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  1. Not forgotten, but hard to hate someone for that. The other things are much more reprehensible.
  2. What is it about Hillary that makes you like her less than a racist, narcissistic, misogynist, sexual predator with no ethical or moral compass? Truly curious.
  3. Hauschka/Catanzaro fake text message thread is just waiting to happen.
  4. That's not just short and to the point. It's respectful, helpful, and accomplishes the same thing without the douchebaggery.
  5. Love the penalties. And more commercials, please.
  6. Don't doubt it at all even though it wasn't a certainty. I also don't doubt you were a complete ####### in your response. And that is a certainty.
  7. 147.
  8. Also, the guy was just looking for some helpful input from you. His email didn't seem like he was pursuing a job in you're company. So, not only were you a complete ####### to a guy trying to reach out and better himself, but it seems you're reading comprehension was as good as his grammar.
  9. Customer service reps to exploit/avoid.
  10. If it doesn't smell and nothing growing on it, it's good in my book.
  11. I hope the refs review that after the game and give them all yellow cards for simulation.
  12. If that was bowling, that guy at minimum hit 7 pins with the last 3 teetering.