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  1. Update: tweaked something in the lower back today I think. Pretty brutal - what an annoying twist of fate. Hopeful ibuprofen solves my ills.
  2. Considering surviving the 13 hours in the car with the toddler and two dogs victory enough for yesterday. Will catch back up at some point.
  3. Day 11 plus some pushups ✔️ Hit the road Saturday for a week so that’s when the real challenge starts. Won’t be back on the erg for a bit but eating mostly healthy and yoga and pushups should keep things on the rails n
  4. I was curious so I looked it up and it appears short selling isn't banned the next day if it falls 10% - there are just more rules. See here.
  5. Yoga only as pseudo ‘rest’ days have been great for me. Keeps you doing ‘something’ but not nearly as challenging as also including the row (which with asensei can be fairly strenuous). Highly recommend.
  6. Yeah I think in the past I went to the next week before I was ready and it’s kinda a bummer. Smart to just keep going until you feel good about the week you are on.
  7. Day ten in the books. 1/3 to the finish line. @bostonfred will likely start the 100 push up program next week. How far are you? I’ve started it in the past a few times but never finished.
  8. Trying to write down the names of these doctors. Not going well.
  9. I have struggled with this a bit myself. With my trading account I try not to start a position unless I am going to put at least $5K in. Generally, I'm shooting for home runs here - only thing worse than being wrong is being right but without enough $ in something for it to actually matter. My 'trading' accounts were like 10% of total, the stock that shall not be named has boosted that a decent amount so been fun to try to establish a few more positions. I am different from our friend @BassNBrew and generally don't think I can beat the market unless I take shots at high risk high reward plays that might be overlooked for a multitude of reasons (small market cap etc. etc.). So, try to get conviction on a small handful of stocks and let em ride.
  10. Updated presentation for those following along at home.
  11. The audio troubles continue. Still love Dr. P. Hodl.
  12. Day 9 in the books. Legs slightly shaky at times, but today felt good. Tomorrow is weigh-in Wednesday - hopeful to have dropped a pound or three. The journey to 225 marches on.
  13. Primary Endpoint Clinical Improvement as assessed by change in total symptom score (for fever, myalgia, dyspnea and cough) [ Time Frame: Day 14 ] Note: The total score per patient ranges from 0 to 12 points. Each symptom is graded from 0 to 3. [0=none, 1=mild, 2=moderate, and 3=severe]. Higher scores mean a worse outcome. Change from baseline in National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) [ Time Frame: Days 3, 7, and 14 ] This score is based on 7 clinical parameters (respiration rate, oxygen saturation, any supplemental oxygen, temperature, systolic blood pressure, heart rate, level of consciousness). Higher scores mean a worse outcome. ------------- I am curious how the symptom score for the primary was calculated - was it based on how the patient "felt" or based on actual "data" . Regardless seems somewhat plausible that if most everyone was already 0/1 in the mild to moderate it would be challenging to show that much improvement vs. placebo. ETA: yeah, what @Polish Hammer said
  14. Harish Seethamraju, M.D., Lead Principal Investigator at Montefiore Medical Center NY, stated, “The results demonstrate that CCR5 blockade by leronlimab given as a weekly subcutaneous injection in mild-to-moderate COVID-19 patients is reasonably safe and associated with rapid improvement in viral symptoms with fewer adverse events than when compared to placebo.” Uhhh - "rapid improvement in viral symptoms" seems....good? The News2 stuff seems great. Weird.
  15. Note that there is some overhang here on ~23M convertible notes that will likely be converted in the next week or so (21st is the deadline I believe) unless the price craters from here. Strike is $5.35. Management didn't say they would buy back shares in order to minimize dilution, but didn't rule it out either.
  16. Day 8 stretch was nice. Maybe half a second holding the crow. Can’t remember the name but liked the last stretch (not counting just laying there as a stretch). Asensai was a 2k ‘practice’ laddering from 24 strokes per minute to 30. Ended up going for it as is my usual and clocked in at 7:05.8. Super happy with that time and gives me something to shoot for going forward. Going to eschew pushing again later this week in favor of some more mild exercise.
  17. Day 7 ✅ side planks were as advertised. Modifying by putting the top leg down allowed me to hold them for a bit. Killers on the wrists though. Must not be doing enough of the fabled ‘wrist yoga’. Yoga was followed by a good row. Only 2 more before the 2k challenge. I should space them out but I head out of town Saturday so am thinking Monday and Tuesday then race Thursday.
  18. Yeah that was hard. Similar to ab ripper I feel it most in my hip flexors, but it definitely gets the abs going as well.
  19. Highly impressive. Honestly I’m somewhat looking forward to the asensei routine being over. I have a sneaking suspicion that since it’s pushing me pretty hard and elevating my HR 170+ in most of these rows it’s making me way more hungry than normal. Didn’t eat crap, but ate a decent amount last night because I just felt famished. Planning to get through the program in the next couple weeks to see what I can do on the 2k before settling back in to a little lower intensity routine. Maybe row almost every day + alternating push ups and ab ripper x.
  20. Day 5 in the books. Did a decent amount of KZing around the neighborhood so may give myself a pass on the row tonight.
  21. Idk what you did but maybe it was the same thing. Asensei thought I was faster and stronger than I am though so by the end felt like I was going to stroke out. Might need to go back to MAF. Day 4 was easy though so yay for that.
  22. Linked article is my main source of Due Diligence. Twitter seems bullish (even when it was quite a bit higher than it is now). Seems like a likely approval later this year which should send stock higher. Probably overlooked due to all the Covid plays. Mostly owned by Sumitomo which seems like a good thing. But I'm also dumb and probably much better to just buy AMZN or AAPL or w/e.