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  1. Wow, Miami, barely holds on. That helped a few people
  2. Win: Seattle, Denver, Miami Lose: LA, Indy, Cleveland
  3. Week 2 Win: Den Lose: Indy Used Win: Seattle, Used Lose: LA,
  4. Disagree, First rule of Survivor Pool is no Road winners. Then no Division games, then never bet for, or against the Chargers.....
  5. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- The Jacksonville Jaguars say running back Chris Ivory has been hospitalized with a ''general medical issue'' and won't play in the team's season opener against Green Bay. The Jaguars released a statement Sunday saying Ivory was inactive and had been admitted to a hospital. He was limited in three practices this week because of a calf injury. ''Chris Ivory is doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital in the next day or two,'' the Jaguars said. ''More info will be provided at that time.'' With Ivory out, running back T.J. Yeldon will start against the Packers and get the bulk of the work. The plan had been to have Ivory and Yeldon share carries. Ivory ran for 1,070 yards and seven touchdowns with the New York Jets last season. He signed a five-year, $32 million contract with Jacksonville in free agency. ---
  6. bump
  7. I'm in, love this game. Win: Seattle Lose: Miami
  8. Thanks for this thread, once again. Called Directtv today, and got NFL for free, and even received a refund of the first installment. Yes, I am a long time customer of Directtv, and they took care of me. No cancellation threats, just "please help me", was all I used. They do a good job of customer satisfaction, even if it costs them some money.
  9. Not sure if this has been stated, but reaching for a QB WR combo, or QB TE. Keenan first followed by Rivers. If I can't get that I go, Rivers first QB followed by TE Gates. I realize it's not much of a reach. But Keenan may go round 2/3 in my $6k pool. Rivers will go QB 6 in my league. Gates will go TE 8 in my league. So reaching for 2 of those (only 2 of them) means, Keenan, early round 2, Rivers QB 5 and Gates TE 4.
  10. My league gives a bonus (1/2 a touchdown, with a QB over 300 yards). So I was adding up the yards for J. Winston today, and I have different yards than CBS Sports http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2015102505/2015/REG7/buccaneers@redskins#menu=gameinfo%7CcontentId%3A0ap3000000565016&tab=recap and the NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2015102505/2015/REG7/buccaneers@redskins#tab=analyze&analyze=boxscore&menu=gameinfo%7CcontentId%3A0ap3000000564829 Yes 21 catches, but they total 307, those initials after the yards are the players who caught the pass. 1st Q 11:05 40 yds ME 8:02 29 yds LM 7:31 25 yds ME 6:04 10 yds DM 2:30 9 yds ME 1:55 11 yds DM 1:06 13 yds VJ 2nd Q 14:20 8 yds CS 11:41 7 yds DD 3:41 4 yds BR Half 3rd Q 14:51 14 yds DM 6:06 24 yds ME 5:04 6 yds LS 4:22 20 yds ME 4th Q 15:00 11 yds LS 6:40 16 yds ME 5:26 5 yds LS 4:45 14 yds ME :24 16 yds ME :18 6 yds CB :12 19 yds CS Total yards 307 Any comments? I am sure it affects more fantasy players than just me. Swamp
  11. TZMarkie, below is the link of the way Riversco ran it in 2013, and I think it's a good way to do it. It is much harder. Check it out. Pick a winner and a loser, every week, no repeats. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?/topic/699383-2013-survivor-wk-12-2-left-swampdog-vs-frog/?p=16225501 Swamp
  12. Hello TC, The Frog, Jeff Pasquino, anyone? We took a year off last year. Maybe someone wants to run this again?
  13. Collinsworth said it perfect. You subtract a LeVeon Bell and add a Haloti Ngata. Baltimore wins, in an upset.
  14. And the Overs win out, again, now 8 out of 9.