could have just underlined and changed the text to blue without an actual link and it would have been no different.
  2. Back in February 2015, 62 percent of Republicans thought of Russia as unfriendly or an enemy; now just 43 percent do. In contrast, the percentage of Democrats that views Russia as unfriendly or an enemy has risen 15 points – from 52 percent in 2015 to 67 percent today. A similar shift can be seen in partisan views of Russian President Vladimir Putin
  3. All of this. Plus, Rosita's "attitude" is so horribly over the top and possibly the most annoying at this point. The only saving grace for me (pun intended) is Gabriel. I used to really dislike him. He's now one of the few characters I can tolerate.
  4. Good to see Republicans showing more support for Russia over the last month. I mean, why wouldn't they?
  5. This is absurd. I'm hoping there is someone from that flight that files a lawsuit for this action to prove its constitutionality. This is police state #### right here. What are they going to do if you refuse to show your "papers"?
  6. Oh, and I could poop a better royal sex reenactment drawing.
  7. Why is the Frog King ####### a red rooster?
  8. Man, so jealous. That sounds delicious. Wish I could afford that kind of stuff.
  9. Ross reminds me of Cooks but I don't think he's going to test as fast nor do I think he plays as fast. He would have to land in an ideal situation like Cooks is in now to generate much interest for me.
  10. I'm hoping that's Cooks, as in the NO WR, not Cook, as in the below average TE.
  11. What about the fencing masks?
  12. Virtually no player is worth four 1sts.
  13. Love the bombshell of Tim dropping in to relay an anecdote of hiring a likely undocumented immigrant to do an unlicensed skill job for well under market pay as a reason why they should be able to stay. You couldn't have crafted a better argument for the other side short of including a picture of him driving a Mercedes with 10 children piled in it.
  14. FFPC scoring (1.5 ppr for TE, 12 team) Team A receives: C. Coleman Team B receives: T. Coleman/Dak/2.3