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  1. When the Texans owner came out talking trash, about what Al Davis did to the league in the early 80s as motivation for this or that, was a pretty big reveal seeing he wasn’t in the league until some 20 plus years after that
  2. Both chargers games should be included in the home column Are we playing overseas this year. I’d assume we are not giving up a home game as of this year happy new year everyone
  3. When do we officially become the Las Vegas raiders? i read somewhere the team won’t head out until training camp is finished
  4. Not much you can do with 2 targets. That was Jets, Rams and Pats. But 8vs Det for 30 yards and 14 tonight when your QB is busted. Dallas FO/Coaching needs their heads checked or they staying quiet on his injuries
  5. Thanks. Unfortunately he couldn’t save the sinking ship...
  6. So we can expect at least 40-50 with a TD as a floor next week?