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  1. First thing I thought of when I saw them posted was how great they would be around the pool. 👍
  2. Was trying to ride out PS VUE until the end of January, but it froze on me three times during NFL pre-game yesterday. Maybe they're just giving up on tech support. So I started my free trial for YouTube TV. Picture was much better than VUE. Will be making switch this week.
  3. Interested in this too. Planning to upgrade our main family room device from a second gen fire stick to something with a better processor, etc (and plan to connect it via ethernet). Hoping to purchase during a good black Friday deal. Been trying to decide between Fire TV Cube or Roku Ultra. Curious if anyone has a preference for one over the other?
  4. Guess people could sign up and get a free month in January.
  5. Sounds like from the notification, VUE will go dark end of January and last billing will be in December. So basically, if you ride it out you get the last month free.
  6. Didn't realize Fire TV will now support YouTube TV. That makes for an easy switch to YouTube TV from VUE.
  7. Just got approved for an Ink Preferred using my SS# (Sole Proprietor). I heard you can apply once using your SSN and then get an EIN and apply again for another card (and use your own referral link for the second card).
  8. Check the Terrarium TV thread. Lots of info in there.
  9. Sports was a big thing for me too and I ended up with VUE. It has all the ESPNs plus some good regional ESPN college coverage as well. Also has NFL Network, Big Ten Network, SEC Network and MLB Network.
  10. Nice execution, but missed on the changeup grip.
  11. E - So sorry to hear this news. He was certainly a fighter and you and your family were the greatest support team. God bless Jack, you and your family. You are in my thoughts.
  12. This past winter really did me in. Last kid has two more years of high school. We are close to finding a place with a much shorter winter.
  13. I work with a guy who is an expert on this stuff. Just did a download with him and am starting to get into it. One thing he mentioned is that you can call and downgrade cards instead of canceling them. Said it is better for your credit score. Interesting fact was that you can have more than one of the same card. For example, he said he has like 5 Chase Freedom cards (no annual fee) as he has downgraded other Chase cards that had annual fees after he worked the sign up bonus angle for them. His initial advice to me was to get the Chase 5/24 out of the way first. Right now, I have the Freedom card (no annual fee) and I am working the sign up bonus and 5% spend categories. Also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred which will give me 60,000 bonus points after I hit my spend ($95 annual fee, but the 60,000 point equates to something like $750 worth of travel). We dine out a lot too, so will use the Sapphire Preferred as it has 2x points on dining/travel. Will probably add the Freedom Unlimited next (no annual fee and 1.5x points on all spend) which will be my base spend card when I'm not using the regular Freedom on the 5% categories and the Sapphire Preferred on dining/travel.
  14. I've been having issues lately with my VUE freezing periodically. Seems to happen mostly at night. When it happens, a signal bars icon comes up (like you would see on your cell phone) and usually it shows less than full bars. I might try buying longer Ethernet cable and moving the wireless router from the office in the front of the house to the family room in the back of the house. Or, I was also thinking about getting the fancy Roku Ultra where I can plug the Ethernet cable directly into the box. BTW, WOW Cable Internet sucks. I put a lot of blame on them as their technology is crap. I have 200mbs with them which should be enough.