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  1. 135-145ish, depending on the day.
  2. MLK is Jan 18th, 2018. Is that another day to avoid? Is late January/early February ok from a weather standpoint to enjoy (since I'll try to avoid March with spring break)? And how many days should I be looking at? Open to staying up to 7 days but if that's going to be too long, especially with younger kids, what's ideal? 4 days? Want to be there long enough to enjoy but not too long where we are all exhausted and can't wait to get back home. Maybe arrive on a Sunday and check out on a Friday (i.e. 1/17 - 1/22)? ETA -- Also open to doing maybe 3 days at Breck and 3 days at Keystone since they are close to each other if that might be worthwhile.
  3. No, I never said I needed to do it on a budget. I just didn't want to overpay for a nicer resort with better ski conditions that I don't need because we are all beginners and can't tell the difference anyway. Similarly, because we are open to various times to go, I'd rather go during a non-peak period. And finally, as we are just going to drive, I don't have to worry about airfare for 5 people. In other words, where we can save on things that aren't as important, I'd like to do so. But I don't mind spending on things that are worth it and don't have a fixed budget for the trip. In the end, we'd like to have a nice family ski vacation and I'm completely fine with paying for things that matter.
  4. Thanks for this. Unfortunately Park City is a bit too far to drive. Right now, leaning Keystone, Breckenridge, or Copper Mountain but need to sit down now and look into these closer. So far some excellent advice in here and it's been really helpful.
  5. Make sure you incorporate this into your plans.
  6. Always so pleasant.
  7. Nevada might be a good choice to help with your blog about online dating disasters. What happened to that thread, anyway?
  8. Good thing you PR'd because otherwise it would have been relatively disappointing given this puke effort Great race!
  9. Oof. That said, if anyone is prepared to do this, you are. Go get it!
  10. Not getting in as much running just yet as I'd have liked but that's ok. Fly to Maui tomorrow and maybe it'll be a bit better. Have our 21K relay race next week. We each do 7K. I really don't know what to plan on as a goal pace. It's only a little over a mile longer than a 5K but I'm still not sure what to expect. I'd like to think I can run it faster than my first 5K a few months ago but how much? Or should I just run as fast as I think I can keep up with and no specific pace? For you guys that have seen my runs on Strava over the last month, what do you think? My gut says 7:45 is safe and 7:30 is possible but that makes me nervous and I have nothing to really base those numbers on that I can reliably say "yeah, this is it". FWIW -- The route has 140 feet of gain which isn't too bad. There's a decent hill toward the end of the first mile and then pretty decent the rest of the race.