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  1. But But But she has no credentials!!! Nothing like all those highly credentialed predecessors of hers that have given us the best educational system in the world.
  2. You need to get this account on Squisward's radar, he's much more adept at giving us Twitter updates
  3. No need to get to a safe place, it's much more fun to be here watching the meltdowns and hypocrisy. Always brings a smile and a few laughs watching you guys break out into tears
  4. This is the guy who was in tears over kids he doesn't even have because of them being discriminated against, the guy is a fraud.
  5. Just stop. These people heroes are just out there demonstrating their right to protest because they want everyone to be treated fairly and not discriminated against. It's called tolerance. Learn it.
  6. The intel gathered was because of Obama, the loss of a SEAL team member and aircraft was Trump's fault, keep up. I'm starting to learn to speak liberal after reading these threads the past year!
  7. Trumpkins need to start practicing hygiene like the libs:
  8. Let's get some old ladies to knit us some outrage hats we can wear to our protest