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  1. I quelled my itchy trigger finger yesterday and am still holding. If it gets up to $12 I’ll probably pull the trigger.
  2. same. I'm on a 20% gain in a week. Hard to hold, but am going to ride it out, hoping to see the $13 that Todem predicts..
  3. yeah after selling off a chunk on Friday for a nice profit I'm down to 1,000 shares, but I'm digging what I'm seeing.
  4. probably a dumb question, but what happens to that specific stock when its bought out? Does the buying company simply buy the stock from all the shareholders at some set price?
  5. I hope so too. I’m a novice bro. I’m planning on making mistakes. This probably will end up being one. I took a profit and will wait and see. If it jumps out and never looks back I’ll pour some out for my new homies that are hanging with Chet and his nasty whip in the promised land.
  6. Oof my first vomiting-from-drinking was B&J. Second was Mad Dog 20/20. I agree, these seltzer’s are a phase.
  7. Does it bother you that the edit was never noted anywhere? Isn't that something that generally is journalism 101?
  8. Its not just the editing, although a campaign should not be able to dictate editorial process to the NYT. It took the NYT about 2 days to cover Fords allegations against Kavanaugh. It took them 2+ weeks to cover this. A credible allegation against the Democratic Candidate. Two weeks. They waited until Biden's only opponent dropped out and then dropped this story on Easter freaking Sunday. They wrote completely ridiculous lines like the one that was eliminated-suggesting that apart from groping and kissing and generally leacherous behavior, Biden was pretty clean. What kind of a new standard is that?! Would the same wide berth be given to a conservative? Of course not. Why add into the article that its a felony to falsely accuse someone of sexual assault, other than to set that narrative into the mind of the reader. Taken together it is reprehensible behavior and the fact that the editor, without any sense of mea culpa, admits to kowtowing to the Biden campaigns request to clean up the story speaks volumes. That's my take.
  9. The original sentence is absolutely ridiculous. The work that the Times is doing to try to brush this away is awful. If this had been about Kavanaugh or even Bernie Sanders, the treatment would not have been the same. Adding in that it's a crime to report false allegations, with the obvious intent of implying that the author clearly doesn't believe them is also awful. Finally, if this article had been about Bernie, I wonder if his campaign would have gotten the same treatment that Biden's did. They basically called, complained and got the NYT to modify their story. I don't know how anyone could struggle to understand what is wrong here.