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  1. Reed down somehow
  2. From your lips to gods ears.
  3. That was my thought. Cousins literally has not looked in his direction all game. Maybe he'll catch an earful and force feed him in the second...
  4. Yeah I had no choice. Oh well, he won it for me last year, kills my dreams this year.
  5. Reed not on the field in the RZ. Drank the kook aid. Now my season dies.
  6. Don't even think he's been on the field the last two series
  7. My fantasy future disagrees vehemently with you....
  8. He was on the field first drive. Cousins threw to VD tho.
  9. Reed on the field too...
  10. cool thanks!
  11. has there been any talk about Reed's presumed usage by local sports radio, beat writers, etc? i see you aren't in DC but assume you follow them more than I do.
  12. ah, yeah I forgot
  13. Is he probable or questionable? Looks like questionable on roto blurb from a few days ago-not sure if that's been changed. Any local folks hearing anything about usage on sports radio? Didn't realize Carolina was the 32nd team in the league against TE's for FF points.
  14. Thought I was out of it, but Dan Bailey actually put me within striking distance last night (even with the two misses). I'm down 17.7 points in .5ppr. I need Jordan Reed (or Garcon if Reed looks doubtful) to put up a stat line of 6/90/1TD. Seems well within the realm of possibility. right?