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  1. 2 little tidbits to realize how you guys have reeled me in: 1) Had lunch with a good friend today that I don't get to see as often due to his work schedule. He's a bit taller than me, similar type guy, and while still looking skinny, he's at his highest weight he's ever been at 228 (he's 6'4"). I spent half of lunch telling him how great it's been since I started running and trying to convince him to give it a shot. He talked about not having time and I just told him to do 15-30 min per day for a few weeks and see how he feels. He might give it a shot. 2) It was hot as hell today and I didn't have a chance to get out anyway. But, even with limited time tonight and kids getting ready for bed and stuff, I just really felt the urge to get out and at least do a little. Ran a mile, felt good, came home. Just really needed to get out for a little bit. Never felt like that before. That's all.
  2. Is your neighbor @Otis? Well, is it?
  3. You need a new recruiter that is looking out for you.
  4. One of the kids should record some of the teachers in the teacher's lounge after someone secretly puts TP all over the lounge and leaves a note saying the kids rule the joint. Then start playing it back for them. Replicate an island with only adults and no kids around. The kid may or may not delete the recording afterward.
  5. Don't worry. Everything will work out just vine.
  6. If you have to hire a lawyer, make sure he went to an ivy league school.
  7. Every target from week 2
  8. Take this to the manscaping thread.
  9. Thanks, guys. That helps a ton. I won't do music. I'll do a little running with a few sprints but that's it. I generally feel fine whenever I start and I plan on coming out a little slower and building so that's ok. I'm going to shoot for an 8:30 pace to start and kick it up by the first half mile or so. I probably won't look much beyond that.
  10. The 5K coming up next Sunday (not this Sunday) is not in a gorilla suit. The 5K 3 weeks after that will be in the gorilla suit. This first race is by myself, my first race ever, on a flat course, and with me wanting to get the best time I can. And one last question: Do I want to do a "race" type run before to see what I can do and how it goes? Do it this weekend if I do?
  11. Ok, and now as I've been thinking about this race coming up, I'm trying to plan for it as it's my first one ever. 1) Yes or no to music? I run with it most of the time but I've gone a few times without it (music stopped streaming or headphones weren't charged). On the race site it says it's strongly discouraged but it is allowed. I think I'll be fine either way but wondering what you guys think of it. 2) Do I want to run any kind of warm up before? If so, do you just do this at the site? And how much/how fast? 3) Should I look at my pace throughout? I'm thinking I want to see it early on to make sure I don't come out too fast and wear myself out, especially being the first time. But after that, I'm thinking I just want to run. But, with my goal of 8:03, if I'm close, do I want to know if I need to push any more?
  12. BTW, speaking of this. My sweating during runs is pretty normal and if anything, not that bad I think. But afterward, it's out of control. I have to wait 15-20 minutes from when I'm done to even try and shower and even then, I still find I'm sweating even after 15 minute cold shower. Today it was nuts and I was still sweating almost an hour after I finished despite a couple showers and the fan on. Is this normal? Anything to help with it because it's really annoying?
  13. Just did a point to point run. That was fun. Rode with my wife to drop our daughter off and then ran home from there as I checked it to be about 4 miles. 80 degrees but dew point of 72 was awful, felt like running through water. But, pretty run through an area I drive all the time but have never run through and enjoyed it. Started as an easy run but let myself go faster toward the end. Finished 3.8 at just over 9:00. Calf feels good, looking forward to the race in a week and a half. Not sure I'll break 25 minutes but I'm pretty sure I'll break the initial goal of 8:30.
  14. The "Let's be an #######" thread is that way ---->