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  1. December 5 Row: 7,500 in 30:56 Total distance so far: 34,481 Fly back to the land of my youth tomorrow AM with the fam (first plane ride for the 18 month old, weeee) so things are going to get dicey over the upcoming week. Apparently the YMCA has a couple rowing machines so hopefully I can manage to sneak away a few times to get some meters in. Otherwise, I will have some catching up to do upon my return. G'luck with getting to 10K @Otis it's a grind.
  2. Yesterday was 30/31 for the 2 minute intervals. For like a 5K it's generally in the 26-28 range. That said, my technique has been honed solely by watching youtube videos so there is a high chance I'm doing it wrong. That said, I'm 6'6" so I'm not 100% going to buy the long legged excuses
  3. December 5 Row: 3,926 7x2x2 Total distance so far: 26,981 Split 1: 1:54.7 Split 2: 1:54.7 Split 3: 1:54.5 Split 4: 1:54.9 Split 5: 1:54.9 Split 6: 1:53.8 Split 7: 1:43.2
  4. Heh - I don't really notice this anymore. I have been pushing pretty hard at the end so usually everything hurts. Going to be a dumpster fire on the work front today but am hopeful to get in the mid-day row. I would also consider mixing in some interval work (either the link I had sent before or the "Pete Plan") - helps change things up a bit when the steady distance gets too boring.
  5. December 4 Row: 7,000 - 29:39.4 total time. Average 500 meter split = 2:07.1. Final 500 meter split = 1:52.4 💪 Total distance so far: 23,055 To each his or her own but I generally despise the "time-based" workouts so usually try to pick a distance around how long I want to row for.
  6. Mine is set at 5. I remember googling it when I first bought it, but don't think there was a ton of rhyme or reason to choosing 5 other than "it's halfway between 1 & 10". Solid row - I find the early wakeup impressive. Will be getting mine in this AM / over lunch (working from home is great).
  7. December 3 Row: 6,055 - did 3 intervals of 2K with 2 minutes rest between so got some bonus meters it appears. Total distance so far: 16,055 Split 1: 1:57.2 Split 2: 1:58.9 Split 3: 2:01.8 Overall: 1:59.3 Thought I had more in the tank for the last leg but alas I did not. Next time I do this workout will try to keep the first 2 at around 1:59 then get the final split lower than that. Your move @Otis
  8. My wife does WW from time to time, Otis doesn't strike me as the 'track every little thing' type of guy though (nor am I) so I think the "just eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables" idea seems better. Nice and easy row today O you got this, getting your breath going a bit (not too much!) is good for a cold.
  9. Little soreness seems fine. Would just monitor - the cold is honestly probably the worse thing - such an annoyance. December 2 Row: 5,000 in 20:29 Total distance so far: 10,000
  10. Heh. I took Nyquil to fix my illness last night and instead ended up waking to a screaming child like 4 times (wtf) - quite the zombieland experience half zonked out. Looking like a lunch row for me. Hopefully getting in a 5K unless work blows up in my face. Just getting up is the hardest part so
  11. I was sitting watching red zone earlier when I saw this and it gave me the push to get in the row during nap time. 5K in 21:02.
  12. Yep same thing. I haven’t really used anything other than the built in tracking. I occasionally plug in a USB and then upload to my logbook. I think there are some peloton wannabe apps popping up for rowing that I will probably try out.