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  1. 60 - 48 - 44 - 41 - 37 Completed after a full day of living life so I was fairly beat. Was relatively heartened at being able to finish the first set. I wonder if Amazon Prime has some NO XPLOD that could get here before Wednesday. Couple scoops of that before attempting the 100 would surely work in my favor.
  2. Finished week 6 day 3 of the push up program. Form was....not great toward the end, but finished all the sets. Will probably take tomorrow & Tuesday off and then go for the hundo on Wednesday. I'd say maybe a 10% chance I can do it, but that's a lot higher than when I started this thing. Haven't been doing much cardio outside of 'living life' which is hopefully good enough for awhile - shall see how the weigh-in Wednesdays progress.
  3. I'm hovering around 232-235 right now. Ordered a peloton which will be arriving early November and should help through the winter months. Going to keep eating mostly whatever I want unless I find myself back over 235 - in which case I'll pull it back. Ultimately 225 is the goal, but not feeling like doing what it takes on the diet front to make that happen - perhaps post pandemic.
  4. Week 5 day 3: Set 1 47: Done. One minute into 3 minutes of rest and still breathing somewhat heavily, but feeling most excellent about how I was able to crank them out. Set 2 38: Done. Started feeling it a bit around 30, but didn't adjust pace or anything. Of note, I likely A) go to fast and B) don't go down far enough, sue me. Have a couple old shoulder/collarbone injuries whereby getting nose all the way to the floor doesn't feel great. 1:30 left of rest, lessgo. Set 3 34: Oof. Last 4 were tough. Found myself thinking most about BostonFred and if I was breathing right. Decided y'all be overthinking it. Also chuckled at trying to automate how many I was doing. Counting ain't that hard. Two more sets. Bit nervous - 4th one is usually where I hit a bit of a wall. Set 4 33: Boom. Took slightly over 3 minutes rest in order to find the proper track. "Call Me" by shinedown. Not bad. One more. 30 is the goal. Boss just called - might get more rest here Set 5 29+: Twenty minute phone call so should have some juice left. Hoping for 40. Update: 50.
  5. I might end up losing my money and being sad, but following Twitter for this has been great entertainment.
  6. I'd hope it would be, right? Given the safety profile (would be different, to me, if it didn't have a track record of safety outside of these trials) and this efficacy it seems like a no brainer. Especially considering the alternatives.
  7. Finally pulled the trigger after being on the fence for awhile. Getting bored of rowing and figure if I'm going to invest in something - might as well be my health. Went with the basic model instead of the plus. 0% financing over like 39 months or something so don't think I'll notice the $50 for the bike plus $40 for the app too much. Used discount to get some shoes - now just have to get the mat and should be all set.
  8. First, picked up some HGEN at around $10 so loving that of late. I've seen this a bit on Twitter and I think my only theoretical counter is that those who are going to sign up for an experimental treatment trial might be closer to the "critical" end of the spectrum and thus that 25% might be low in the 'placebo' arm. Though it will have to be pretty drastically increased to reach significance. Nothing to do but wait and see!
  9. Is this news?
  10. First, have been taking some somewhat unplanned break days of late which always kind of stresses me out and makes me anxious I won’t get back on the horse. That said, hit the rower and ab ripper yesterday and felt really, really good - perhaps there is something to this ‘rest’ idea. Did a super quick 2500m row as a warmup today and then week 5 day 1 of pushups. Note that it appears the random app I downloaded is different than y’alls plan. Today was 30-33-36-30-21+. First three sets I felt quite good. 4th was a big struggle. Down on my knees at 26 and then had to fight for the last 4. Last couple of the final set also quite tough but stayed off my knees. Pretty sure I’m going to spring for the peloton. Kinda bored of the rower and would be nice to be able to switch it up.
  11. 5k row and pushups week 4 day 3 in the books. Weighed in at 232 so up a little. Will have to bear down on the diet to get under 230.
  12. Basically the current fleet of oil tankers is aging and when they get older they require expensive surveys in order to remain active. As an old ship they also command less $ on the market - so the theory is as these ships come due for surveys there will be an uptick in scrapping. In conjunction with this, the order book for new ship builds is basically at an all time low. So, at the highest possible level the dynamic folks are expecting and referring to as the "super cycle" is: oil demand remains/bounces back to pre-Covid + there are less ships available = higher rates for shipping companies. There are quite a few explanations with much more nuance online if you do some searching for the companies, but the above is the gist of it. Euronav I find has the best investor decks that are worth flipping through if interested.
  13. I'm in it for the super cycle so just holding + reinvesting dividends. I add from time to time if I have some dry powder, but am generally just riding it out. Should of gotten in on $ASC, but missed that one. Will see if it comes back toward $3 and might pick some up there.
  14. Not sure if the Yoga is still happening, but I spent some time searching for an old Tony Horton routine I used to do now & then and found it on Facebook. Just did it and I remain a fan.
  15. I’ve been eyeing the used pelotons that pop up on Facebook marketplace. Not sure I’m ready to make the jump but am considering to have an option other than rowing. Reorganized the utility space yesterday and think I’d have space. Decisions decisions.
  16. No rowing today, but got in the pushups. Week 4 day 2 in the books. Progress marching on.
  17. Currently, probably a slightly above average diet. I definitely intermittently fast at least 16-8 on the weekdays and try to do so on the weekends as well, but that can sometimes get thrown out the wayside depending on the family plans. Mentally, it's quite helpful for me to know "my eating window has closed" when craving a late night snack. Working out at night also helps with that since by the time the boy goes to bed -> I workout -> shower -> it's usually 9:30/10ish and time for snacking has come & gone. Probably most importantly, my wife is full-blown weight watchers so she's been making healthier variations of foods and we've been going out slightly less. I also eat very little for lunch so I can enjoy dinner. I've never been a 'couple of drinks at night' kind of guy - usually it's go big or go home for me on the drinking front so I've maybe had 2 beers since I re-committed recently (fantasy draft & brewery). Doesn't seem like it's possible, but kicking the drinking seems to be the most obvious step here - I'd just throw it all out or lock it in a drawer or something. Use the cost savings to hire some help if you are drinking because of the familial chaos.
  18. Oooh I hope so. That and every other day with Ab Ripper X maybe I am doing this "right". Even a blind dog finds a bone every once and awhile.
  19. Just killing it, every day, gb. As noted previously, my weekend didn't start off great and was an overall 'meh'. Monday felt pretty sore for reasons unknown so took the day off. Yesterday back at it with a 5K row and ab-ripper. Scale said 230.4 this AM.
  20. After a fun morning at the orchard, managed to stop the bleeding a bit Saturday night and went with yogurt & granola as well as some popcorn. 15Kish steps yesterday + 5k row + 40 pushups (thought I would be able to do more, but form started suffering so I shut it down). Onward.
  21. Thus far: 2 apple cider donuts, 1 apple muffin, couple slices of pizza, a fresh pretzel, and a beer. @Otis am I doing this right?