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  1. Julio, competing or rebuilding that owner could have done better. Carson/SEA, P-Rich I am more convinced than Carson is JAG. I’ll fade and take the trio here. I think Martavis looks to be a free chip here. Still not close as Eifert hasn’t been reliable to his owners in years. Someone sold incredibly low on Hill, very poor trade and I’m an owner that prefers to always start two TEs in the format.
  2. FFPC Team A Gave Mike Williams Team B Gave 2.12, 2019 3rd (3.10-3.12)
  3. This is where I am. I’m not moving 2 for Hunt straight.
  4. I got Benjamin here. Godwin could prove me wrong and become startable this year, but I preferred the buy low on the guy I know can beat top DBs rather than the 3rd/4th option in the pass game. A definite bet on an off-season with BUF and hopefully less of a QB carousel come week 1. With only 20 roster spots, I prefer guys I own to be starters or RB depth, and I feel much better about trotting KB out in a flex spot if I was in a bind than I do Godwin. WR core now is Julio, Hill, JuJu, Fuller, KB. If I had 24 roster spots without aggressive annual cut-downs, I may have kept Godwin, as I do think he has an appeal.
  5. FFPC - Team A got Chris Godwin Team B got Kelvin Benjamin
  6. If you avoid NFL players who smoke pot, you won’t have a roster.
  7. I like the Thomas/McCoy side. Cook Reasonable deal, lean McKinnon unless full-on rebuild.
  8. Deal looks that much better now. Nice work.
  9. I'll take McCaffrey, but fair deal. I don't know the value of McMillan to assess his value in the deal, but it looks fine. I'm running to ship Kupp for a future 1st. Moncrief, more maddening maybe but more upside. McKinnon in a landslide. 2.8 1.4, even worse of a deal in 10-team leagues where studs are king. Pretty even deal for me regardless of the Henry. Cooper slight edge over 1.3, 2019 1st slight edge over Ingram, either Henry edge over Diggs.
  10. Just my opinion but I do not see Crowder as the level of talent you are gameplanning manufactured touches for a la Hill. Fraction of the ability.
  11. That's where we disagree, or I wouldn't have made the deal. Really like a third guy quite a bit more than anyone else in the class, I realize I'm probably in the norm there, and fine overpaying to ensure I get the cat I want.
  12. Looks like everyone thus far is on the camp of 1.4/1.12. I got the 1.3 in this deal as I do see a clear drop between 3 and 4 when it comes to prospect quality. I was also concerned with allowing the guy who owned 1.3 get a prospect of that quality to add to his roster - as he has the second most valuable team in the league. I will use 1.3 for a running back which was the only question keeping me from a repeat. Earlier in the off-season I dealt Howard for the 1.4, so I am essentially upgrading Howard prior to week 1 at the cost of 1.12. At a macro level, after seeing how little the owners with top running backs value stud WRs in a trade, I didn't want to go WR with the pick, and felt moving up from 4 to 3 ensured I wasn't pressured to go WR. If there is any league where I point to understanding your leaguemates, it's this one. I feel we after this move we are likely to repeat and still have enough depth to withstand 2-3 injuries and still have enough future capital. Cam Kamara, Freeman, 1.3, Drake, Hyde Evans, Thomas, Julio, Hill, Gordon, MBryant Kelce, Gronk, ASJ
  13. FFPC - Team A Gave 1.3, 2019 2nd (late) Team B Gave 1.4, 1.12