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  1. Right, to be clear, I quoted you, but was really making a broad statement-not directed at you per se.
  2. Fair. And if you are talking about a lifetime politician that might have some skin in the game or Trump for example, then I'd agree. In this case we are talking about a decorated veteran who is STILL SERVING in our military. She has seen the impacts of these intervention wars firsthand and its from that reality that she is viewing this issue. To frame it as though she is doing this under Russian guidance for Russian benefit is really, really devious, IMO.
  3. Maurile, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about this. Can you link me to some specific quotes/policies that could only be interpreted as parroting/supporting Russian policy goals?
  4. So, there were at least 38 times that security procedures were violated, albeit not with classified information. Additionally, there were instances of classified information being inappropriately transmitted. Cool. Maybe we can move on now?
  5. Right. The entire argument in that article is that Russia may decide to "amplify" the message of a candidate and that is something we as a nation should be wary of. The same could be said of anyone running. They could choose to "amplify" Bernie's message. They could choose to amplify numerous candidate's messages. That does not mean anything about the candidate. That they use Tulsi as the example is reckless as it implies to the casual observer that, again, there is coordination where there actually isn't.
  6. plus one. needed that second one from sanyo to seal the deal tho
  7. lo siento mucho, but I definitely needed that all to happen.
  8. So, now can I assume this is the last time I see Michel's number called tonight?
  9. So can I assume that drop is the last time I see Michel's number called tonight?
  10. Ok. What does this have to do with this thread?