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  1. Big Tuna Dynasty League seeks two new owners for Dispersal Draft to be held immediately. Buy-in is $200 via LeagueSafe. Lineups are as follows - start 1-2 QB, 2-4 RB, 2-5 WR, 1-2 TE, 1-2 PK, 1-2 D, total of 11 players. 3-player taxi squad can be used for backup QBs only (hence the number of QBs in the pool). Rookie draft is snake style (original commissioner decision). Clemens, Kellen SDC QB Cutler, Jay CHI QB Mallett, Ryan BAL QB Manning, Eli NYG QB Manning, Peyton DEN QB McCown, Josh CLE QB McGloin, Matt OAK QB Romo, Tony DAL QB Schaub, Matt BAL QB Smith, Geno NYJ QB Andrews, Antonio TEN RB Bell, Joique FA RB Blount, LeGarrette NEP RB Darkwa, Orleans NYG RB Gordon, Melvin SDC RB Hill, Jeremy CIN RB Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB McCoy, LeSean BUF RB Sankey, Bishop TEN RB Vereen, Shane NYG RB Ware, Spencer KCC RB Williams, Andre NYG RB Williams, Trey IND RB Woodhead, Danny SDC RB Evans, Mike TBB WR Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR Green, A.J. CIN WR Hartline, Brian CLE WR Hawkins, Andrew CLE WR Huff, Josh PHI WR Jennings, Greg MIA WR Johnson, Calvin DET WR Johnson, Stevie SDC WR Latimer, Cody DEN WR Lockett, Tyler SEA WR Royal, Eddie CHI WR Smith, Devin NYJ WR Smith, Steve BAL WR Smith, Torrey SFO WR Woods, Robert BUF WR Clay, Charles BUF TE Rodgers, Richard GBP TE Tamme, Jacob ATL TE Witten, Jason DAL TE Catanzaro, Chandler ARI PK Dawson, Phil SFO PK Nugent, Mike CIN PK Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def Jets, New York NYJ Def Patriots, New England NEP Def 1.3 1.8 2.5 2.10 3.3 3.8 4.5 4.10
  2. Yes, full. Mods, please delete.
  3. I'd take the other spot in the dispersal if it's still available. I replied in the thread you posted, but didn't want to post my email address there. 





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    2. branch0095


      Awesome, thank you.  I know I don't have many posts on FBG, but don't let that worry you.  I'm extremely active on other dynasty boards and am a year round dynasty junkie.  I've been looking for a "fixer- upper" team and haven't had much luck finding leagues that meet my criteria.  Thanks for considering me and I'll keep an eye out for a PM if/when there are openings in your other league 




    3. JPeso



      Here is a link to the opening I referenced. 


    4. branch0095


      I'm going to pass on this one. Thanks for the invite though.

  4. One opening filled. Need one more to start the Dispersal Draft ASAP!
  5. A lot of trades I'd deem as fair or even, depends on roster makeup. Eifert for 1.8 and a third is crazy dirt cheap. I'd give up two seconds for Gio and a third all day. Cheap cost for White which I'd easily pay. Getting 3.3 for Aiken in this format is a win. Was on the buying ends of Eifert and White, and agree both were no brainers. Was on the selling side of Gio. I needed one last cut and didn't need another 12 point guy and he had no market when I poked around. Concur re: Aiken, was planning on dropping him frankly.
  6. Various trades I’ve done this off-season in FFPC (1.5 PPR for TE). A: Julius Thomas, 1.11 B: 2017 1st (estimated mid) A: 2017 1st (estimated late), 1.11, Jon Stewart B: Martavis Bryant, 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Matt Stafford B: 4.3 A: 1.4, Ebron B: Devonta Freeman, 3.8 A: Davante Adams B: 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Demaryius Thomas, Eric Ebron B: Devonta Freeman, 2017 2nd (estimated mid) A: Danny Woodhead, 5th B: Devin Funchess A: 1.8, 3.2 B: Tyler Eifert A: Gio Bernard, 3.8 B: 2.9, 2017 2nd (estimated mid-to-late) A: Charcandrick West, 4.11, 5.11 B: 3.6 A: Devin Funchess, 1.12, Charcandrick West B: Kevin White A: Kamar Aiken B: 3.3 A: Christine Michael B: Jaelen Strong
  7. I'd rather two premier players in Bell/Hopkins. Lamar isn't quite at that level of must-start.
  8. Rather have Julio alone..
  9. This is not close at all. DT/Gurley/Jeffery by a mile.
  10. No reason to make that deal.
  11. Dez/C Mike easily. Dez alone frankly.