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  1. What is his dynasty trade value right now? Anyone moved him? Seen him traded in your leagues?
  2. Cool. Any thoughts on tight ends?
  3. Flacco is definitely a better fantasy QB than Bortles/Watson. How big are the rosters? Would be tempted to roster all 4 in a 2 QB depending on format
  4. I have no idea whether I'm contending this year off the back of my league best WRs or a year away. As an aside my #2/3 RBs are in their mid-30s yet I have three rookie prospects. 12 Team League, PP Simple Flex offense, 2/3/2 D, week 1 starters in bold Bradford, Sam MIN QB366.409 Newton, Cam CAR QB392.8511 Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB (R)-9 Breida, Matt SFO RB (R)-11 Carson, Chris SEA RB (R)-6 Ivory, Chris JAC RB115.908 Kamara, Alvin NOS RB (R)-5 Miller, Lamar HOU RB247.707 Sproles, Darren PHI RB196.4510 Washington, Dwayne DET RB69.007 Woodhead, Danny BAL RB (Q)30.9010 Anderson, Robby NYJ WR125.5011 Cooks, Brandin NEP WR246.609 Cooper, Amari OAK WR232.5010 Decker, Eric TEN WR (Q)42.408 Doctson, Josh WAS WR (Q)8.605 Hilton, T.Y. IND WR278.3011 Lockett, Tyler SEA WR (Q)167.756 Rogers, Eli PIT WR128.459 Strong, Jaelen HOU WR (S)27.107 Allen, Dwayne NEP TE112.609 Everett, Gerald LAR TE (R)-8 Fleener, Coby NOS TE139.505 Gathers, Rico DAL TE (Q)-6 Njoku, David CLE TE (R)-9 Santos, Cairo KCC PK133.0010 Atkins, Geno CIN DT89.006 Short, Kawann CAR DT120.0011 Suh, Ndamukong MIA DT149.0011 Beasley, Vic ATL LB153.005 Fackrell, Kyler GBP LB45.008 Lee, Marquel OAK LB (R)-10 McKinney, Benardrick HOU LB233.007 Reddick, Haason ARI LB (R)-8 Riley, Duke ATL LB (R)-5 Smith, Jaylon DAL LB-6 Thompson, Shaq CAR LB123.0011 Addae, Jahleel LAC S111.009 Chancellor, Kam SEA S162.006 Coleman, Kurt CAR S
  5. Anyone have any thoughts here on values? If I have a MLB and RB both posting the same points totals how much of a premium do I need to give up the RB in a trade?
  6. You're taking Mixon ahead of Fournette?
  7. Did anyone predict that a gunslinger would go in the first 10 picks, that a baby would appear on stage and that the Falcons would draft some crazy dude carrying a picture of his dead grandma?
  8. 12 team league gave up:Crowder, Jamison WAS WR Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.01 gave up: Miller, Lamar HOU RB
  9. Not going to be a lot of west coast viewers for that one. 7:30 AM PSTLOL Which West Coast you speakin' of? The West Coast of Colorado?6:30AM PST I'm up at 5am for the first 7 Monday mornings of every season in New Zealand. I guess I'm a football fan though.
  10. Still starts for me every week - this week alongside Jonathan Stewart. He's my topscoring RB and I'm playoff bound - though that has more to do with Calvin, AJ and Jordan Cameron
  11. Goodell will love this news. Steelers visit New England next week. I think Maurkice stays home to continue his rehab.
  12. LONDON -- More than half a million people were drawn to the NFL Block Party on Saturday afternoon, as Regent Street, in London's busiest shopping district, was closed down for the day to play home to football fans celebrating before Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings.
  13. Top tax rate is 45% which anyone not on NFL minimum would pay on the majority of their income. Also sales tax of 20%. I suspect you will see a higher salary cap for any London team.
  14. Not really. If they landed the top pick in the draft and took Andrew Luck the turnaround could be fairly dramatic.
  15. New York has quite a strong club cricket scene including some West Indian internationals playing in the top grade.
  16. Leverage. They want someone to talk. Maybe his attorney is negotiating?
  17. No, I don't have a good handle on how many games he should be expected to play. What seems like a reasonable guess to you all? Assuming he gets bail, I'd guess 16. Is this plays in 16 games or misses 16 games?If you are saying plays in 16 games, you don't think he would be suspended after all that's surfaced this week? It's such a big case that I think Goodell will wait until it done before he suspends him. I could be wrong but it would be very difficult to give the right suspension at this point. Edit: Goodell waited to suspend Vick indefinitely until after his plea bargain. Yeah but Vick was still told to stay away from training camp while the investigation was ongoing. Hernandez will likely face trial next year and Goodell will not want to see him on Monday Night Football while he's been charged with conspiracy to murder
  18. Because they currently play 16 home games right? Seattle are currently being screwed by their travel schedule compared to East coast teams so the NFL have established they do not care about fairness. The entire draft that tells players where they have to play shows how much they care about their views, The goal here is to tap into the UK audience who are currently passionate enough to stay up to all hours to watch - they have never had a team to support who played in primetime....or any time other than 3 in the morning and midnight. Despite that they sell out every year without any covered tarpaulin or blackout threats. They also don't ##### about how terrible it is to grow the game.
  19. You're right. Rather than regional it would be ' Britain vs America' - the entire nation would be engaged rather than just one town.
  20. As others have said, this doesn't make sense to me. In every league I play in, a minimum of 30 RBs can be started every week, and in MOXFFL leagues, up to 56 RBs can be started every week.A RB who ranks in the 20-25 range is very valuable.Seems like the original comment was directed towards owners in casual redraft FF leagues with 12 teams and 2 RBs. In other words, the opposite of everyone reading this thread.
  21. give Baldwin, Jon KCC WR Jenkins, A.J. SFO WR Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE Year 2014 Round 2 Draft Pick for Richardson, Trent CLE RB