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  1. Book 3 months in advance if possible. I live near a major airport so flights are usually $200-$300 if it’s another major airport months in advance. I just checked, to get to Boston is about $600 today but only $169 in July. Book early if you can.
  2. Tank size and amount of fish & plants matter. My buddie has a 175 gallon tank with a forest in it but only 3 fish. Does a 20% change every 4-6 months. The plants and filtration basically removes all the No2 & No3
  3. Do you use a air bubbler? Also, you need to let the water sit in the tank for a week or so to let the microbes (sp?) establish. Throwing all the water out is a bad idea unless it’s contaminated. Live plants also help stabilize water. What kind of filstration are you using and is your heater keeping he tank at 78 degrees. Check the Nitrate, make sure it’s not over 40 ppm (I think that’s the measurement, on my phone atm). That should cut out the most common oversights to setting up a new tank
  4. You're his step dad right? That makes this okay.
  5. What happen? Is he currently in school, dropped out, never went, vocation? Does he have a job? Also as said earlier, he's likely going to have to apply to get his own visa. This might be a good motivator for him to go "figure it out".
  6. It's once every four years, let them have their fun. ETA: but the election is only every four.....
  7. I would have called her at line 3. No way would I have maintained my sanity texting back and for with that exchange.
  8. To this question from what I see most of the larger film companies are just distributing content now (not really trying to build "stars"). They buy it up for armatures/semi-pro and categorize it on their sites and sell ads to other sites. The girls themselves are making nothing compared to the 90s; a few grand a scene is on the high end. Most end up webcamming for scraps of money. The more popular girls make money doing appearances at strip clubs and selling their own content. Asa Akira talked with Lexi Belle on her Podcast about changing their business model to keep money coming in over the years (worth a listen). Even the AVN is nothing compared to what it was ~20 years ago because there's few big "stars" left in the industry. And I'm talking Jenna Jameson level star - someone that transcends the industry. There's too much content; the popularity which was once an actress is now a popular category. No one cares who's in the scene as long as their hot you get the expected outcome (pun intended). But if you think about it, the same thing is slowly happening to TV (including the internet "TV"). There's way too many shows with Cable, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. and most of them are crap. Same thing; very little star building, just content building.
  9. Maybe we need to clearly define "adult content" because I don't think the OP considered this at all (neither did I or think we should).