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  1. He's 9.....
  2. Bolded above--seriously? Why not have them build you a deck with in-ground lighting while they're at it? And that list is really short on "fun activities".
  3. "I wish I could get one of these. I bet the Palestinians paid for it too"
  4. These are perfect and would be awesome. And with the scoring changes as well as allowing lineup changes up to 5 minutes prior to kickoff we made this year, this was a LOT more fun than earlier years. Huge difference. As such, I'm in for next year despite getting Arsenaled this year.
  5. Liverpool have no answer for this defense. It's maddening.
  6. Awful base path interference call on Garcia in Cards/Braves game that cost them a run. I know, who cares, doesn't matter anyway, but still....
  7. Phantom Menace has some redeeming scenes, especially the Darth Maul battle. It's well below all but one, but I can tolerate that. Attack of the Clones is painful and embarrassing. Hayden's acting is cringe-worthy. There is nothing good about that film. As bad as those were, Force Awakens and Rogue One are that good. There's nostalgia for the originals, but those sequels capture Star Wars as it should be with modern technology to remove any cheese factor that older movies have.
  8. Rookie Mini Camps
  9. Quick update: Team finished 4th in the state competition but only a few points behind the 2nd place team. The order of the finishes of the students stayed the same as regionals (outlier was still the outlier and strongest was still the strongest). If the strongest student had competed on the team instead of the outlier, the entire team would have finished 2nd and all 4 of those students would be going to nationals. The strongest student finished 13th overall and thus missed the cutoff of top 10 so now none of them get to move onto nationals. Unfortunate
  10. Well, I did put "seemingly" because I can't be completely sure. So, it is definitely an assumption and maybe it will be more clear at a future time. That said, here are my reasons for why I think they didn't: 1) The guy doesn't seem like a nutcase. He didn't seem out of control. There is no language barrier. My guess is that if it was explained that a seat will go to a standby passenger when the original passenger doesn't check in, he wouldn't have continued saying "but I paid for that seat" over and over. A reasonable person would take that new information and be able to understand where he went wrong. He seems reasonable from the several minutes of video we watched. 2) We watched several minutes of video where, instead of laying out that position (which is all that needed to be explained), they threatened jail and they used a reason that the young child couldn't sit in a seat alone with a car seat. Based on that, I don't think they gave him the legit reason to start and then moved onto nonsense and rules that don't exist. If you put yourself in the position of the Delta rep, you stick with the actual reason, if you had provided it, instead of moving onto something else. Based on those two reasons, I think it's more likely than not that he wasn't told the real reason why they lost the seat. And, if they did give him the proper explanation to start, then I have very little sympathy for him even with Delta escalating it even further than they should have.
  11. This is pretty reasonable. The ONLY difference in your example is the fact that his younger child doesn't have to otherwise pay for a ticket. They ride for free. That's different than trying to swap for an older child that you'd have to actually pay for a ticket (assuming in your getaway that your daughter is > 2 yrs old). And that's a big difference because an older child would never be able to get past check in while the infant obviously does and the option always remains that the younger child can ride on a lap. So, if you don't know that standby gets that seat when the older son is a no-show, then I can see how you would think you still have that seat. As I mentioned earlier, if the flight wasn't full and there were no standby passengers, that seat would have remained open and he could have put the infant seat there without any problems. I just don't understand why Delta seemingly didn't just explain that to him and instead threatened jail.
  12. If the passenger thinks the seat is rightfully his because he paid for it and he's not given a proper explanation why that isn't the case, I don't blame him at all for sticking up for himself. The responsibility of knowing the rules is ultimately on Delta and they need to communicate that. And they didn't know the rules either. You say "outside of explaining it better", they were fine, but that's the major problem. They had a legitimate reason why he needed to give up the seat but gave him a complete bull#### reason instead and he rightfully wasn't going to listen to that ####ty reason as a reason to comply.