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  1. Looks like he’s blocking a lot. SF lost a tackle to injury recently?
  2. Despite getting less targets last week, he made some clutch catches to continue drives
  3. Down to a basketball roster by the 4th quarter
  4. Only saw the 1st quarter. We were looking good at that point
  5. It’s quite possible the Bucs have seen 2 decent defensive units, 49ers pass rush and Panthers CBs who limited the Rams WRs week 1 while Evans was also sick, anyone know what he was suffering from week 1? i was happy enough seeing the targets he got on Thursday night that I’m not worried about future production this season
  6. How long did Carson Palmer take to produce in "BAs" System?
  7. If D Adams puts up 70 or so yards without a TD he will be In the same boat as Evans buy low
  8. I think i just saw Gunther say Conley good to go this weekend
  9. Thursday night on the road against a D he has not done much against recently possibly still sick and with quad issue John Brown or D Jax for me
  10. Didn't see the whole game, look forward to anyones elses comments Carr Waller and Williams all seemed to have a great connection going. Carr seems to be throwing the ball better, the 2 rainbows he threw to waller and williams were gold, the last few years his deep ball seem to hang up there too long. Hopefully that is now a thing of the past. Not a lot of pressure on Carr to see if he has improved that part of his game. Major props to the whole O-line players and staff, with their 2 guards gone did anyone even notice? Hopefully we build on that each week! Just Won Baby!