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  1. So with how Deandre played at the end of the year. If Murray moves on. Could this be a DW60%/ J.Richard 40% backfield next year?
  2. What size of league? Like a 16 team league? Late or what?
  3. I guess this is my point. I agree with Steelers1080. I am totally ok in a 16 team Dynasty league seeing him in the 40 to 50 WR range and taking him there. Could I wait longer? Sure but in a league full of a bunch of Footballguys members you never know how early is too early and how late is too late. I put him in the 40 to 50 WR range because of the following: Matt Waldman is keeping him in a 12 team 40+ man roster Dynasty league, he is only 25/26 yrs old still, went to rehab so he obviously wants to fix what he has struggled with, posted current workout videos on twitter/Instagram in the past 2 weeks that he is training and working hard to get ready for 2017. I mean he had Campbell and Weeden throwing to him when he put up over 1600 yards and 10 TD's in 14 games. Yes that is 2 yrs ago, yes I know you guys can post workout videos too and that doesn't mean your automatically a top 20 WR. Yes I get all that. But the reasons above (upside and reward) outweigh the risk and bust factor. Which is why in my case 8 picks later I took Malcolm Mitchell to hedge my bet. To each his own. I'm willing to take the risk.
  4. I personally would much rather have Mitchell then Boyd.
  5. It's a 16 team dynasty idp balanced scoring startup. I have Dez Bryant, Breshad Perriman, Josh Gordon and took Malcolm Mitchell the same round (as insurance if Gordon) doesn't work out.
  6. I guess going to Rehab for 30 plus days, and the recent training videos doesn't have you convinced. Upside is to great for me to have him drop past WR45.
  7. So where are people seeing Mitchell go in mocks or dynasty startup drafts? I'd say high WR3 or a little more?
  8. Drafted Josh Gordon in 16 tm Dyn IDPstartup. Took him round 8 and was WR like 44. Here's hoping
  9. Funny how this turned from Shepard and Thomas to OBJ and Cooks. Lol.
  10. Can Shepard play on the outside wr spots well too?
  11. All valid points. Shepard seems more WR2/WR3 material. Thomas is WR1 as a rookie in a 16 tm league. So yeah I get it.
  12. Looking at moving up in a dynasty idp ppr startup. Wanted to move up 2 rnds. But would have to give up Michael Thomas and get Sterling Shepard. So I've seen FBG (one staff member) have Thomas at 13 for WRs and Shepard at 19. That isn't much of a gap. The huddle has Shepard at 26 though which is. What do you guys think is the gap between Thomas and Shepard?
  13. Considering this The two most elusive running backs in 2016 were… Jalen Richard and Kenneth Dixon. https://t.co/vuhjvvdAmm and they threw 2/3rds of the time. And Dixon didn't play until halfway through the season. I doubt they just take a top 3 RB and say Dixon can't be the guy already. West is a free agent. So they want to find a good replacement for him I'm sure.
  14. I think it is interesting that his combine numbers are almost identical to Devonta Freeman. And Dixon could grow into a similar type of player.
  15. I agree with you on some level. Hyde has an injury history that worries me though.