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  1. Can someone write another article for the shorts? I missed getting in yesterday.
  2. APK, my son (freshman) is majoring in Actuarial Science. Was wondering what career you went on to after you left that. Just really curious as to what other options would be open to him as a fall back (I assume corporate finance and accounting would be possibilities)?
  3. I fill up at Costco on my way into work in the early morning (about 7:30). Never a wait early morning if it's on your way.
  4. What does the Premium version of LastPass get you that the Free version does not have (I can't tell the difference when comparing on their website)?
  5. So it looks like those of us that were still holding some Cobal 27 (CBLLF) now own Conic Metals (CONXF) at a fraction of the $ we had before. :toiletflush:
  6. First thing I thought of when I saw them posted was how great they would be around the pool. 👍
  7. Was trying to ride out PS VUE until the end of January, but it froze on me three times during NFL pre-game yesterday. Maybe they're just giving up on tech support. So I started my free trial for YouTube TV. Picture was much better than VUE. Will be making switch this week.
  8. Interested in this too. Planning to upgrade our main family room device from a second gen fire stick to something with a better processor, etc (and plan to connect it via ethernet). Hoping to purchase during a good black Friday deal. Been trying to decide between Fire TV Cube or Roku Ultra. Curious if anyone has a preference for one over the other?
  9. Guess people could sign up and get a free month in January.
  10. Sounds like from the notification, VUE will go dark end of January and last billing will be in December. So basically, if you ride it out you get the last month free.
  11. Didn't realize Fire TV will now support YouTube TV. That makes for an easy switch to YouTube TV from VUE.