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  1. It's a tough spot in the schedule for Utah. Their 4th game in 5 days. The second game of a B2B in Denver (high altitude) supposedly makes it tougher. I think somebody had some numbers on that last season. Overall, not a bad spot to play against. No idea on injuries though.
  2. Any worth playing next game at this point?
  3. I messed around with this while out for the Breeders Cup late Oct/early Nov. Hit on a Mariota across the board that closed at 33-1 in a pool of late game QB's. You guys would clean up on this. Definitely worth a look if you're out there. I don't know how stuff works. This is referring to the USFANTASY stuff Swirve posted.
  4. Has Artavis Scott ever gone under? Happy New Year GamblerGuys. I'll tack .01 on my BAC tonight for every guy I've won money tailing in here at some point. That should get me plenty toasted. Great job all! Be safe tonite.
  5. Thanks ref. Hammered at a casino trying to add on some extra fun. All good. Good luck to all on the plays and drinks.
  6. I'll take a shot at translating for the late NBA crowd. Swirve can't see but he's going to handicap Pitt/Buffalo for frosty. That or something about the handicapped bukkake for frosty.....
  7. i would never expect lefties to be named here. Why would they be? What we're going to get is a hard line righty circle-jerk by a bunch clowns that shouldn't be taken seriously by rational people. Ben Carson - Secretary of Education. Really? Lets make Joe the Plumber Secretary of Trade. Total ####-show from day 1.
  8. This is going to be a ####-show like we have never seen. What a circus. Bunch of true leaders capable of the avoiding the partisan jackassery the right is all about? I even took W seriously for a while but there's no chance with this. Just a joke.
  9. Been mainly lurking around, rarely posting since cheatsheets. Was 2Close2Hate there. Remember being on the night this guy with the more straightforward username of 'Jason Wood' was posting a bunch shark level fanasy info on WR performance, etc and Joe contacting him mid-thread about a gig. Wasn't on for 9/11 but could not break away from the Boston bomber chase/shootout/subsequent search thread as it went down.
  10. Yeah, the Packers beat the Bears last night. This could've literally been any of us. Today is basically a statewide hangover holiday. Let old girl rub some condiments on other peoples' cars, pets, property, whatever it takes before the deep freeze sets in and we don't thaw out until March (AKA Wisky drink in the shower month).
  11. Take her to a haunted house so you can punch her in the face without her knowing it was you.
  12. Why is it bad for the country if the "base", that has proven it isn't rational for a long time now, marginalizes itself even more? Why should they be involved in the conversation at this point? Let 'em have their Trump tv and bark at the moon. I guess I don't see any point in attempting to have productive dialogue at this point either. I don't see evidence it's possible. I've seen Joe the Plumber, Palin and obstruction on the way down the creditability ladder to Trump. Lost cause. Wasting our time here. Maybe it would be better if the country moved on. And I realize Hillary sucks too.