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  1. Currently, probably a slightly above average diet. I definitely intermittently fast at least 16-8 on the weekdays and try to do so on the weekends as well, but that can sometimes get thrown out the wayside depending on the family plans. Mentally, it's quite helpful for me to know "my eating window has closed" when craving a late night snack. Working out at night also helps with that since by the time the boy goes to bed -> I workout -> shower -> it's usually 9:30/10ish and time for snacking has come & gone. Probably most importantly, my wife is full-blown weight watchers so she's been making healthier variations of foods and we've been going out slightly less. I also eat very little for lunch so I can enjoy dinner. I've never been a 'couple of drinks at night' kind of guy - usually it's go big or go home for me on the drinking front so I've maybe had 2 beers since I re-committed recently (fantasy draft & brewery). Doesn't seem like it's possible, but kicking the drinking seems to be the most obvious step here - I'd just throw it all out or lock it in a drawer or something. Use the cost savings to hire some help if you are drinking because of the familial chaos.
  2. Oooh I hope so. That and every other day with Ab Ripper X maybe I am doing this "right". Even a blind dog finds a bone every once and awhile.
  3. Just killing it, every day, gb. As noted previously, my weekend didn't start off great and was an overall 'meh'. Monday felt pretty sore for reasons unknown so took the day off. Yesterday back at it with a 5K row and ab-ripper. Scale said 230.4 this AM.
  4. After a fun morning at the orchard, managed to stop the bleeding a bit Saturday night and went with yogurt & granola as well as some popcorn. 15Kish steps yesterday + 5k row + 40 pushups (thought I would be able to do more, but form started suffering so I shut it down). Onward.
  5. Thus far: 2 apple cider donuts, 1 apple muffin, couple slices of pizza, a fresh pretzel, and a beer. @Otis am I doing this right?
  6. Set aside my existential dread at the potential end of the republic long enough to row and finish up week 3 day 3 of pushups last night. Happy weekend y’all - stay safe out there.
  7. In your honor I shall also skip tonight. Just not feeling it. Ate well today so not a big deal, but means I will have to get it done Friday night which has occasionally been tough for me. Yesterday finished week 3 day 2 of pushups - first time over 100 in total. Will finish week 3 tomorrow and then use Sunday to see how many I can get in a row these days. Hang in there errybody.
  8. I am not sure I'd say SNOW is necessarily a competitor to AMZN - SNOW is "just" SAAS layered on either AWS / Azure. In many ways SNOW is likely one of the larger "customers" for AWS.
  9. I wonder what the conversation is like among the consortium of shareholders that hold like a bazillion shares. Has to be fascinating, if only we had an in.
  10. Also sounds like that last doctor is now on the payroll unless I missed something. Not sure that's a good thing or not...
  11. The flaw is likely your ability to ‘just have one’ may just be as good as your ability to ‘have none’ 😉 5k row and week 3 day 1 pushups in the books last night.
  12. I was discussing my grand plans for my rowing room just this morning. Just need to ‘execute’ this vision and it will be quite nice.
  13. Took yesterday off telling myself I had to get everything in today and... 5k row ✅ week 2 day 3 push-up challenge ✅ ab ripper x ✅ Tomorrow an off day - enjoy the football, friends
  14. According to this leronlimab is slated for a 12/1 PDUFA. That said it's not on some other FDA tracker I just looked at and there has been no PR so there is reason for skepticism. Also, LOL at the stock this AM.
  15. The app I am using has 60 seconds on the first day of the week, 90 on the second, and I believe 2:00 on the third.
  16. I think you need to do something like ‘if I drink I have to send @bostonfred $500 bucks’. And then when mrs. @Otis says let’s have a drink you can’t because of your internet bet. It’s dumb, but back when we were going for ‘how many meters can we row’ it was easy to tell the wife ‘sorry gotta go beat Otis from the internet, be back upstairs in an hour’.