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  1. Biotech Stock Catalyst and FDA Calendar Search on Covid for a listing of what’s in the pipeline.
  2. Chat question that scrolled by: “Is cosjobs going to be healed soon by LL?” 😀
  3. About time. Must be on the positive side. Any details?
  4. This is ripped from one of Todem’s updates: The last true dip we had was back on the 11th-14th of May and was the last time I deployed cash into stocks. I bought a lot of great companies that day mid morning before the rally started that we are in right now. We bought: BA DFS DE JPM EXC PPL WRE XOM KO T VZ TAP PG
  5. What are the thoughts on timing of an up-listing and how it would affect things at this point? Haven’t heard as much discussion on it lately. TIA
  6. $714.29. I’ll be the one keeping the lights on when everybody jumps in their Lambos to get to their yachts. Also be available for yard work and other misc odd jobs while your out. Careful out there: New Money
  7. Wednesday NASCAR in a bit. Grabbed some Kenseth top 10 -105. Hootercars? @hooter311
  8. We did actually have Trump on tape saying “grab em by the #####” and they still voted for him. So, yeah, let’s talk about Dem hypocrisy now. Come on.
  9. Is there a thread dedicated to documenting the experiences of those who have tested positive? Actual symptoms, where/when/how infected (if known), timeline, medications - helpful vs not as helpful, etc. Less for news, more for how to deal with it if it actually happens to you.
  10. What’s everybody doing with their spring break plans? Travel out of the country a “hard no” at this point? Depends on the destination and your risk tolerance for a quarantine?
  11. Doesn’t really matter who it benefits in November when the GOP rigs the living hell out of these elections.
  12. In that case conservatives are way bigger POS than even I thought they were and I don’t have any issues with lumping them all together. Congrats?
  13. I remember these fine, upstanding American patriots being ok with impeaching Clinton. Was he removed from office? Must’ve been.