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  1. Its amazing how awful that line is and what he is able to do. Unfortunately for him, our front four are going to devour that line.
  2. I honestly don't understand how this is even a conversation. ETA: Judging by the poll results so far, I'm not alone in that sentiment.
  3. Regarding 2-pt conversion percentage, they flashed an infographic up last night that said the league average is something like 52%. Prior to our first attempt, Eagles season long percentage was at like, 76%. Then we converted on all of our attempts (minus the Ertz fumble). honestly, keep it up.
  4. I thought so too. Just matter of fact about it. We're just going to convert on 4th downs and score 2 points after TDs instead of 1. Next question?
  5. I understand your point. But your example, specifically the bolded, is not applicable to guns, or anything, really.. Like i said, I would wager that a very, very small amount of gun purchases are made with explicit plans of murder, suicide, etc. The gun may still end up in the commission of a crime. To make the point that gun manufacturers intend their product for hunting/sport/home defense, but no one ever buys guns for those reasons is obviously way off base.
  6. wow.
  7. Ok, I'm certain a good number agree with me too. It's not a non-starter. The parallel is that the car is being used improperly from its intended use. But, forget the drunken part-here's a more parallel one. A guy goes to Hertz, rents a box truck and mows down 45 people. Who is liable? Hertz? GMC? Both? Is the dude at hertz making $8/hour now required to be a profiler? You are also making the assumption that everyone that commits a murder or suicide purchased their gun explicitly to do so. Its impossible to quantify but I'd be willing to bet that the number is low. You also are not allowing for stolen guns, black market guns, etc. Gang shootings in inner cities are done primarily with handguns that were not purchased at Cabela's by the guy doing the shooting. Glock should still be on the hook?
  8. So why are we doing this? ETA. would you propose the same liability to automotive industry for impaired drivers?
  9. None. Just like I don't think Ford would lose a lawsuit due to a drunk driver plowing over 5 people. Allowing for these lawsuits makes no sense.
  10. None. Just like I don't think Ford would lose a lawsuit due to a drunk driver plowing over 5 people. Allowing for these lawsuits makes no sense.
  11. This makes no sense.
  12. Yes it is. And again, there is a world of difference between using a gun in defense of your life and using a gun to murder your ex-girlfriend. Intent matters. You can't possibly ask that a manufacturer (who never even interacts in any way with the end user) must understand the intent of someone and additionally be liable for their (end users) actions.
  13. Understood, but the premiums are funded by the drivers that purchase the insurance. Not by Ford.
  14. Unpack that; maybe I am not understanding. Guns are not intended to be used as a vehicle for suicide. You are advocating that the family of a suicide victim should be allowed to sue the manufacturer of the gun that was used. Correct?
  15. These are not the same thing.