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  1. @Arizona Ron I miss the good old days in this thread.....
  2. As if he'd buy American.....Pfft.
  3. I'm not buying it just yet, but......
  4. Insurance wouldn't cover it so you needed a garage sale to pay for a vasectomy? Or did I miss the whole point?
  5. I bet Manafort is like "no wait, me first!!"
  6. Needs bigger font for title. Also, very surprised some specific FBG people (owners) weren't tagged yet....
  7. Schiff needs to be at the front of the Democratic party. And this time could help push him there.
  8. Do your thing. So much to add to it now. Crazy that less than a month has passed from that timeline.
  9. The above needs editing. Doing from mobile. More Russians have died and obviously much more has happened since first written.
  10. So let's summarize this a bit: --Trump runs into financial trouble and owes money to Deutsche Bank The $300 million Trump owes to Deutsche includes a $170 million loan on his new Washington, D.C. hotel, two loans on the Trump National Doral Miami resort and a loan on the Trump Tower in Chicago. All four loans were issued by Deutsche Bank’s private banking arm. According to Bloomberg, the loans carry a low interest of 2 percent over Libor and have no use restrictions, but in return hepersonally guaranteed them. DID ANYONE KNOW HE HAD A PG ON THESE? That's flat out amazing, generally that's something struggling small businessmen do when they are desperate, it's virtually unheard of in the sphere the Trump Org operates in. -- A Russian oligarch with connections to Putin pays Trump $100 million for a property he spent $40 million just two years early. Playing a little loose with the details here. He bought it in 2004, sold in 2008, sale price was $95, revealed to public July 2016. But it seems like this gets misreported OFTEN. I would add a bullet about his three developments with Bayrock Properties (Felix Sater) - Trump Soho in NYC, resorts in AZ and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Only the Soho project completed. There were rumors the Russia Trio (Alexander Mashkevich, Patokh Chodiev, and Alijan Ibragimov - Kazakh businessmen who became billionaires.) were pouring money into this but that is an unproved allegation at this point. A bullet recognizing Trump has pursued business in Russia for 30 years would be good. Nothing substantial (Trump scale) came from it. One nice nugget in this article is it shows a picture of Trump with Sater, and details how frequent Don, Jr and Ivanka were in Russia - as a guest of Felix, whom Donald feigned memory loss when asked about him last year ("Felix Sater, boy, I have to even think about it. I'm not that familiar with him.") Sater's Trump Tower office was two floors below Donald's and he used to hand out business cards proclaiming himself to be a senior advisor to Trump. Forbes article on Sater & Bayrock - tons of emails and legal docs from disputes Felix Sater is a violent, convicted felon with ties to Russian and US-Sicilian mobsters, and his father ran the Russian mob in Brighton Beach, NY. He was indicted for a massive pump and dump stock scheme, but avoided conviction by working as an FBI informant. There have been books written about his involvement with the CIA and DHS. This guy is teflon, but he's a bad man. -- A dossier claims that Russia has financial and personal information that could be damaging to Trump dating back to this time -- Deutsche Bank has a $630m fine levied against it for laundering $10 billion out of Russia -- The chairman of Deutsche bank leaves after this trouble and lands in the Bank of Cyprus -- The majority shareholder at the Bank of Cyprus is Trump's close friend Wilbur Ross, the only American among other major shareholders that are Russian -- Wilbur Ross was just appointed as Secretary of Commerce -- Trump's campaign manager leaves because of ties to Russia As Maddow put it succinctly, how the heck did Manafort even become his Campaign Manager? The guy has been a lobbyist/advisor for foreign dictators and guerilla leaders for 20 years. The last Republican campaign he worked on was Dole 1996. He never knew Trump before he announced he was running. Need a bullet on Carter Page. Not a direct advisor to Trump, but how the heck does a mid-level petroleum expert become one of the Trump Campaign's top 5 foreign policy advisors. -- Obama discusses sanctions with Putin at summit. A few days later, Sessions meets with the forgettable Kislyak. Trump has nice things to say about Russia. Shortly afterward the emails are leaked. Obama did what & when? The sanctions against Russia because of their military intervention into Ukraine was March/April 2014. -- Kushner and Gordon have met with same official although secretly as no one was aware of this meeting during the RNC December 2016 -- Tthe only piece of the Republican platform the Trump Campaign took an interest in (at the RNC with the Russian Ambassador in attendance) was a pro-Russia plank that threw The Ukraine under the bus. July 2016 -- General Flynn also met with Russians and has since resigned after discussing sanctions prior to being in office and lying about it. December 29(?) 2016 -- Sessions denied meeting with Russians January 2017 -- Russia would love to have sanctions lifted, NATO weakened, and Brexit to help their global standing. Trump is in favor of all of those. -- Trump has denied talking to Russia over the last 10 years prior to winning the presidency. -- Six Russian diplomats have died over the last four months, one of whom was connected to the dossier above.
  11. You're assuming there will be a time when he needs a distraction more than another. At this point, there will never be an ideal time things will only get worse from here on out.