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  1. Not a huge fan of either guy, but assuming you start 3-4 WRs, I would take Matthews.
  2. I'll take Woodhead in PPR.
  3. I'm waiting another couple weeks before selling Golladay for a guaranteed late 1st. Chances that he still commands an early 2nd even if he does nothing this and next week is high.
  4. Agree. I've gotten in trouble using a "next big thing" approach at QB in the past, often selling the Brady's, Brees' etc of the world long before shelf life is up because of age. With Stafford we know we have a startable option most years. Mariota, maybe not. I'd take Stafford side here.
  5. I'll take Howard here alone
  6. As Dez/Hyde owner in one of the $2500 leagues, I would pay this for Julio/Perine.
  7. Luck Benjamin Both no brainers.
  8. First, terrible trade. Second, did you try to acquire this off-season? If so, for what?
  9. Yes, this is dynasty, but Fred's comment was relevant re: Murray > Fournette in redraft. Whether you agree that Murray actually outscores Fournette is opinion. Ultimately, BF is suggesting he gets the better short-term option in his lineup AND gets the equal-or-better long-term option in Henry vs. Fournette, again opinion. Cost to acquire is reasonable, let's say Fournette at 1.3ish vs. Henry at 1.5ish + Murray at 1.10ish. I'd take Fournette in FFPC with the shorter rosters.