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  1. My partner in crime should be around any moment.....
  2. No thanks, but thank you for offering.
  3. Bamford was my team avatar for a long time until I changed it.
  4. Seeing our names together in lights like that brings back very fond memories.
  5. Yes he was. They changed it halfway through as a M/D choice. I used him as a defender frequently.
  6. But seriously, how do you even move all that stuff?
  7. Worst staging company ever.
  8. It has it. But I'm not paying $1/minute to research pretend soccer players at 1g speeds.
  9. @Ramsay Hunt Experience Can you make first 4ish picks for me?
  10. I'm pretty sure I mentioned from the beginning I'd have limited access from 7/14-7/27. Someone else was going to be gone during the same time, I believe. You guys wanted to start early and it took over a week for that to happen. I'm on an Alaskan cruise, neither of which is conducive to internet access (being in Alaska nor on a cruise). I'm posting as we are about to leave port during one of the few moments I have internet. If you want to find someone else, have at it, although this shouldn't be a surprise. Or, RHE can make the first couple picks if he's open to it (or any objective person that has an idea of how this works). After 7/27, I'll be good to go. I'd submit a list but I haven't looked at anything once we left and can't do any kind of research. Sorry
  11. Boston terrier might fit your bill.
  12. FYI, I'm briefly checking in but will have little to no access any point forward. Sorry