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  1. Ray ray takes job outright or platoon with hodges. If brandon spikes makes team he surely is taking some run down snaps from zach brown. The quote from Rex saying zach needs to be dirtier in run defense and subsequent signing of spikes (who for his faults, is like the best and most "dirty" run defender around) is pretty easy to digest. Bradham may get some nickel snaps but he's just not that great.
  2. 16$ buy in for hybrid keeper/dynasty league. Full IDP, salary cap,30 man roster with large taxi squad and ir slots. Rosters trim down to 10 keepers in off season 20 round draft in July. 12th or 13th year of league, many been around since the collapse of nfl fever(the greatest nfl game ever made). Roster includes: jeremy lankford,matt jones,carlos hyde,dgb,moncrief, eifert,khalil mack,reshad jones.
  3. His college teammates will probably report to the media that he has a pattern of destroying/turning in his cell phone after every Thursday night game that he's injured and cheering on the sidelines you know like classic Ben
  4. Agree he's the opposite of what kelly want in a qb. Aside from all that, has anyone ever seen a more awkward open field runner? Literally Brady and manning are more shifty and have more moves at age 67. Anytime I seen rg3 actually try a juke I always remember and laugh while remembering chad Penningtons triple juke from years ago (except it worked).
  5. I know it's a bad thing to say, but I'm a diehard 49er the dudes true crime was killing or ending Steve Youngs career. I hope he gets treated like Auto from sons of anarchy the rest of his days.
  6. Tyrod getting plenty of 1st team reps in practice........ Technically i guess nobody is getting 1st team reps with the skill position players b/c hardly any of them are practicing. nobody is building chemistry with all the injuries
  7. espn doesn't check any sources anymore, they try to so hard to be the first major outlet out with news that if they merely get a whiff of something they report it. example Chris Mortensen..........guy used to be good but now he literally is throwing #### at the wall and seeing if it sticks
  8. aside from league being down now I've had to adjust draft as players literally start showing up on rosters out of thin air during out draft. I've had to take tre mason off rosters 2x, nobody has drafted them and they don't show up on transaction page. thankfully my owners have been honest and alerted me to it.
  9. our consolation brackett seeds teams 7-12 based on standings and the winner gets #1pick and the rest of the picks are rearranged. keeps everyone motivated to a degree, last place teams has to keep trying to improve there team to try and secure #1 pick, if not they drop down to #2 which in some cases is a difference of Andrew Luck and RG3.
  10. hes not good?I don't think that's correct. He threw up a crummy game. It happens. I think he's been pretty productive to this point.he's pretty good, LB'ers do have these games time to time..............and remember he's a 5th round rookie completely taking over control of a horrid defense with alot of players not fitting Horton's scheme
  11. Hopefully he lasts longer than slubs like Dickerson and Eddie george
  12. I'll admit i'm close to doing a full 180turn on this guy........what happens next year? when everyone is back
  13. kinda shows us how good Bowman was/hopefully still is, he was putting up games like this with the defense intact full of playmakers and the offense actually sustaining drives(actually catching the ball helps) and grinding the clock and plays. I will admit that was the Best i've seen Borland play. maybe he's settling down......just a few games ago i was yelling at the TV and hoping that they'd even experiment with Justin Smith at ILB than Borland stay in there.
  14. If that one procedure and lengthy recovery has him reportedly running .2 faster than his combine time i think if i just had 10 of those surgeries consecutively i may be able to break a 5second out NFL
  15. never been more upset watching one of my niner defenders(well since the Mike Rumph days) than Borland during the Denver Game. He was so exposed as being roster fodder. when running plays are funneled to him in our D setup to do so he can look OK. moreso that he gets the guy down when they run into him, a playmaker he is not. ride him like Larry Grant years ago b/c when this burns out we may not hear from him again. he is just setup to be a fantasy stat whore now