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  1. not going to be able to tune in, but looking forward to the running commentary.
  2. House already built or are you building? I am also unsure why that sweet old Jeep you posted about in the other thread wouldn't work for this purpose.
  3. i could have sworn i was a follower and there is "hedge" somewhere in the handle, but I can't seem to find it in the ol' notebook. @siffoin
  4. Yep getting quite close to my strikes on the covered calls. Wouldn't hate them hitting. Still have a sizable tanker portfolio elsewhere and this would free up some fun money to go after some other targets.
  5. Todays was tough. Would be thrilled if I can get a sub 7 2k at the end of this though.
  6. Sold some covered calls for EURN STNG and DHT a few weeks ago. They might make it interesting here.
  7. 3:32 for me. Took last night off, but looking forward to tonight's row. Only complaint with the app so far is that for a few rows the "target" splits have been quite a bit above what would end up really pushing me. Maybe the algorithm needs to lock itself in a bit better as it gets more data, we shall see.
  8. I am sure it's been discussed but can't find it with my lazy searching. Seeing a lot of tweets about silver - what are the best tickers to track? @General Malaise or others?
  9. Killing it, as always. Fairly easy exercise day here - just the 1,000m row challenge. Wanted to break 3:30 but wasn’t in the cards. Good to have something to shoot for, though.
  10. Wow - I thought $3k sounded ridiculous so looked up the one I bought on amazon for $945 4 years ago. $3,500 - that's insane.
  11. Oh man if we spin off a rowing thread on top of the new CYDY one I'm going to have a hard time keeping up with all the topics. I am digging the asensei app though - tonight is a 1000m test to set a baseline to improve upon over the next ~6 weeks.
  12. For those with play money looking for potential big upside over the next few years - I've been slowly accumulating a position in $ORRCF (Oroco Resources). See more information here. And related videos here. If copper prices keep climbing this could hit sooner rather than later.
  13. Nice - I had jumped out of this a week or so back. Oops.
  14. Headline: 39% of Patients in Placebo Arm Had SAEs as Compared to Only 14% of Patients in Leronlimab Arm Had SAEs, Which Were Unrelated to Leronlimab. My super thorough analysis. I think my biggest gripe is the headline just isn't true. 21% of patients had SAEs compared to 9%. Could have been written like "X percent reduction in SAEs between Leronlemonade and the placebo". Still boggles my mind they can't write better press releases. But, whatever, love me some BP.
  15. Yeah I can’t figure out where the headline stats are coming from in relation to the actual discussion. eta: the 39% is 11/28 - the same person can have multiple SAEs.