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  1. Ah yes, the poor fella who had to pay over a million dollars in taxes on crypto earnings.
  2. Closed this today for a very minor gain. I really just am having a hard time getting behind the "puttery" concept so am moving on. Looking at $UROV as the replacement for the freed up funds.
  3. Day 3 in the books. This one definitely seemed easier but I also wasn’t just coming off a row so who knows. 1/10 of the way there.
  4. Yeah I subscribed too. Maybe they have a fancy algorithm to give you the workout you need. I think I did that one last Friday - Johan was effortlessly pulling like 1:35 if memory serves.
  5. We can fight the folks who gave them the loan over the panini press.
  6. Terrible headache today. Probably doing this at night then going to bed and not hydrating properly or something dumb. Hopefully will shake it before this evening. Likely just yoga regardless.
  7. Row then yoga back to back. This is reminding me why I don’t like yoga which is neat. 28 days left!
  8. Is that what it recommended you or did you just pick it? I have "low and slow" ahead of me today it appears.
  9. Well that was certainly the right call. Can tell this is going to be no picnic for me. Right wrist, left knee, and right ankle all have some old injuries I can feel at various points. Probably good to stretch em out though. Also, even the limited plank work had me shaking. Gotta strengthen the shoulders, core, and...everything else One down, 29 to go.
  10. I spent some time the other day trying to figure out if there was a calculator online where I could tell "if I own X shares of SPY I thus own Y shares of AAPL / AMZN etc.". Didn't feel like trying to calculate it myself / didn't find anything so gave up. Perhaps I should create said website.
  11. Looked up overstock’s chart last night. My god. Wish I had a time machine to take that ride.
  12. Heh neat. I bought this and will try some stuff before deciding the fate of the air fryer. Given the split oven the top one gets up to speed nice and quick and also doesn't heat up the whole house so I'm thinking I might be good sans a separate appliance.
  13. I'm game. I think they are generally at like 5:30 ET which isn't optimal timing, but could likely make it work. If you see them advertising one let me know and we can join in. I wonder if they have a peleton style leader board. If not, they should.
  14. @Otis not sure if you are still with asensei but I’m ‘halfway’ through today. I put halfway in quotes because it’s a 6 week program but only has like 3 videos per week. I haven’t been spacing them out so it’s technically day 14 today. That said it was 1k meter trial to test progress. Kinda crushed it. But also felt like dying for about 20 minutes after. Not sure I’m actually getting stronger/faster or if just having the little computer tell me I should do a 3:17 was the reason for the increase - either way I’ll take it. Probably rest on the row tomorrow as we start the yoga journey and then pick it back up mid week. Been just dropping and doing push ups (set of 10) when the urge hits me yesterday and today so will keep that up and maybe formally start something a week into yoga or something. Try to not set myself up for failure with too much at on once. Happy weekend everyone.
  15. The more I’m reading the more I’m wondering if this is superfluous. I have a dual door convection oven so I’m thinking maybe I just need something like this. Hmm.
  16. Just ordered this from Macy’s. On sale for $170 puts it at ~180 with tax. Trying to eat healthier and cook more at home - hoping this helps.
  17. I remember you or someone else mentioning this awhile back. Maybe if the 30 days go well will graduate to this. Love the idea of getting in the type of shape yoga promotes. Row today pretty solid. Goal of 1:30 on a 500m eventually.
  18. Closing in on a double on the ETH I’m holding on robinhood. The ETH held on Uphold, on the other hand, probably only down like 60%.
  19. I defer to the wisdom of the group. If we go the harder route I’ll likely just have to modify a decent bit. Slightly worried about an old wrist injury that’s been acting up but I think it will be fine. Did the next day of the rowing program earlier. Still enjoying how the workouts make me change it up versus just rowing steady for 30-40 minutes. Going to do an ad-hog row tomorrow then I think is another 1k challenge I’ll do Saturday or Sunday.