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  1. unckeyherb

    I’m with Pelosi

    Pence looked like he was literally trying to pinch his butt cheeks together tight enough to get sucked into the chair.
  2. unckeyherb

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    Birds are going to smash their fuc*ing faces. Carson gonna throw 4 tds, two of them to Golden Tate. Book it.
  3. unckeyherb

    Colin Kaepernick

    Lame. If this was ten years ago and Donovan McNabb he’d be on a team. Hell, if it was today and Cam Newton he’d be starting this Sunday.
  4. unckeyherb

    Colin Kaepernick

    1.). I think that’s highly naive. We’d be talking TO-in-his-driveway-doing-sit-ups kind of hysteria from the media and it would turn into a spectacle and be a distraction. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think this would be a cause du jour. people would be burning tickets in the parking lot. Guaranteed. 2.) because people are not intellectually honest. That doesn’t really have anything to do with Kaep not being on a roster. His talents are not elite enough to warrant a team paying him QB1 money AND dealing with the excessive baggage that comes with him.
  5. unckeyherb

    Colin Kaepernick

    I agree 100%.
  6. unckeyherb

    Colin Kaepernick

    I've read plenty of people saying that he isn't very good, which is true. He's not very good. Which is the point. If he was very good, the math might make more sense to a team.
  7. unckeyherb

    Colin Kaepernick

    For the life of me, I can't believe people are so stubbornly obtuse to this situation. No one is saying that he is not good enough to be a backup-level-maybe-even-starter-level QB in the NFL. He is definitely better than a good number of backups and maybe even some starters. He's just not good enough to offset the ####storm that would invariably surround him. Its a simple math problem, nothing more. This is painfully obvious.
  8. unckeyherb

    Skins vs Eagles - MNF - Week 13

    Brutal coverage.
  9. Probably. NFCE winner will likely host Seattle or Minnesota in WC week. Seattle playing tough lately and the Vikings are always dangerous.
  10. True, but I can't believe they'd sac two coaches two years in a row.
  11. Okay, for conversation, lets assume that the Gints are done and Colt McCoy isn't going to win many games for the 'Skins. Looking at our schedule, record, vs Dallas... Eagles (5-6) vs Redskins-Win (6-6) @ Dallas-MUST Win (7-6) @ Rams-Loss (7-7) vs Houston-Win? (8-7) @ Redskins-Win (9-7, Div Record 5-1) Dallas (6-5) vs Saints-Loss (6-6) vs Eagles-Loss (6-7) @ Colts-Win (7-7) vs Tampa-Win (8-7) @ Gints-Win (9-7, Div Record 4-2) Think we can definitely sweep the division, though Dallas appears to be playing better football right now. Rams are a lock loss. Can we beat Houston? Think that is our biggest hurdle right now. For Dallas, the Saints game should be a lock loss, too. Colts could be a surprise loss, the rest of their schedule seems pretty easy. Tampa not scaring anyone and not expecting some week 17 spoiler action from Giants. That would leave us tied overall and up in the division.
  12. unckeyherb

    Giants vs Eagles - Week 12

    I’m going to go do some yard work or something.
  13. unckeyherb

    Giants vs Eagles - Week 12

    Why would you run Wentz there?