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  1. Lots to catch up on! Work has been bonkers so 0s for me, but hopefully folks are keeping on! Will update at some point today when I need a mindless activity.
  2. Skipped yesterday - was up working until 1 AM - it's amazing how little one gets done during the day while trying to work with a 2 year old. Back at it tonight - 10K in ~42 minutes. Been taking family walks but not counting those since they are generally fairly....leisurely. Update as of this post Let me know if I have missed anything thus far - keep on keeping on everyone - awesome to see the updates ETA: @krista4 seemed weird you had a gap so realized I missed your post yesterday - that's fixed and will be reflected next update. Too lazy to reload to imgur
  3. Seeing Tweets that the Fox interview is postponed - likely related.
  4. Ehh I am not sure - it's probably just my communication style is more...blunt. Like, there are only 8 patients - it shouldn't be hard to say exactly what is happening (unless perhaps that something isn't necessarily great): We have injected ten patients - we are discussing 8 only because the last 2 haven't had a full 3 days since injection (perhaps a clarification of why 3 days matters here) Important to note these 8 were very sick - comparative to patients in China where 31/32 died X/8 were on ventilators when drug administered Y/8 are no longer on ventilators (I think this is 2) Z/8 have been removed from the ICU A/8 are still on ventilators but have shown signs of improvement (or not) I'm long (both in the stock & my desire for it to actually help people) - but just thought using vague language (many, some, most) when talking about .... 8 people is maybe a red flag. Shrug. I also watched/listened to the video while doing other work so grains of salt encouraged.
  5. Another interview. Seemed a little squirrelly on actual outcomes of the 8 that have 3 days worth of time elapsed.
  6. Day 1 results* @The Flying Turtle * have yours marked as 4/2 but is included - let me know if that's wrong @Otis never saw an update after the 45 minute morning post let me know if I missed anything. Had to cut my row short last night due to a family Zoom trivia event
  7. I had the same thought watching, but if it works it works at this point. I spend way too much time each day searching "cydy" on Twitter.
  8. Alright lady and gentlemen, today marks the beginning of our 30 day march toward 1,000 minutes of exercise. Personally, I have reinforced early morning wake ups are not for me - so will be doing mine at night. Thus far, the following folks have noted they are in: eaganwildcats Krista4 Tecumseh Da Raiders Otis Instinctive Kevzilla cheeseypoof Post your times in here and I will keep track of things and provide periodic updates. Happy April, everyone - let's get ripped.
  9. This is perhaps a question for Chet but also perhaps for others more in touch with the biotech space - let's say Leronlimab proves successful in at least reducing mortality for Covid - how would that get monetized in this environment? I generally think the answer initially (at least for stock price) is "it doesn't matter" - but eventually it likely would.