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  1. This team is starting to be really fun to watch this year. I just don't understand why they are struggling so much at home, but right now, they can beat any team, any pitcher, in any park, in any inning.
  2. Stupid upgrade....I can't reply with anything else after deletes. Anyway, I'm pretty sure if I ever met you in person, I would douse you with a little bit of water. Trust me.
  3. But it doesn't. I fry them also until they get that nice golden crust. Then add the water while everything is still hot and on and cover for about one minute. Trust me on this.
  4. Seriously, at the very end, add like a shot glass full of water and cover for about a minute. Gamechanger
  5. Do you add water at the very end for a quick steam after frying?
  6. Do you need tickets? Because I'm likely going to have to give up mine.
  7. No worries and yeah, I'm serious when I said I wondered what it must be like for exactly the reason you said. But I would have been content never knowing.
  8. I was playing basketball, cutting to the rim and this kid ran into me, hitting the outside of my knee with his and buckling it inward. I felt my whole knee joint cave and then pop back as I went down. It hurt when it first happened although not like an excruciating pain. It actually felt more weird than anything. As I was laying there, I didn't want to move it and it was still hurting some. They called for someone to come over and by then it actually felt much better. I could fully bend and straighten it and I was able to get up and kinda walk on it but it felt funny and not fully stable. Since then it's swelled up and hurts a little more. But, it's actually buckled on me a couple times already trying to get back home and THAT has been the worst. It hurt a lot each time it did that and feels awful. Right now it's wrapped with an ACE and just sitting on the couch and it doesn't hurt at all. I can move it somewhat but I'm afraid to do anything where it might buckle again so I'm not moving it much. I'll get it in an immobilizer tomorrow and next week see someone and go from there. I guess at my age, surgery isn't necessary depending on what kind of activity level and stress you want to put on it. We'll see, I guess.
  9. Trump, Hilary, blah blah.... Wait, wrong thread?
  10. I've always wondered how strange it must feel to tear an ACL. As of about two hours ago, I don't have to wonder about it anymore
  11. I knew this long ago. I just wanted to let you know that we are finally applying for child support.
  12. There's something I need to talk to you about, btw......
  13. By the way, I'll share my thoughts on your concern about your children being "adopted". The fact they are adopted changes absolutely nothing. When you adopted them, they became your children just as much as if you had biologically produced them. You both have been their mother and father since the day you got them and you both are there mother and father and it doesn't add any wrinkle to this situation whatsoever. There is no asterisk. There is no "our children but...". Those are your children and I'm sure you've always thought of them that way. So please, for the sake of trying to decide what to do, completely eliminate the idea that your children being adopted should have any influence on the decision. It doesn't whatsoever. Your situation is exactly the same as any family going through the same thing with children and trying to come to a decision that is best for you and for your children.