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  1. I'm heading to a vigil at IKEA today in forgetfulness of the tragedy. #NeverRemember
  2. But I'm also shocked at the zookeepers watch him and do nothing but feed him treats.
  3. Not to mention baseball is known for retaliation. Think they forget all those slap shots hurled at them? Stand in the box against an MLB pitcher throwing 90+. And knowing they're going to score at will, doubt they mind a few runs scored from some bean balls.
  4. I, for one, welcome our new T-shirt cannon overlords.
  5. Yeah , but when the baseball team is in penalty killing mode after each goal, they're going to win 30% of the faceoffs and just chuck the puck down the other end for an icing call which will waste time. --Anarchy99
  6. Full teams. Boston Bruins vs Red Sox. Cherry picking All Star teams bumps it in favor of hockey, IMO.
  7. Not to mention every single is essentially a triple.
  8. What's the o/u on errors committed trying to get them out? 20?