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  1. I was at this game and it was the best game I've ever personally seen live. Yesterday had me feeling the same kind of wonder that this one did. While I was cautiously optimistic, I've been realistic too. I'm officially excited about this year.
  2. Birds are legit. Love to say it
  3. Huge
  4. This defense is ####### legit
  5. they've really been running a rotation in the first half. Mathews has been getting his in the second. Presumably because he's fresh.
  6. Boom TD!!!
  7. Yuck jordan
  8. Boom sproles
  9. So I'll just go ahead and ask..conceding that Cleveland and Chicago are bad teams, but knowing that ya gotta beat who you are presented with; what happens if Philly takes down the steelers next week? Looting in the streets? Cats and dogs living together? Mass hysteria?
  10. Boom-wrong on the pick. I'll take that.
  11. Won't
  12. Nice punt doosh
  13. First pass to Alshon I remember for awhile
  14. Wentz sneak
  15. Threw the flag like a girl.