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  1. "You need a permit?"
  2. Do you know how to cook?
  3. Sorry, thought he was trying to pick up Bacca. Where is Balotelli going?
  4. You have to wait until he's in the system I believe.
  5. I've been dreading seeing the title change these last few days. As everyone else has said, there's no words to express the sorrow to hear of the news. I'm glad that you and family were able to say goodbye but know that in her far too short time here, she's made an impact on so many people who knew her through you. I am certainly glad to have known her even though I never met her. You and yours will be in my thoughts. I'm so sorry.
  6. Script error after script error after script error. The site is getting buggier each time I try to use it. Takes forever to load, both the main page as well as applying any filters to any leagues.
  7. I keep getting script errors as well with firefox. Freezes the browser for a good bit of time.
  8. Obviously confused since this kind of question belongs in the other thread.
  9. 1. Drink a ton of water-I drink 4 gallons of water a day. I always make sure to tape a water bottle to my face so I can sip on it in between the gallons. 2. Eat 32 small meals a day. I eat some oatmeal at 7:12 then follow it up with a handful of almonds and 2 tablespoons of yogurt at 8:19. For lunch I nibble the crust of the bread, eat an apple and some yogurt with a handful of almonds. At 2:36 I eat a handful of almonds, fill a bathtub with water then drink it followed by a chaser of a handful of almonds. At 4:37 I eat my pre-supper which consists of half an apple, some figs and a handful of almonds. For supper I keep it light with some white chicken, half an avocado and a handful of almonds. During sleep time I have a system where I leave a handful of almonds on my pillow so I can grab one with my tongue each 27 minutes until I awake. 3. DON'T EAT UNTIL AFTER YOU WORKOUT otherwise your working out will have no affect at all. If you jog before working out your workout will have gone to waste and you actually become obese. You must make sure you don't eat from 7:13pm the following evening then jog at 5:12 on an empty stomach. 4. You need to jump from the treadmill do some lat pulldowns, run around the gym as fast as you can for 25 minutes, do 2 sets of tris, 3 sets of lumbar push-ins and 5 sets of omni-squats. If you don't do this routine it doesn't matter how many handfuls of almonds you eat. You will wither into a weak human or become obese. 5. Give yourself a cheat day. Once every 3 months I allow myself a slice of pizza. (so it's clear I'm not plagiarizing this, I didn't write it, Cunk did)
  10. I can guarantee you'll never use your life insurance. Unless you fake your death and add a 2 to your name to collect.
  12. Yet Spurs at #2 overall, who have scored all of 2 goals so far and stand a whole point ahead of Liverpool, weren't clearly overrated after your 2 week assessment? I guess we'll find out next week, eh?
  13. Would strongly suggest adding a search bar as well on the main page to look up players easily. From that page, there is no way to look up an individual player.
  14. The comments are gold. The secret ingredient is despair.
  15. If I click on "lineup coach" in a league and let the page load, it'll have my team. If I then click on the "sync this league" button top right, it'll change my team to the 1st team listed. I have to go back to "edit my leagues" and reselect my team. If I click "sync this league", it happens over and over. Yet it doesn't do it for every league. ETA -- In leagues where my team is listed first, clicking "sync" keeps it. However, in leagues where my team isn't the first one listed, clicking "sync" then makes the top team my league and I have to go and change it back each time. It seems when you sync, it's causing it to reset to making the 1st team listed as your team.