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  1. Well, they are the two best leagues in the world, right?
  2. The above is not true. If I'm not mistaken, you start with 50K and each level is 2 hours. I think blinds start at 75/150 so you have over 300 BB to begin. Some simple tips that you likely already know but are easy to forget while playing: 1) You can't win the tournament in the first day, or the second day, or anywhere until the end. In other words, it's not a race. It's a marathon. 2) Try to avoid ever calling for all your chips. If you're putting your entire stack at risk, be the one that makes the bet, not the call. 3) If you EVER feel like things aren't going well or you're not there, just get up and walk away for a little to get back where you need to be. Don't tilt. Don't target someone at a table because they have taken a pot or two off of you. 4) If the story of a hand doesn't make sense, trust your gut. 5) Keep pots small whenever you can, especially at the start. 6) It only takes one or two big hands in a day to get you in a good spot. 6) Have fun
  3. Grass is two years old now. We have the same clay here. So far we've had enough rain that I haven't even turned it on yet and grass looks great now. Last year, watering 3-4x/week, the grass wasn't optimal by fall.
  4. For those of you that like British crime shows , just started Shetland recently and really, really like it. Three seasons, first one is only 2 episodes. Next two are 6 episodes each. I've just started the second season. It's like a cross between Broadchurch and Top of the Lake. Very solid start.
  5. Have an irrigation system and trying to figure out best schedule. Have heard and read conflicting schedules. More often with less water vs less often with more water. Going to try watering twice weekly with a good soak but curious what results you guys have gotten. In the Midwest with warm summers.
  6. I added Adrian, got the email, but not showing up on roster and can't put in lineup.
  7. Oops, yes, that's what I meant
  8. Barron is Donald's 5th place son. Coincidence?