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  1. not "my one-keeper league". "My one keeper league," as in that one over there that isn't a redraft league but rather a 2-man keeper
  2. Totally. I'm keeping him and ODB in my one keeper league. If I was in redraft I'd take him at 1.01 all day.
  3. Arguably the highest ceiling, highest floor, most consistent, proven track record, high character, no suspension concerns, on a great offense, top 5 QB throwing to him. IMO, that is exactly what you want in a first round pick, all the way up to 1.01. I personally always overthink things, so there is a voice inside my head saying this is the year that he regresses. But that is completely unfounded and based on nothing more than my own 'gut-feeling' that whenever there is a no-brainer pick, its usually too good to be true.
  4. Thanks all. I didn't mention, because it didn't appear that he'd be available, but I snatched up Josh Gordon off of waivers at some point last year and have him stashed on my bench. He could be intriguing option as my WR3.
  5. Its kind of a flawed system, honestly. Typically, if you have three legit keepers, you probably did well the previous year and are drafting at the end of the round (like me this year). Which means you are sacrificing a lesser first round pick to keep a good/great player. The argument is that it helps the good teams and hurts the bad ones. From 1.01 to 1.06ish it probably doesn't make sense to keep three. In my case, I'm fairly certain that if I let Jordy or Cam go, they wouldn't even be available to me at 1.12, so why not just hang onto one of them.
  6. Thanks for all your thoughts-good stuff. I should add that we are keep 2 league, with an option to keep a third. If you keep the third player you sacrifice your first round pick (basically equal to a third round pick in redraft). I won my league last year so I pick 1.12, 2.01. I'd be sacrificing my 1.12 pick. Still think it's worth it for me to keep a third, but maybe not. Obviously it depends on projecting who will be there at my pick-just too early for that.
  7. 12-Team, .5 PPR League. Standard Scoring, 6 pts all TD's. Start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WR/RB/TE, K, DEF Keeping: Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown. Can keep one more of the following: Jordy Nelson, Arian Foster, Cam Newton, Jordan Reed or Greg Olsen. I'm leaning toward Olsen or Reed right now, but the thought of being able to trot out 3 (ODB, Brown, Nelson) of the top 8 Wr's in the league every week makes me warm inside. Thoughts?
  8. With Ryan Mathews' health always a question and Sproles being 47 years old, I'd be interested in the Birds giving him a shot. They really could use the help at RB.
  9. Nelson Agholor accused of raping a dancer at Cheerleaders per Mikey Miss show.... http://www.phillymag.com/news/2016/06/10/nelson-agholor-rape-cheerleaders/
  10. I think that the scenario is the exact opposite of what you are saying. Its the same reason that a few years ago, Jimmy Graham was the most valuable player in FF. He so drastically outscores your opponent's TE on a weekly basis that combining him with a WW WR still gives you a net positive against any team that doesn't own Gronk and maybe Olsen.
  11. Talk about overplaying your hand. Obviously, no interest from any team out there-Denver, the reigning SB champ, trading up for Lynch and most likely trotting Butt-Fumble out to start the season speaks volumes about Bradford.
  12. At this point I agree, unfortunately. Prior to Condon demanding a trade, I'd have thought otherwise. In the end though, as with everything, its only good for the Eagles if it benefits the Eagles. Giving him away for a ham sandwich doesn't do much.
  13. When Wentz goes #1, you'll see some drama...
  14. It's not getting old. It's very relevant IMO to the point many are trying to make. No one disagrees that going to Denver would be a better situation for Sam. But who cares? The point is that he's a former #1 overall pick that has drastically under-performed his entire career. He doesn't have the gravitas to pull this ####. He deserves to be questioned by fans and its not just "Philly fans". He's been taking it from guys at NFLN and ESPN as well, so its not just some hyper-local fanatic stuff. The dude's never gone .500 but he's trying to big time the team that just handed him 11 million because, to use his agent's words, "he'd like to forego" any competition or fan/team mate scrutiny. get ####ed. News flash, you aren't TO.