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  1. Although Zardes did have that one really nifty pass in the box. That was lovely
  2. From my year end report: A) Run every race as a negative split. Reading @SteelCurtain's thoughts above just emphasized this even more. Most of you, of course having done this for a while, are disciplined and do this the right way. I need to get on board. Don't get me wrong, I've had intentions of doing so but I now see how easy it is to go out the window. And not just for me, apparently. I think it's crazy that less than 15% of racers run negative splits when it's known to be a superior approach. I'm going to join that 15% in 2019
  3. Like @MAC_32, there are LOTS of posts in here that are burned into the memory (your comment with my gorilla suit video). The one I linked was easy to find because it's another one of those, mostly for comedic reasons. But, and this is the funny part, I'm sometimes running along a lot of cars and want to speed up so I don't look so slow and just remind myself that I'm on a recovery run and forget them and that no one is judging me....unless it's Juxt
  4. But also to be clear, @Juxtatarot is still judging you
  5. I've had countless runs where I'm thinking about that kind of stuff. I'm struggling to keep a pace with a 7 in front of it and these guys are out for a stroll. Truth be told, those thoughts occupy a lot of my runs (for good and bad). I was just looking at my fartlek run yesterday and seeing my "bursts of incredible speed" that I can hold for maybe 30 seconds don't touch what they've run a 5 miler race. But, someone wrote to me here early on: "There's always someone faster and there's always someone slower". And it's true. A guy on my Strava that is a running coach here has run a HM faster than these guys can run a 5K. And he's not even the fastest runner in this city. At the same time, there are plenty of runners that can't hit our "easy" paces. But most importantly -- none of that matters. Because that person that can barely hit a 10 or 11 min mile is at least out there running. As are you and all of us. Challenge yourself but there's no benefit to comparing yourself to others unless you're trying to improve by doing the things they do. And THAT's the motivation these guys on here give. You know how I know they don't give a #### how slow I am? Because there's a few of them traveling here to race WITH me despite knowing I don't give them any chance of winning anything. And that's why I love this thread and this group. I know I'll never run at the paces these guys here run. But I'll keep trying and put the work in as if I can.
  6. Ecuador likely to hunker down so they don't go down 2.
  7. Florida man tells jury he dismembered dads body, fearing blame for death.
  8. Oof, that didn't look good at all for McKennie.
  9. That was the next thing I was going to say. Not just controlling it, but knowing what to do with it before it arrives. It was always more of receiving the ball and then figuring out what to do with it with the exception of a couple guys. And it doesn't work when that the case. Everyone out there looks competent passing and receiving and having purpose out there. Considering they haven't really played/practiced together, it HAS to be club experience coming into play.
  10. To clarify, the kind of ball movement, passing, and movement off the ball you see from club teams. In the past, it always seemed more disjointed and more of a collection of players. I don't know if that's due to more/different/better club experience, but I like it.
  11. Completely different team play than I ever remember seeing from the USMNT. Great ball movement with purpose. Great shape. I know this is Ecuador, but this is promising.
  12. Yeah, 5 years definitely seems excessive. Most I've read/heard of being enforced are 1-2 years.