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  1. Saw someone refer to his ability to play in the slot too
  2. Is this the Garner Wheatley combo of old?
  3. Taking away more excitement is BB with his "we are behind on prep for next year whining". The KC game was the 1st game in a while i was completely fixed to the screen with. What made it even better was BB chucking his gear around in frustration. If he pulls out another win please scream around the field and show us all how you enjoy it so
  4. I would pay good money to see this result. Even more money to see that majority of people losing their minds about it
  5. Dunno if this came up in here at all already How is he with contacts n cap management?
  6. Ex Raider doing a us a huge Solid with that block today
  7. Give me a time for someone running, where if they don't make the end zone they die. I listened to a story of a guy running for his life where once the adrenalin wore off he felt to pain of all the muscles he blew out
  8. Unfortunately thats not how the world works this year... Bring on 2019!!
  9. My opponent Benched FOles!! for Rogers... I benched Jamaal Williams for Gurley Made no difference
  10. 1 thing to keep in mind, Has there ever been a WR traded mid season and performed this well that season? there is also the theme that it is hard to trust a FA WR changing teams, where they presumably get an off season to pick up the offense. Something Cooper has yet to have with the Cowboys