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  1. Dew point of 77. The relative humidity percentage will drop as the day goes and the temperature rises. But the dew point stays more constant and is a much better measure of how humid it is. And that's really humid.
  2. Just finishing frying up some catfish and eggplant. Dinnertime soon....
  3. Perfect running weather right now over here
  4. Someone with a remote control for the sprinklers sitting at home would be great fun and awesome shtick. Turning them on and off at various times....
  5. "If I can handle this, then I think I can handle marriage"
  6. Man, just silly outside now. I was up this morning at 5:45 and was going to try and get out before my wife went to work. Looked at the weather and it was 80/75. At 5:45am. So what's the point. Went back to sleep for a little and just got out this morning in not much worse conditions except for the sun. I felt completely fine out there but my HR was way too difficult to control. So I only did about an hour and it was pretty slow overall. It's all good, I at least felt much better than I did a couple days ago. I won't get many miles in this week but that's ok considering the weather and other stuff going on. I know it was bad out there this morning when my I'm walking home for my cool down and at a regular walking pace my HR was almost 130. Considering that, I'm actually content with how the run went.
  7. Before I comment, I'd like to know the rest of your summer 5K racing schedule.....
  8. Pretty sure this story is also posted in the thread "Shtick You Use in Real Life" on the purse forums and your wife is laughing her ### off.
  9. Agreed. One person could have gotten more aggressive perhaps but he play overall was top notch with some good reads and some good laydowns and very few unnecessarily large pots.
  10. "Ok, son, explain to me how this Discord app works"
  11. God help me. This 6 year old girl is going to be the death of me. She goes upstairs, and after a few minutes, comes back down. She's wearing a pair of jeans, a kind of cut-off shirt/bathing suit top so her belly is fully showing, hair all done up, and is walking down the stairs with this look like she's the ####. Me: (just shaking my head with a smirk at what I'm looking at and not saying a word) Her: "What? I'm pretty?"