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  1. Btw, just to reiterate, there are some fast mother####ers in here. Amirite, @mr furley?
  2. All 5 English clubs are at the top of their groups. Concentrating on everything!
  3. Have been using them for years now. They are fantastic. Love to hear this.
  4. Evans, but not close.
  5. And then doing it again 3 weeks later. And then again 3 weeks later. WTF.
  6. Acer ignoring him is even better shtick.
  7. Don't you hate when your server brings it to you with a finger inside?
  8. So far, I feel really fortunate in that I haven't had any pain or injuries since I started. I know it's early on, but I've tried to make it a point to learn to do it right from the beginning. I'm realizing how important the "easy" runs are and not overdoing it. Funny this came up now because I just went on an easy recovery run from my harder run last night and my wife wanted to see if I'd push the stroller. Since we were going slow, I gave it a shot. After about a mile, my left hip started feeling funny and almost hurting. I gave it back to her and the pain went away. Just a matter of holding my left arm up just a little and probably turning a bit more. After the 3 miles, my left knee was sore as well and needed some stretching. Something as stupid as just holding it with my left hand started causing a chain reaction when I haven't had anything like it after any previous run. Needless to say, I won't be pushing that stroller any more. Great lesson that poor form can cause problems even though I was trying to keep everything the same while holding onto it. I'm also trying to make her realize that she should be doing her easy runs slower than she's doing them. When I pulled up some training calcs last night to show her, she didn't realize we should be in the 9:45-11:00 min range on long and/or easy runs. I wonder if that's what's been keeping her from improving her time even more. Since we plan on training together, for the most part, for the 15k coming up in December, I'm going to see if I can convince her to follow along with what I'm doing and see what it does. Of course, she's been running for years and I've been doing it for less than 3 months so the chances of her taking MY advice is slim, but I'm trying. Finally, while I hate all the hills around me, I think the hills are actually doing me good. My legs feel stronger and I'm getting better at them. And the flat runs are that much easier as a result. I haven't gotten into the foam rolling or other stuff, but I make it a point to stretch for a few minutes before starting as well as afterward and so far I've been really lucky, I think.
  9. Do NOT do this or anything close to this.
  10. The thing to realize is how often two different people can look at the same situation and view it completely differently. Some think not saying goodbye is rude, others think it's rude to do so. Some think touching a sleeping kid is awful, others think it's no big deal. In the end, there usually isn't a "right" answer. The best answer, however, is trying to get through life without making a big deal out of little things. That sometimes means going against what you think is "right" to appease someone else. If we all did this a little more, we'd all win. So many other things to worry about and stress over. The older I get, the less I try to let things bother me. This is one of those times, I think. You should already have your answer. Hopefully you can resolve this soon and stop worrying about it.
  11. My thoughts: 1) I completely get not saying goodbye in this situation. It's late, you're tired, and it's not a big deal to you. The fact you see them weekly also makes it a non-issue from that standpoint. 2) That said, if you know your parents are like that, take the extra minute and say goodbye. It saves grief, on their end as well as yours. You've always seemed like a level headed person here so I think you can appreciate that. Some things aren't worth the fight. 3) Not a fan of your response. I get the annoyance, but still your parents. Be the bigger person and make it right, even if just a text back fixing this little spat.
  12. Definitely late and unnecessary.
  13. Everton are downright awful this year.
  14. I'm 6'2" and I like to think I have a fairly fat build. In my out of shape state, I've been around 220 for a while. Over the last several months, I got it down to about 210. Since starting to run, I'm now at 198-200 and if I can get it down to 190, I'll be thrilled. I couldn't imagine 160-170.
  15. Is it me or does it seem like we've been off for weeks?