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  1. Sorry, but gotta ask. What was the weather like when it finally happened?
  2. Sweet, thanks. Looks like the French Pulisic. Now if only he could land on a top level team like Christian.....
  3. @Sinn Fein and others, I didn't watch Tottenham play this week. How did Nkoudou look? Is he going to start getting time?
  4. So much fun?
  5. So perfect.
  6. I'm a 5 min guy. Every day for the better part of my life.
  7. "It is from a coach who has a history of doing this, so it should be a surprise to absolutely nobody. And when you look at it, if you are a human being, you will realize that that is not acceptable. And it’s not acceptable in 2016. Quite honestly, it’s never been acceptable."
  8. When was the last time one of our guys would even dream of being in a picture like this? And 18?
  9. Pulisic not starting today.
  10. If I'm her, I'd keep giving him more time (rope) and let him just keep going and going and digging and digging.
  11. I called last month as my first year promotions were about to drop off. Was told there was nothing they could do so I asked to cancel. Got sent to "loyalty" and was told that she wouldn't be able to do anything that month, but after the first year passed, to call back. In the meantime, $40 credit applied for the following month to keep me around. Called last week and I was basically told they couldn't do anything so I set up cancellation on Oct 9th, the day before my next bill due date. I got a call back a couple days ago, we got disconnected after a few minutes, and she never called back. Today I got the email with the 855 number and called. I was told he would have to process the cancellation in order to get this deal, but it would get done tonight, then back up tomorrow morning. Offered the following: $45 off/month (currently on Choice) Free Sunday Ticket Max Free premium movie channels for 3 months $200 Visa GC My contract is still only good for one more year (did not extend it) so in one year when this falls off, I'll be out of contract. I said go ahead. Took about 15 minutes on the phone.
  12. Yeah, but this stuff was obvious after week 2.
  13. I did take him