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  1. Not much happening. Met with him briefly as he wanted to discuss cutting back some of the brush/foliage toward the back. He's going to do what he can to preserve what's on our side. As for the tree, he's going to look into some replacements by talking to his landscaper and will get back to us by the end of the week. That's when we get to see where he is with this. He at least seems to understand that he can't come in and just start doing what he wants along the property line. And at the same time, I'm ok with him trying to accomplish what he needs to get what he wants in his side within reason. I think we will get there. Conversations have been quite cordial so I'm confident this will get resolved between us.
  2. You still unpack yourself. I'm talking about the packing.
  3. I did it once. Right at the start of school too. Wtf is wrong with us?
  4. If given the option of moving furniture or packing, I'd hire someone for packing 10/10 times and move the furniture myself.
  5. Moving is the worst. After several moves when I was younger, finally got a move allowance once and it covered the move and packing. After that, I vowed to never do it myself again. Especially the packing. It ended up being the best $900 we ever spent. If you can even remotely afford it, there's nothing better. You wake up the day of your move like any other day except you pack a bag for a few days like going away for a weekend trip. You don't have to find materials to pack.. You don't spend weeks packing up little things all around the house. You literally just get up, say hello to a group of 3-4 guys who show up and pack your entire house in a day. It all gets labeled, packed by room, and if anything breaks during the move, they are responsible. You get em some lunch and some time in the afternoon you just look at an entire house that is packed and ready to go. Best spent money ever.
  6. Atkinson has been horrible. Still, MU with solid defending. The time wasting, though, all 2nd half, is embarrassing. Throw-ins taking 45 seconds is absurd.
  7. The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race - 2019: GM's BH crossed the Finish at 09:24 Course time: 01:51:01 Pace: 08:28 min/mi Got in under her goal but will see how she feels about it. Still a great race for her and a PR.
  8. The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race - 2019: GM's BH crossed the 10.6 Miles at 09:02 Course time: 01:28:34 Pace: 08:22 min/m Slowing down but also had an uphill section. One more steep but short climb at mile 11 then home free. Hope she can hold on and finish strong. I'm worried she went out too quick
  9. Looks like @xulf negative split like a boss, too. Smoking finish for his last mile.
  10. The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race - 2019: @gianmarco's BH crossed the 10K Split at 08:23 Course time: 00:50:32 Pace: 08:08 min/mi
  11. @xulf is in!! 1:51:44 (8:32 pace) Congratulations!!! So awesome! How's that for a race debut?
  12. @gianmarco's BH through first 5K at 24:31 (7:54 pace)