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  1. Depends on scoring and roster limits, I might consider this in a 24-player roster with standard PPR across.
  2. DJ, rebuilding or otherwise.
  3. This is not a start up draft. The guy took Aaron Jones at 3.10 of the rookie draft. I guess I should have specified that this is the fifth year of the league and those picks are rookie draft picks. So, a future second, a future third, Aaron Jones, and a couple more late round rookie prospects.
  4. That's close, I'll take 1.3/Moncrief.
  5. I'll take Crowell here, not much difference in 1 to 3 for me.
  6. Disheartening trade went down in an FFPC league of mine, makes me question whether I want to be putting thousands of dollars in these leagues moving forward: Team A gives: Brandin Cooks, 6.2, 2018 4th Team B gives: 2018 2nd, 2018 3rd, 2018 3rd, 3.10, 4.2, 4.10 ETA: this is the fifth year of an established dynasty league, thus the picks acquired are for the annual rookie and free-agent draft. The owner receiving the picks took Aaron Jones with 3.10.
  7. Give me Mixon.
  8. Take Howard and run.
  9. HA is different beast than most dynasties. Unless you have quality in every lineup spot, you are unlikely getting far. That roster, even with Green, wouldn't be a top 3 team, so you sold Green to a competitor who is not going to take your turkey.