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  1. You have roster limits, right? Otherwise one person could pick up every single player on the waiver wire, right? When you pick up a player, part of that cost is giving up a player and using a roster spot. By picking up players just to lock them and drop them in the same week, you are effectively increasing your roster limit artificially to keep players away. This is why many leagues that lock players when dropped also have a setting that players picked up and dropped in the same week are NOT locked. If you pick them up and burn a roster spot and give up someone, that's legit. Burning through a waiver wire by picking up every player, theoretically, and dropping them so no one is available is not legit. Surely you can see the difference.
  2. If holding the players, no issue. If picking them up and then dropping so they got locked, not cool at all and should be against your rules. Even if not, complete dirt move.
  3. He's an instant top 5 start. The better thread is "I'm starting Jordy over...."
  4. There are debit cards that don't charge fees either. Either way, credit card for virtually everything she can that has no foreign fees. Debit card to take out like $100 when she arrives to have just in case. Yes, she'll need an adapter. There are nice travel ones for like $20-30 that have a plug and a couple USB adapters that can allow charging more than one thing at once.
  5. Let me start by saying that I hate that sexual harassment is seemingly as common as it is and I'm glad women are stepping forward. Hopefully it will start to eliminate this in the future. That said, something just doesn't feel right here. The thing that sticks out to me is: 1) So many different men all sexually harassing one female 2) No other females being harassed. Now, this just came out and maybe some more women will come forward. If that's the case, then it will certainly lend more truth to the allegations. But otherwise, why are all these men choosing just one woman? Similarly, if it was just one of these guys doing it to her, then I'd be more likely to believe it to be true. But all of them doing it just to her? Something doesn't feel right just yet about this story.
  6. Yep, I asked about that early on in my running and got that advice from @SFBayDuck and it has served me well. I always run them on effort no matter how much I need to slow down and do well with that. When I've pushed, I've run into trouble. The combo of the hill being just long enough, just steep enough, probably being close to the edge due to early pacing, and then watching her separate was enough to push it over the edge. Which is why I was upset with myself as soon as I got to the top because I know how hard it has been for me to recover when I've made that mistake. It was definitely a lesson learned.
  7. With the bolded above, I think that's exactly what happened. Where I run, there are enough hills that I've practiced with them regularly and have figured out what works for me and what doesn't. I've killed a couple of my runs in the past by going up hills too fast. I've also gotten better at them and can go faster uphill on certain days than I can on others. And I can usually tell pretty quickly how things are going. While I'm sure my early pacing played a part in why it fell apart there, if the hill didn't happen, I can pretty confidently say that I would have been able to maintain that early pace. I don't wear a HR monitor but I've gotten accustomed to judging my effort based on my breathing. Through those first 3 1/2 miles, I was in great shape. In fact, my wife was running next to me and we were able to talk a couple times and I was in complete control despite the faster speed. In fact, I remember thinking that I wonder if I should be working harder at this point to run the race optimally. The hill happened and she never really slowed down and I just kept up for the first part of it. I quickly realized I started to work too hard and needed to slow down and I did and she started pulling away. I even said outloud to her "don't go too fast up the hill" but she just gave me a thumbs up and kept going. As I'm consciously slowing down, I'm also watching her create distance and that probably contributed to me not slowing down enough. The last 1/4th of the hill, things went completely out of whack and by the time I got to the top I couldn't catch my breath at all. As I said above, I've had this happen before during runs. In fact, it happened during one of our longer runs in the park about 2 weeks earlier where we hit a short but very steep grade and it took me about 2 minutes of slower running on a slight downhill to get it back under control, which I did (check the 6th mile here . So I had to decide to either slow it way down, get under control, and then resume or hope that I could find a good spot to recover (i.e. flat or downhill) while maintaining pace. I tried to recover some of the time back I lost on the initial downhill instead of slowing down (mistake #2), but then we turned a corner and I was greeted with an entire mile that was uphill. I missed my chance to reel it in and that's why I feel I never fully recovered. It wasn't until 5 1/2 miles that we started back on a downhill section and it was too late. I had already lost time and I had been working too hard to try and maintain the 8:20ish pace.
  8. Once you got going, it looks like you really opened up.
  9. So including all aliases, we're talking like 16 people, right?
  10. I don't think I have any stabilizers but I'm going to see if I can pick some up somewhere. Sounds like they might help.
  11. FYP above. As for the fitness question, I was wondering the same thing and was about to ask the same as I plan on taking a little break during the next few weeks with holidays and cold. Plan on doing a 21k relay race in late March. 3 people doing 7K legs each. Looking at the coed results from the last 2 years, running it at 7:45 or less should get us top 3, so that'll be the goal. I'm pretty sure my wife and the guy I work out with can both get under that so I can be close to that and be fine. I'm pretty sure I'm not far off it at this point but March training for this is going to be a little tricky due to scheduling.