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  1. Anyone have the AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs? Was recently recommended by a guy I know who works in IT. Curious how it compares to the other mesh systems recommended here.
  2. On the SPAC front, is anyone in Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp (FEAC)? Apparently this is run by the same guys from Diamond Eagle Acquisition which became DKNG. FEAC is set to merge with Skillz (mobile gaming company) to take them public. Don't know much about FEAC or Skillz, but from what I have read it sounds interesting.
  3. I hope the new CEO Farley helps get them going in the right direction. My wife works for Ford and in her opinion the previous guy (Hackett) was the worst CEO they have had in her 30 years there (which includes the Jac Nasser years).
  4. Luckily Fox Sports Detroit went forward under their extension that ended on Oct 1. Ironically, I went with YouTube TV because of the sports options. Will have to see how this shakes out but will look into Hulu as a potential alternate choice. Thanks for the info!
  5. So YouTube TV has removed the Regional Fox Sports networks over a negotiation dispute. Hope they get that fixed quickly.
  6. I sold my NNOX at $29 for a small profit recently as I was sure I could get back in lower (bought around $28). Chart was showing lower highs and lower lows. Was looking like a pretty good call and was hoping it would settle down in the low 20's to buy back. Looks like I waited too long.
  7. It's feeling like we will hold that 3225 level he is talking about.
  8. NNOX back down in this area again.
  9. Did the follow-up hit-piece get released yet?
  10. Same. Took my initial investment out a while ago and taking the remainder of funds out today. Was holding out for the uplisting but that sounds doubtful. Will look for other opportunities.
  11. I've heard he surrounds himself with very loyal people. I'm surprised anyone would ever give him up.
  12. I agree. GM is already going to build the GMC Hummer EV pick-up, so why agree to build a truck that will compete with your own product*? There was chatter from an analyst about GM spinning off their EV business. Perhaps somehow they see NKLA as the partner to help accomplish this? *Yes, I know they have Silverado and Sierra which do this. But I see this as a totally different situation.
  13. Nikola and GM team up to make this 900-horsepower super electric truck NKLA up nicely to start the day. Interesting that they will use Ultium battery technology which is what GM and Honda are using. That battery plant is set to be in Lordstown which makes me wonder why Lordstown Motors wasn't the partner in this deal.
  14. "The company is way up in Vancouver. The Canadian government did not let us know about them."
  15. Looks like it was announced the end of August, but just catching up to the fact that Verizon extended the offer of free Disney+ beyond the initial one-year period (and added Hulu and ESPN+ too). At least that's what I think they are saying with their very confusing wording on everything I have read.
  16. Maybe a cocktail of CYDY with an ACE inhibitor is the key?
  17. Another good looking EV charging company; ChargePoint. Does not look like they are public, but putting it out there in case they ever IPO.
  18. Me too. Looked like it popped and dropped back in the teens a couple times. Was hoping for that.
  19. Saw GM gave a bunch of money to EVgo this week. Are there a lot of companies like this fighting for the solar EV charging station share?
  20. I'd like to spend some time with Dr. Neshiwat.
  21. What's the difference between DPHC and DPHCU? (RobinHooders seem to be on DPHC and the cnbc link shows DPHCU).
  22. Kept looking for an AAPL pullback since the announcement and it kept going up. Ended up buying some at $440 this morning. With the small amount I can afford at this point, I guess it's not that bad in the long haul... should have had that thinking last Friday.