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  1. In that case conservatives are way bigger POS than even I thought they were and I don’t have any issues with lumping them all together. Congrats?
  2. I remember these fine, upstanding American patriots being ok with impeaching Clinton. Was he removed from office? Must’ve been.
  3. They don’t care. The GOP is only participating in Democracy at this point when it benefits them. An absolute disgrace. The other team is too soft to do anything about it. Neat system. Neat “choice”.
  4. There’s no way this guy is still interested in playing football at this point, right? WTH
  5. Title Genre MPAA/rating FBGuy Name Year/seasons Ex-English Netflix - Peaky Blinders series/TV-MA The Tahitian Facemask/2017 4seasons
  6. Sounds like loose battery terminal/connection actually.
  7. Another terrible person, disgrace to the country and republican favorite bails.