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  1. Another terrible person, disgrace to the country and republican favorite bails.
  2. You know, why aren’t the Dems calling out to anyone who will listen for dirt on Trump at this point? Whether it’s Norway or some 400 lb in the basement guy, I’m sure it’s out there. Let’s play that game. I know, there’s already plenty we know about him. So what? Quit being a bunch of pushovers. Do it now. Use the “hey [insert name of foreign adversary here] if your listening....” line and everything. Get in the game.
  3. When the dinosaur gave Jon a funny look for making out with his mom. Or was the look because he knew he was watching an aunt make out with her nephew? Who knows? Either way, hijinks all around.
  4. Arya should take out Dany on the down low. Steal her face, do the whole Clark Kent/Superman thing. That way she could be a hot blonde chick, rule the 7 kingdoms and ride a dinosaur when she was up for it. Also, she could go back to being silent assassin Arya and hook up with Gendry again when she felt like taking junkets up north to visit Sansa and whatnot. Win-Win for everybody. Of course her bumbling hand Tyrion would schedule them both to be in the same place within hours of her telling him and It all goes sideways. Ship it to the iron bank bromigos.
  5. A couple random Friday Churchill plays from an above average horse player for the action junkies. Churchill race 11 W/P/S #10 Churchill race 12 W/P/S #8 I’ll throw in a small daily double with those also. GL
  6. This is one of the most Caucasian things I’ve ever seen. Come on whitey. Knock it off.
  7. Hoping the “old friend “ Bran is waiting for is Hodor. Maybe Bran gets in a couple hot laps or wargs into him to go ham on some walkers for old times sake.
  8. How long after he gets pardoned before he’s hit with crimes at the state level he can’t be pardoned for?
  9. I’ll take a shot now that it’s down to a commitment level I can handle.