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  1. 100%, absolutely, spot on. This was exactly what I was saying with my post above. You can give a ticket and still be respectful and courteous. Why can't this be the norm?
  2. They should include comment cards on all citations. "How was my service today?" Provide some bonuses for officers that get good feedback.
  3. The superiority complex so many cops have is the biggest problem, IMO. I don't understand the need to be so demeaning to citizens in general. It's one of the only professions that allows that kind of behavior. Someone who is speeding and is getting a ticket doesn't become a lower class citizen and doesn't require an officer to belittle or act arrogantly. I truly think if police were actually polite in traffic stop interactions, even overtly so, things would improve tremendously. I've only been pulled over a few times in my life, but virtually every time the officer has approached, without a smile, and with an attitude. No attempt to be polite, civil, or respectful. They are not an upper class citizen compared to anyone they stop. I know there will be times that will necessitate being more authoritative. But from the onset? Virtually everytime? I don't agree with that at all.
  4. We're getting into the 90's every day this week. Unfortunately we weren't able to get out until later yesterday and decided to punt and go early this morning on a longer run together. The first 2 miles were awful as I just don't do well getting up and out that early in the morning. It eventually felt better. But, I will say, it's definitely nice being done for the day. My favorite time to run is ~9-10a. And while it's already hot at that time in the summer, I just enjoy it a bit better as I've been up for a bit and feel good at that point yet still get it done before lunch time. I do like the later runs at 7pmish as well, but there's the entire day of knowing I need to get out there. This week, it's likely going to be more early morning runs as I try to run more with my wife again.
  5. You run early in the morning so it really shouldn't be an issue for you as far as the temp. However, when the humidity ramps up, that's what is going to kick your ###. I'm looking now and the dew point where you are is 67 right now. That's likely what made your run more difficult this morning. Now you get to enjoy the Suck Index and why dew point matters.
  6. ####. Sorry, guys, hit the wrong button.
  7. Death of Louisville BBQ owner by police That story talks about how the officer was mocking protestors earlier on social media. And the police chief has since been fired as well over how it was handled.
  8. I'll be back in 5 minutes to answer.
  9. Speaking of lazy, I saw an ad for this and thought of you.
  10. $71/month is insane. Especially if you have most of it at home. You can buy so many treadmills if you save that over the next few years.
  11. 8 minutes and 46 seconds Not sure if this was posted in here or not, but this is tough to watch.