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  1. The guy cracks me up every time he talks. You know he huffs the nitrous back at the office. He sounds like Animal from the Muppets. He only has one tone...loud!
  2. I also cried from many of these, the people at work thought I was having a stroke. Good post.
  3. During a party I slipped down the stairs and crashed through a rather large (4'x6') window. Me and my roomates didn't have enough $ to fix it so we taped up empty beer boxes then stacked old couch cushins to insulate the large hole in the wall. It was a rather cold Wisonsin winter that year.
  4. If you're fat yes, if you're slim no. Fat people are much harder to kidnap...that's why I don't live in fear.
  5. To the maintenance guy, What is your problem? Why do you follow me around the plant and tell me over detailed stories of things nobody ever wants to here? (Ex: About how he fixed a car up when he was in his mid 20’s with a friend) You don’t always need to be talking, you don’t need to tell a story during every conversation. Stop sneaking up on me when I’m talking to other people and then changing the subject to something you want to talk about like Jeff Gordon or your Mom’s homemade jelly. Please leave me alone.