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  1. holy ####. That would make my year.
  2. Dion Lewis only one of any note that comes to mind. FWIW, the league I commish doesn't allow anyone on IR that isn't officially NFL IR. So Brady/Gordon etc wouldn't be allowed to be stashed there. Not sure if yahoo is the same..
  3. problem is that picking a schedule based on divs eliminates the possibility of playing everyone in the league.
  4. I think its a function of recognizing a players strengths and weaknesses and adapting what you ask them to do based on those observations. Like, yes Josh Huff, a Jet Sweep for you. DGB, no complex route trees for you, just run to the back of the EZ and Sams gonna throw it 12 feet in the air. Its the opposite line of thinking that gives Demarco a sweep followed by 7 more sweeps.
  5. Not really, or at least not in our case. The way we use it is to better reflect your team against the league while still maintaining head to head action. Normally, if I score the second most points but just happen to play the team with the most points, I get a big fat 0. This way, I'd still get 2 out of a possible 4 VP's, so my good score isn't a complete waste. Good teams aren't as adversely affected by going against an unlucky schedule. Similarly, crappy teams that might win a lot because they fell ### backwards into every other team's worst bye weeks may get VP's for wins but not necessarily for scoring against the league. I'd recommend it to anyone. ETA: we score the same way as described above.
  6. I commish a 12 team keeper league that is going into its 14th year. In an effort to spice things up we adopted Victory Points scoring many years ago. This year we decided to eliminate the three divisions and just do straight VP scoring for playoffs (top six VP teams make it). Previously, there were divisional winners, etc. I use the Footballguys schedule maker every year, but this year I looked and it appears that there is no option for 12 teams/13 weeks/ 0 conference/0 division. Anyone have a similar situation? I know I can do the previous concept of three divisions without actually having divisions, but that results in not playing every team at least once; was hoping to remedy that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. WR 3 behind Antonio Brown and ODB (my two keepers).
  8. I grabbed him at the 8.12-9.01 turn. The guy at 8.11-9.02 admitted that he effed up and should have taken him before the turn. Hurray for me!
  9. Been debating about keeping him as my third keeper behind A. Brown and ODB. Was going Cam up until recently-this thread had kind of changed my mind. Thanks all.
  10. Nice post. I knowingly dropped expectations for ypc to keep the projections conservative, but I agree it's probably closer to floor than to ceiling.
  11. What are people projecting for him this year? Assuming healthy, can he grab 10 TDs this year? Is a line of 80/1000/10 reasonable? Haven't seen much discussion on him honestly.
  12. I've recently run a bunch of mocks on Draft Dominator and made some educated guesses about the other team keepers. I adjusted my keepers to be AB, ODB and either Cam, Reed or Jordy. When keeping Cam or Reed, Jordy never makes it to me at pick 2.01, however when I keep Jordy, I am able to at least grab one of those other guys. Just seem to like the teams I end up with when keeping those 3 WR's every time. Also, FWIW, my team ranks 99%/99%/94% chance of making the playoffs when I keep Jordy and run mocks. Think I am going to keep him barring any issues with his knees
  13. not "my one-keeper league". "My one keeper league," as in that one over there that isn't a redraft league but rather a 2-man keeper
  14. Totally. I'm keeping him and ODB in my one keeper league. If I was in redraft I'd take him at 1.01 all day.
  15. Arguably the highest ceiling, highest floor, most consistent, proven track record, high character, no suspension concerns, on a great offense, top 5 QB throwing to him. IMO, that is exactly what you want in a first round pick, all the way up to 1.01. I personally always overthink things, so there is a voice inside my head saying this is the year that he regresses. But that is completely unfounded and based on nothing more than my own 'gut-feeling' that whenever there is a no-brainer pick, its usually too good to be true.