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  1. Absolutely. I thought that DeAngelo would be the savvy one and Gary would be a big stiff. But it's been the opposite. DeAngelo just doesn't have attention to detail. It's going to catch up with them eventually. Hopefully not before the boyfriends are out.
  2. Both Will and James are such tools. They targeted Leo and Alana and the blondes for helping each other (basically being in an alliance which is what they started) and then have had to get help during just about every leg just to stay in the race. I think when it is all one, the blondes will be remembered as a decent and fun team while Will&James will be remembered as negative, pretty much incompetent losers. Hoping for the volleyball dudes to take it. They are consistently the best team.
  3. Well the clock struck twelve and the blonde's luck ran out. Too bad. They just couldn't overcome the two yields. But they did have a great attitude. Now that it's down to the mine five, it should be interesting. They have to stop helping each other and look out for number one. Looks like another u-turn next leg too.
  4. I've had numerous calls from a debt collection agency. Always comes from different numbers. I reject the call and they leave a voicemail message. Every time it's the same person. Latoya Jackson. Who knew she needed work after her illustrious career.
  5. A 14 hour wait? So basically take two meals with you to eat while you wait to get to the counter to get the fast food meal you're in line waiting for.
  6. The blondes are fun, very resilient... and lucky. But that can end in a second. I'd love it if they won though. I think that the brother/sister are out next. They have finished 7-4-6-5-6-5-6 and are clearly at the bottom of the mine 5. But the previews highlighting the football players relationship with the others blowing up looks like classic mis-direction. The next weakest team is Will&James. If they weren't part of the mine 5 they would be gone already. It was smart to glom onto the strong teams but that only goes so far when the numbers get small. They don't bring much to the table and have already used their U-turn. Pretty weak in the navigation department too. Can't wait to see them go.
  7. So next week is going to be a "megaleg" with twice the roadblocks, twice the detours, and twice the distance. According to the website, there will be two episodes as well. Since there is only one non-elimination left (and they usually have that when there are four teams) it looks like two teams will go next week. This should be good!
  8. Started last night. Anyone watching? According to Phil (who is sporting no hat and a new windblown haircut), these are the most competitive racers ever. Former pro athletes, Indy race-car drivers, X-games skiers, professional eaters, former Big Brother contestants, the list go on and on. There is even a goat yoga team. WTF?!? The first leg started in New York again and went to Iceland. Awesome views to start out. Looks like some interesting twists are in store for the season. Like swapping partners during the race. Unfortunately, the first team out was the eye candy.