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  1. Completely forgot. Can't wait.
  2. This sums it up pretty perfectly. I think if Salah doesn't come off, it's a different game. And while Karius made 2 obviously costly mistakes, he made some really good saves as well and I really think that last one was inconsequential. I don't look at him as the reason they lost. Overall, I think the Liverpool defense was fantastic. Robertson and TAA.... So much love. And Lovren is a decent pairing with VVD.. At this point, Liverpool needs a more dynamic MFer they can count on. That was Ox until he got hurt. Lallana just hasn't played but could be that guy. The problem is when they go balls to the wall and don't get a score and then are gassed in the 2nd half, they just don't have enough to put one in while still holding up defensively. I also think, while the first 20 minutes went well, they were going to struggle in the 2nd half even if Salah was still in. Overall, though, I think they showed they can hang and play with any club in the world.
  3. 3 of the 5 are in the AFC East. Oof.
  4. No need, Tottenham still not going to make the final. So I don't think his friend had to explain anything.
  5. Shader: "Karius has been nails so far"
  6. Sickening. But yes.
  7. Karius redemption.
  8. #### yes!!!
  9. He was offside to begin with. Wtf are they doing out there?
  10. Or both.
  11. Just sick right now. Knew it when he landed like he did. Probably a broken clavicle.
  12. That's what I'm worried about. I almost rather RM possess more and let Liverpool counter.
  13. Freaking love this kid Robertson. Ate Modric alive on that loose ball.