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  1. Well la-di-da I'm just going to go on vacation in Mexico and get a run in because it's pretty and then sign up for a 5K that I haven't trained for at all and don't really ever run before and line up with a few other people in the fiery Mexican heat and run a 7:09 pace for 2nd place and get a free massage while pacing all these younger people like I'm Speedy Gonzalez and come post about it here like it's really no big deal and casually mention I'll just drop another 12 miles just for fun in another part of Mexico. @ChiefD (who can't stop getting suspended.....again)
  2. Speaking of shoes, my wife was reading how much difference the Vaporfly Next% and Zoom Fly 3 shoes were making in terms of improving racing times. Took a look and while the Vaporfly's are still $250, the normally $160 Zoom Fly 3s (which apparently can be used as daily trainers as well) are as low as $100 in some spots. Picked up a pair and will see what the hype is about. I'm considering a pair as well but I'll wait and see what she has to say. Maybe our resident shoe expert @JShare87 can offer up anything else?
  3. 2/16/20 - 2/22/20 Average pace 9:18 min/mile HR 148 (VO2 max still sitting at 48-49, though)
  4. @pbm107 smoked his run. And I love the fact it was with no speed work at that pace since August. Congrats, can't wait to hear about it.
  5. Nice! To the bolded, yes and no. Don't worry about your pace. Look at the numbers when you're done. But, you should pay attention to the HR. And it's ok to be obsessed by it. I had turned it into kind of a game when I started. How long could I go before spiking? Could I guess the number before looking at it? Can I keep it lower on this stretch of my run? Also, depending on your watch, you can set an alert that buzzes/beeps when you pass a certain HR. Set that limit so you can run without having to constantly look and make sure you don't go over. When you hear/feel it buzz, slow down. After about 3 weeks or so, while I had that HR limit set, I didn't really need it anymore. I could tell when I got past 140 and needed to slow down. It was mainly on hills when I would often have to walk to get it back down. By 5-6 weeks, I no longer had to walk hills either. Great work and enjoy it.
  6. Good luck @pbm107. May the puke be bountiful.
  7. A) Not until the last mile, it's not. B) My link
  8. I've noticed the same. I know @ChiefD has said that he runs higher than others, but I used to think the same thing. Until I slowed down even more and it eventually worked itself down.
  9. Well, you guys would know this better than me, but a 12x400 workout or 6x800 workout would be a decent workout at that pace as is. So I would think it has to be less than that. If 800s, I would think you're going to hit max at your 3rd attempt and then give it a final go for number 4 to beat that. Killing yourself, you try again with #5. If 400s, I would think it would be a bit more gradual but I think you're looking to max out by your 6th attempt and the 7th/8th are your last hurrah.
  10. This, again, is just a huge red flag. Why wouldn't they if they were serious about honoring their side? This is why things get written down. If you are a valued employee and are doing what's being asked, they should have ZERO issue with sitting down and coming to an agreement and getting it down on paper. If they are avoiding that it's because they have no intention of following through. Same as I wouldn't trust a company I'm hiring for work that isn't willing to put down the terms in writing, I'd trust a company I work for that pays my salary even less if they won't do the same. This isn't about things getting overlooked. This is about stringing you along until it action is finally taken, either on your part or theirs. There's no clear timetable. Until then, you keep showing up for work, doing your part, and not getting compensated appropriately. They've already screwed you over in the last few months with the review and not making it right. I wouldn't hesitate at all to request that all these promises and assurances get written down, whether they are staying or leaving. And, unless you have something to fall back on, you're at their mercy no matter what you'd prefer. Start looking at other options and get things potentially lined up if things don't change soon.
  11. I really don't understand this. That bonus is part of what he expects to take home based on his performance. And the reason for the decrease is the review that can/should be adjusted (without even having to touch his salary). Just applying numbers here, if his salary is $100,000 and his bonus is $20,000. 2019 -- Taking home $120,000 (salary + bonus) 2020 -- Taking home $115,000 (salary + bonus) WITH extra work with current review 2020 -- Taking home $120,00 (salary + bonus) WITH extra work and adjusted review Absolutely unacceptable and should be fixed. If not, and not done soon, it's time to move on, IMO. What's to say his bonus doesn't disappear the next year?