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  1. At first I thought Allen by a bunch, but I think I was hasty. I still prefer that side, but I would want to know where the 2020 pick was apt to be. I also realize I don't like Cohen quite as much as other folks.
  2. Luck Adams and Chubb for me. Kinda easily in a league of that size where it's even more important to have 3 good players instead of 2.
  3. You need to flesh this out a little? Are you saying the assistant commish used his access powers to see an offer you made to another team?
  4. I don't feel like I need to go somewhere else to gloat, Johnny. I mean if I can't gloat here, why am I paying for my 18 free lifetime FootballGuys memberships? Huh? And BTW, I'm actually not gloating. I like my side of the deal a little, but there's always that uneasy feeling when someone snap-accepts that you're missing something... or you could've gotten more. Also kinda relieved to have the Meno-stamped seal of approval. Kid knows his craft.
  5. FFPC Dyno: I just traded Gurley for Chubb and Hunt. Panic trade? The dude snap-accepted my offer. I am feeling like I just... played it safe at the expense of a higher ceiling. Kinda hoping some other team offers Hunt (who will be a FRA) a monster contract in 2020 and I end up with two bell cows. But right now, I'm like.... ehhhhh.
  6. Hoss!
  7. I usually have a pretty good handle on, you know, stuff. But I have no idea whether either Marshawn Lynch or Doug Martin are worth a #######. They're still in the league, right? Need to cut down to 16 in my FFPC dynos in a couple weeks and these guys will factor into my decision-making on a couple of my sketchier teams (sad!). Can someone pleae throw me a clue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Are we talking about Guice? I was just offered... Jamison Crowder... in an FFPC high stakes Dyno. Is there a "Post bad Guice offers" thread? This might qualify.
  9. Thanks. And yes, any topic on which I post will be in a new thread because I am, after all... me. You're totally lucky I am even responding to you, officer. It's your lucky day. Congrats!
  10. Thanks for that insightful analysis. Annnnnd... I'm back out. If that was your diabolical plan all along... congrats.
  11. Any of you Steelers people have an update on this? Kinda weird there's no definitive report on this. TIA.
  12. I have to scramble back to my charts. I like the Cooper side a ton. And I'm not really a "Cooper guy."