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  1. Crazy race. Hooter!!!!
  2. Going Harvick at 12-1 in the race tonight along with whatever better ideas hooter's got.
  3. Due to the high launch angle of my driver, I usually leave deep ball marks to fix on the short grass.
  4. Takes me at least three holes before I get in the groove.
  5. Played Klay o3 threes at even. No good reason. I've got limited options.
  6. Absolutely. I've had as much fun playing your cars as anything lately. Thanks for the plays!
  7. Wanted a third to go along with Hooters couple. Grabbed Larsen. Cars are dumb.
  8. Normally the "I'm trying too hard to be dirty" club doesn't do much for me but for some reason this chick is a little different. Probably the attitude. Like nothing would offend her. You could go AtM, MtP, BtC, P to her friends V, a tumbler of last nights tequila to F, the mashed potatoes to M.....basically anything goes. My wall splash gets tired just thinking of the endless possibilities. Will all due respect to her parents.
  9. Hoping for the best. Hang in and stay positive.
  10. Isn't Society a Vedder solo job and technically not PJ? Good song either way but doesn't come close to PJ's best IMO.
  11. Perfect. Been way too long since I listened to this one. Unreal. RIP.
  12. Gasol o17.5 pts+rebs. Any thoughts? More looks to go around without Parker?
  13. Has anybody actually seen a chick this big swim? Has it ever been documented anywhere ever? Exactly, because they don't. Do I walk around wearing a Major League Baseball uniform? No, because I'm not a ####in Major League Baseball player.
  14. It's a tough spot in the schedule for Utah. Their 4th game in 5 days. The second game of a B2B in Denver (high altitude) supposedly makes it tougher. I think somebody had some numbers on that last season. Overall, not a bad spot to play against. No idea on injuries though.
  15. Any worth playing next game at this point?