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  1. No she’s not a journalist. She spews bs conspiracy theories constantly.
  2. Okay I don’t disagree. But tucker often says, on his show, that he is not a journalist nor a reporter. He says he’s an entertainer. He lays it out. Does maddow do the same?
  3. Meh. I don’t see you taking issue with Maddow doing the same damn thing day in day out. He’s a commentator. He has an opinion-one which you probably disagree with. But he’s free to speak it. Don’t watch if you don’t like what he’s saying.
  4. I know. He just looked like BDawk coming out of the tunnel before a game. Made me laugh.
  5. Who was the defender crawling on all fours after Ryan. That was...weird.
  6. Eagles -9.5 is offensive. Feel confident this will still be a game in the 4th quarter.
  7. starting him and Bridgewater with Watson on a bye. Should make for an enjoyable night.
  8. Sure, I should have specified my specific area of Delco.
  9. I’m out in Media. This has largely been my experience as well, although here in Delco it’s pretty red already. Trump obviously won’t win Philly but the suburbs surrounding are going to sway this election one way or the other. And of course whoever wins PA will almost certainly be our next president.