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  1. Now it's full of a bunch of crazies who think Zuck is out to get them because they take down the random #### they post as fact because it was on the internet.
  2. Yep, I remember buying it around 12. Sunk into the single digits and I got out for a small loss. I get sick to my stomach when I look at the price of the stock today.
  3. Similar to BLMN, I'm still holding MGM. Pushed up to the $16's and feels like it is putting in a higher bottom too. Feel like we are close to a Vegas opening announcement which could give it another boost (pure speculation, I know nothing).
  4. We all need to go to their facebook page and flood the comments on this report with mentions of Leronlimab. A little grass roots PR.
  5. This guy claims CYDY filed BLA May 11th.
  6. That guy really needs to team up with someone from the Bush family for a political campaign. I would get a yard sign.
  7. From the first sentence; " sheet Coronacrap stock, Cytodyn...". Didn't need to read the rest of this hit-piece.
  8. Jumped into ABBV a couple years ago based on Todem's recommendation. Been a solid holding.
  9. Was all over GMA this morning. But Fauci and the guy who ran the study keep sprinkling in the disclaimer that these are preliminary results. Yet, everyone is gong crazy like we have found the cure. Crazy.
  10. I'm with you. Just watched a bunch of co-workers and friends in the same industry lose their jobs or get furloughed over the past couple weeks. And those of us who were fortunate enough to make it through will work with a reduced salary for the remainder of 2020.
  11. Now I finally understand what happened with Oil.