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  1. Avon! Nice, I went to college in Cleveland (CWRU). Coverage check: Coverage Reviews for Avon, OH 44011Reviews Towers FILTER: AT&T SPRINT T-MOBILE VERIZON 1. T-Mobile 1.8 Rating | 35 Reviews Towers | Map 2. AT&T 1.56 Rating | 45 Reviews Towers | Map 3. Sprint 1.5 Rating | 32 Reviews Towers | Map 4. Verizon 1.31 Rating | 72 Reviews Towers | Map Looks fairly decent coverage wise. Running your usage, cheapest is this: Ting: $85 a month for 3 phones, 2000 minutes shared, 2000 texts shared, 1 GB shared. Sprint's coverage and LTE (not sure if thats deployed yet in your area). Free roaming on Verizon is you're outside Sprint's coverage area. Get a $25 discount from any of the referral links in post 1. You will need to buy new phones (or used and unlocked) that are compatible with Sprint's network, and you will pay full price. You can up it to 4,000 texts for another $3 also. The next cheapest after Ting is actually Consumer Cellular (AT&T's Network) with one of their prepaid plans: 3 phones, 1500 minutes, 10,000 texts, and 1 GB (all shared again) for $90. A few things to know... again, no phone subsidies, you'd need to buy unlocked GSM compatible phones. Free roaming on T-Mo's towers. No access to AT&T's LTE, this is 3G HSPA only. Tied with Consumer Cellular is T-Mobile, although this only works if your data usage is evenly split between you and your wife: 3 phones, each with unlimited calls/texts, and each with their own 500MB of data, all for $90. Things to know here, you get LTE (if its available in your area), you can go over the 500MB data cap, but you'd be throttled to 2G, T-Mo's 3G is actually REALLY fast HSPA+42, and again, you'll need to buy your own phones. T-Mobile does have what basically ammounts to a 0% financing deal for new phones though, if you buy through them. These are your best options. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! I was thinking Ting, I just wanted another set of eyes on things. I wonder if we've crossed paths before, I went to CWRU also. Graduated in 95.....
  2. Hulk, please help with one more - 44011. Wife and I have phones, typical usage; Voice- 1,000 Message - 1,200 Data - 1GB Issues: 1. Both need new phones (contract is up with Verizon). 2. Will be adding 1 phone for oldest child (dumb phone) I'm guessing low voice usage and <1,000 texts / month. 3. Wife currently gets a 22% discount at Verizon but its only on a portion of the bill (i.e. data on the share everything plans). 4. I'm worried about kid breaking new phone even though she is responsible Thanks and let me know if you need any additional information.