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  1. Did you try adjusting the Fetzer valve? Just use some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads. And about ten quarts of antifreeze. Preferably Prestone. No make that Quaker State.
  2. John Lennon, Sean Lennon, Sharon Osborne, Mike Singletary, Jackson Brown, Michael Pare, Marie Kondo
  3. Probably the weakest team at this point. Bret and Chris were lucky just to be a there after that Vietnam leg. They get to the detouir first and then get eliminated anyway?!? Looked sort of like Maria and Tiffany in season 15.
  4. Well, nice or not, the Reilly sisters won't be racing anymore. I would observe that Rachel did much better with Brendon than she did with her sister. I still don't understand her logic in chastising other teams for U-turning them and then trying to get those teams to help her.
  5. Apparently, someone at CBS agrees with AA since they keep inviting her back. But it just isn't the viewers that don't like her, it's the other teams too. She is whiny and b*tchy, that's almost her trademark. She doesn't have to be perceived that way but it makes for good drama so she keeps it up. If she wanted to change that perception, she could. Just look at Colin. He was a grade A ##### during season 5 and he is totally different now. She is obsessed with the U-turns. She's used one every season that she's been in. This season she used one on the second leg for no good reason. Now she can't use another one and she feels like she is likely to get U-turned herself. She's probably right. It will be interesting to see what happens with this voting U-turn next week.
  6. And now a third non-elimination leg. They must really want to keep these teams around. It will be interesting to see who gets voted for the U-turn. Someone with bad plastic surgery maybe?
  7. A second non-elimination already? Too bad. Rachel and Elissa were ripe for elimination. At least the second show guaranteed that one of the plastic teams would be gone. Just too bad that it was Janelle and Britney.
  8. Pretty much everyone dies while killing each other, except for Samwell Tarley. He reluctantly takes the Iron Throne and, as the picture fades out, he tosses aside his crown and dons a black fisherman's hat.
  9. Both Boston Rob and Sandra looked old and fat. Not sure they can teach anybody anything though. Sandra: "Vote against anyone that the most people are voting for." Boston Rob: "Just keep coming back until they give you a bunch of players who are starstruck by you."
  10. So close to getting those Whiner sisters out. Still, getting rid of smug Eliza and Corrine was a great consolation prize.
  11. Too bad they had a non-elimination so early. Bret and Chris really should have been eliminated. At least they didn't try to do the dance as many times as the Afghanimals.
  12. I'm not surprised. A lot of guys think their wood will be more attractive to others then it ends up being.