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  1. I wonder if it came with all those pictures of the owner?
  2. I'd buy concert tickets for groups you really like (or liked in the past if still touring). Get good seats and enjoy the experiences.
  3. Toothpaste. Eventually, you get tired of trying to get the last bit out. But it's still there.
  4. Bosch dishwasher. If you try one, you won't look back.
  5. Bill Macy, who played Bea Arthur's husband in Maude, dead at 97
  6. Did anyone else think about George Thorogood when she said this? Bad to the Bone
  7. So far their advice has been so helpful. "You need to know how to make fire." "You need to listen to people to form social relationships." Wow, so deep. No wonder they had them back.
  8. I think the show should have been called: "Island of Arrogance." Can't stand either Sandra or Rob. So obnoxious.
  9. Billy Joel in Coors Field last Thursday. The Rolling Stones at Mile High on Saturday. Both great shows. Life is good.
  10. I have both a son and a daughter and I have no problem be more protective of my daughter. If that's wrong so be it. Proud to do it.
  11. Nick Buoniconi dead at 78 Hall of fame Dolphins linebacker
  12. So the wife wants to plan a trip to Scotland in 2020 to see the country including sights from the Outlander books and shows. I think it would be fun if I could include a round at the Old Course in St. Andrews but I would need a guaranteed tee time. I've heard horror stories about the ballot method and I don't want to end up SOL. I know that the St. Andrews links provides blocks of tee times to certain tour vendors. Anyone here have a reliable resource for such a trip? Any advice is welcome.