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  1. Good deal in 1 PPR across the board. Edge to Engram and Sammy.
  2. I agree. Brown owners are wise to send out offers. The offers I’ve received without me asking for him were still valuing him as a top 5 overall dynasty value which ain’t happening. Getting Barkley much more exception than rule, or at least I’d hope.
  3. Henry's the only top 50 player. I like getting KJ much more than Miller and think it's a fine exit.
  4. No chance I’m dealing Guice for AJG and Baldwin. If you’ve got to do that to try to win a title than you are fooling yourself long term.
  5. FFPC - Gave Derrius Guice, Julio Jones, Austin Seferian-Jenkins Got Dalvin Cook, Brandin Cooks, Tyrell Williams The deal centered first around the idea of dealing Julio for Cooks+. Given Evans was on our bench, keeping Julio wasn't a priority if we could get good exit value (didn't like the answer I got when I poked around with some other WRs valued close to Cooks). Though I'm a Guice fan, this roster also has had Chubb and KJ, so it made sense to get more of a sure bet at RB to add to W1 startable options with Kamara and D Freeman.
  6. That’s kind of my point, if that’s the best you get mid season, better off taking a late 2nd valuation/equal player now which I think is doable because you have more trade partners, some of which have false hope
  7. I have Brady in only 1 league, which as you point out FFPC leagues do not value bench QBs, and that is exactly the plan to ride him until retirement. Find someone when I need to
  8. Only downside is if the best teams already are getting good QB play, then you risk getting nothing because there are only a couple buyers to begin with. In theory you are right but holding does not always work out in an established league. If the playoff teams are led by Wentz Cam Rodgers Brees maybe even a couple other guys who will be run-rating like Brady or close to it, they won’t be giving you more than a mid to late 2nd if that
  9. Same league Gave Julio Jones, Kenyan Drake, Will Fuller Got Mike Evans, Duke Johnson, 1st, 1st (one has potential to be 1.1-1.8, the other 1.8-1.12) Duke is a decent get for the team, also own Chubb. From these two deals and the two deals we posted earlier this week: Gave: Cam, Stafford, Trubisky, DFreeman, Drake, Julio, Shepard Got: Rodgers, KJ, CJA, Booker, Evans, Cooks, 1st Might be tough sledding early with three rookie RBs, just hoping we can get to W7 at 3-3 or better. Rodgers, M Gordon, Evans, JuJu, Cooks, Kelce should be good for a couple wins.
  10. FFPC - Gave Devonta Freeman, Mitch Trubisky Got Kerryon Johnson, Devontae Booker, CJ Anderson D Freeman and K Johnson are equal on my value board, and with R Freeman on this roster, getting Booker was a good insurance policy. Though I think Royce runs circles around Booker, still good to have the cuff. I countered adding Trubisky and CJA to add another potential flex starter.
  11. Good patience and vision, but lacks athletic upside to do more than we’ve seen from him already - what you see is what you get and are going to get. At this point, they can keep saying he’s going to improve in the pass game but I’m not buying it, layering on that Cohen is an extremely capable pass down back. I bought in a few dynasties last offseason around the 1.4 cost as I didn’t believe Mixon or CDavis would be better in the short-term, and while he helped me At times, he was less than ideal as a weekly lock starter. Underperformed in a few great matchups and was in my bench when he had some big games. This offseason I sold around the same price I acquired last offseason. I play PPR only, and have Howard in the RB16-20 range in both redraft and dynasty. Don’t love him, don’t hate him.
  12. Kelce in a heartbeat, especially in a 16-teamer where lineups are thin, I'll take a top two finisher.
  13. Baldwin, Kupp and change for Julio? All day.
  14. Which Freeman? Which Coleman?