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  1. Kept it rolling last night. Long weekend here we come. Hike ❌- rained out 5k Row - ✔️ Ab Ripper X - ✔️
  2. Pushups ✅ 5k row ✅ 2 mile ‘hike’ ✅ @bostonfred that’s awesome, I’ll be psyched if I see similar progress on the pushups.
  3. But..but....what about the supercycle?!?
  4. 2 mile ‘hike’ with the boy in the carrier + 5k row + ab ripper x. I’m bout to be ripped, when’s the beach bash?
  5. Every time I am at a park with a reasonable bar available I attempt a 100 second dead hang. Haven't got there yet, but have been close.
  6. Isn't Lenzilumab (HGEN) an IL-6 inhibitor as well?
  7. 5k row followed by week 1 day 1 of pushups (14-15-16-14-10). I was pretty shot by the end so will be curious how the next two go.
  8. 5k on the rowing machine today along with a set of l 30 pushups (pretty much maxed out without losing form). Plan going forward is row a 5k at least 5 days a week and alternating the 100 push up challenge with ab-ripper x. Thanks to @bostonfred and @Otis and @kevzilla and @Ministry of Pain and @krista4 and everyone else for keeping this going.
  9. Nah -2.3%. Sweet sweet tankers and ####
  10. Most tankers pay some sort of % of earnings so the dividend is going to vary quite a bit quarter-to-quarter. That said, Q3 for DHT is looking solid and they seemingly keep getting comparatively solid fixtures (hopefully the most recent one fixes). Feels cheap here, but I'm a bag holder to the end so what do I know
  11. Expanding to PA and two other markets expected to be announced in the next ~month. Up over 15% today after earnings. Has overtaken #### as my largest singular holding in my 'fun' accounts. ETA: $AYRSF - because it was not obvious since I suck at quoting
  12. For those following along with $ayrsf - things are looking good.
  13. This article is slated to be published in August - impact factor of the journal is 2.5ish which is solid but not *amazing*. Patterson’s paper if rumors are to be believed has been through peer review and is awaiting editorial decision.
  14. In the interview with the Journal, Dr. Patterson said he never received paperwork regarding his ownership in CytoDyn. “I’ve gotten little to no paperwork regarding that,” he said. “I don’t think of it as real.” On the question of Dr. Patterson’s share ownership, Arian Colachis, CytoDyn’s general counsel, pointed to the April filing. “The document speaks for itself, and we have no further comment,” she said. ---------- I am sure Chet knows where the bodies are buried, but the best possible interpretation I can come up with here is that he is trying to claim/defend his neutrality/independence insofar as "he doesn't even think about these shares".
  15. This solved itself but spooked me pretty good staring down another 13 hours in the car so took it relatively easy during the rest of ‘vacation’. Kept the diet on the rails and was highly active each day so will be curious what the scale has in store for me tomorrow. Been doing push-ups and will probably get back on the rower here soon. Might be throwing in the towel on the yoga.
  16. I pay pretty close attention to Drive Shack ($DS) which operates a bunch of golf courses. Answer appears to be "a lot".
  17. I’ve got a pretty decent amount of this with cost around $0.40.
  18. Still holding here, too. Debating adding a bit more for kicks.
  19. There was some twitter talk about this around the last ex dividend date. It’s really close to 1 to 1. No such thing as a free lunch.
  20. My experience in #### would indicate this is a smart move. Much easier to stomach the ups & downs when you have taken your cost basis off the table.
  21. It’s a valid point. Seeing it down 10% I assumed my account would be a disaster - but some others in the green almost have me treading water.
  22. It was certainly more fun when we were going up 10% a day versus down 10% a day.