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  1. Why is it bad for the country if the "base", that has proven it isn't rational for a long time now, marginalizes itself even more? Why should they be involved in the conversation at this point? Let 'em have their Trump tv and bark at the moon. I guess I don't see any point in attempting to have productive dialogue at this point either. I don't see evidence it's possible. I've seen Joe the Plumber, Palin and obstruction on the way down the creditability ladder to Trump. Lost cause. Wasting our time here. Maybe it would be better if the country moved on. And I realize Hillary sucks too.
  2. One more breakdown and I'm abandoning this piece of junk on the side of the road. With this kind of mileage I'll just plan on driving her until the wheels fall off. Can't believe the high level of reliability given the really low maintenance. Worth every penny.
  3. And you know what they call a shocker in Paris? A Pierre-Paul. Part of one or whatever's left in th...
  4. Krombacher Dark
  5. I've got a 2013 because I rented one on vacation and liked it. Had about 25,000 miles when I paid about 18k for it a year and a half ago. Now has 60,000. It's been reliable. A couple recalls for minor issues. Performance with the 2.0 eco boost is decent. Mileage has been around 26.5, mostly highway, which is a bit disappointing considering I don't drive aggressively much. It's solid all-around, doesn't blow me away. Nice enough car but I'd keep my options open if I had it to do over. Not sure what's out there for around 12k. How are the prop guys feeling about David Johnson receiving overs? Think I'm liking 'em. Seems like a mismatch vs. Pack lb's.
  6. +355 tonightCha- ching Nice. Didn't think the Bucks were particularly good. Schedule did most of the work for 'em. Warriors legs were dead. Bucks @ Warriors again on Friday. Should be ugly.
  7. One of the most "rock n' roll" things ever:
  8. Originally posted by Tommyboy in the the "When do we go in and wipe out ISIS" thread. Longer, but interesting. No idea who we're for or against in this one. We're quick to jump on Putin's stuff no matter what, but Turkey is apparently propping up ISIS. Obama's been softer (viewed as weaker) than some would like, but why should we be in the middle of this cluster of a quagmire of a goat rodeo? What's the win by being more aggressive? That's not argumentative, just a question. I don't see the upside.
  9. Putting a 13-0 NBA streak on the line with Porzingis u 13 pts -110 And good.....
  10. Any opinion on Ertz -2.5 yards over Donnell?
  11. And after Can we get a spoiler tag here? As in, if you click this link it'll spoil any erections you planned on having in the next two months. Actually gave me a raging de-rection.
  12. My heart might have had less blue balls if we would've gotten a look at some actual McAdams parts last night. Close, but no go. Season 1 >>>>>>>> Season 2 as Titty McBlueyes >>>>>>>> Bitter McBrowneye.
  13. If there was a prize for being the fattest supermodel, she would eat it.
  14. Can you tell your mom to quit banging every random stray that roams through the yard?