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  1. Last year, with the same lineup, on Fantasydraft I got second place in the $30,000 wishbone, which won me $1,200 and fourth place in the $150,000 Run & Gun, which won me $2,700. I don't remember my exact lineup, but I remember ODB having a fadeaway TD plop out of his hands at the end of Monday night. That catch would have put me in first in both tourneys (about $15,000 in winnings vs $3,900). I also remember that first, second and third in the Run & Gun were the same guy with the same lineup entered three times.
  2. I'm hoping for him to sit out this week and get a little bit better before the end of the season. Playoffs for our league start next week and I need him in my lineup. I have Kelce too though, so I'm a little less impacted by Reed missing time. Agree with the sentiment that Vernon should be a viable replacement this week for Washington.
  3. Brutal
  4. Smallwood pounding
  5. Balls
  6. Jordan hurt
  7. Ugh need a ####### stop
  8. Carson!!!
  9. Punch it in
  10. Ok keep it up!
  11. Nice block!
  12. Come on Carson. Quick response.
  13. Ugh. That was easy
  14. Let's get it ON!!!