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  1. Yikes. It seemed more than clear to me. When comparing the happiness of two countries you are comparing, in some way, the collective goals of each society and whether or not the people of that country feel they have or are nearing the attainment of these goals. In a homogeneous country (not just racial homogeneity but similar or same culture, religion, general environment and location, language, culinary interests, etc.) the varying goals of its citizens are not going to vary much. Attaining or coming close to attaining those goals seems far easier in that they are generally shared goals. In our country, there are vast differences in race, culture, religion, general environment and location, language, culinary interests, etc. This makes it the best place to live, IMO. It also makes it far more difficult to attain collective goals as they can be widely disparate. Not all goals mind you, but many. If the attainment of these goals is a factor in happiness, then of course a poll asking about happiness is going to have a lot more people whose goals aren't being met. The diversity of viewpoints based on lots of different factors in this country make that a mathematical certainty. At least that's how I see it.
  2. Serious question, does he even have the loot to run into the convention? I thought I’d read that his fundraising was taking some major hits. It costs a lot of money to get from now thru Super Tuesday and into the convention.
  3. Sounds familiar:
  4. 1. Whatever trump is has nothing to do with what Warren is. 2. I find it odd that you conjure up Trump to make your point. I can think of no other person who is assigned more pejorative adjectives than him. Who is a male.
  5. ok, to each his own. I think she has a very high pitched, piercing voice and comes off as scolding more than anything else. I also think Bernie comes off as scolding as well, albeit with much more of a baritone than Liz. I'd use the pejorative of gruff for him.
  6. Fair, but I bet that the vast majority of casual viewers are not nearly as up to snuff on all the controversies/sub-plots surrounding each candidate as the good folks on the PSF. And she was way more tenacious than I'd expect in a debate. And for all the people laying this out for the last week, he sure acted and responded like he had no ####### idea this was coming. I stand by my assessment.
  7. Agreed. I am about as far from being a fan of hers as can be. But she curb-stomped Bloomberg. Repeatedly.
  8. Right, I think if Bernie is the only one to get above 15% in California, he'll be the eventual nominee. If Bernie gets something like 30% and a couple or more people get +15% then I think its going to be a complete ####-show at the convention. I could certainly see a situation where this happens and the establishment-super-delegates swing the nomination from Bernie to one of Klobuchar/Pete/maybe Biden. Then Trump wins.
  9. But she is shrill. Like dictionary definition of the word. How is using the word correctly to describe her a double standard? Plenty of male candidates have had pejoratives thrown at them in the past. Chris Christie's weight and Ted Cruz's face come to mind...
  10. Surely you know that a big reason of why they abandoned Hillary in Wisconsin and Michigan is that Bernie won those states primaries and they felt he should have gotten the nomination. Also, I'd like to understand your continued insistence that Bernie is not attracting new voters. The biggest knock on him in 2016 was that he made no inroads with minorities and that was an absolutely fair critique. This time around he leads all dem candidates with non-white voters. I don't want Sanders to be the nominee because I don't agree with much of what he stands for. That being said, if the goal is to beat Trump-and it is-I think Bernie absolutely can do it. And he can do it precisely by winning those states you mentioned above.