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  1. Hoping he can get 20 plus carries and have a Melvin Gordon type game
  2. From memory they sucked against faster backs earlier in the year phins and KC bailed on the run vs the jets bolts tried but sucked NE ran a lot buf not so much and did decent Decent production passing With Trent Brown back, and erasing last week from their brains, looking like 60-80 on the ground with a TD hopefully 5 plus targets too
  3. Weighing up Davis vs Reagor in dynasty for ROS and in the future
  4. Is this the 1st ped suspension of the year? Been pretty quiet regarding these things this year
  5. Is it a case of as Carr goes so does the team. As soon as he had one fumble could feel another on the cards
  6. Breida - Jets have given up big games to the faster RBs
  7. After this week the remaining schedule does not look fun for Atl RBs
  8. Abrams did make 2 great tackles that stood out to me. One was a controlled open field tackle and another where he tackled through one of his own players under control to make a tackle for a loss I think. at the start of the game they had the pff ranking for each starter. Abrams was pretty low
  9. Like the Pitt Balt game getting moved back but not the raiders. With TBs night game performances it no wonder that game was moved forward