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  1. Went against Perry Riley for much of the day. Not every team will be dumb enough to cover him with LBs... It's a pick your poison. If you go nickel, the Eagles just run it down your throat. If you go with a base, they send Ertz or Matthews against a LB. Once Kelly gets a personnel grouping he can exploit, he does. The other teams defense determines who has the big game, the Eagles just take what they're given. Agreed. I'm just saying it would be wise to temper expectations. It's not like he was outside roasting Hall or Amerson. He has a lot of potential for sure, but there are many stinker weeks coming. Don't get cute and start him if you aren't having bye week blues... hater
  2. Bunch of excuses coming from Martin owners....
  3. What's his trade value now? Guy in my league paid in the offseason Harvin, J. Thomas (DEN) and DMAC which looking back isn't bad. I threw out there Matthews and a 1st 2015 and thought that was more than fair.
  5. He did good last night but all the RBs did...after all they played the Cowgirls
  6. Oh ya I forgot that Bradshaw looked great against them too.Bradshaw got hurt...nothing new there! But Wilson last two games against a real defense he didn't do squat11 total touches in 2 games. What were you expecting?About the same thing as today...nothing special against a good defense....who is Lumpkin? He did better....just saying
  7. Oh ya I forgot that Bradshaw looked great against them too.Bradshaw got hurt...nothing new there! But Wilson last two games against a real defense he didn't do squat
  8. Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Cole Beasley is poised to make a massive impact on the fantasy football world now that Miles Austin is once again injured.
  9. I was at this practice and can confirm these we talking about practice....wait til game time and JJ will be the same JJ as the past
  10. It's not about expectations. No one is saying he's not living up to expectations. I think we're just saying we're not ready to crown his ### like many seem to be. What he's doing for the Ravens, another 20 QBs in the league could be doing. That's all. It's still really impressive for a rookie, but not impressive for starting NFL QB. Were you impressed with what Dilfer did with Baltimore? Did that make him a star in your eyes?Whoa there, hoss, all I said was he did what he was expected to do, I'm not trying to crown him as anything except one of the best rookie QBs we've ever seen. I disagree with a comparison to Dilfer as much as I disagree with a comparison to Manning, tho. Personally, I think he has more potential than you seem to, but all I'm trying to say is that he doesn't suck. I agree that today's performance was great, for a rookie, would've been mediocre for a 3-4 year vet. hes not even the best rookie qb this season.You don't have to sell me on that, just check my avatar, but to say he's not one of the best ever is selling him short, IMO. Not sure where the confusion is coming from, I said outright it would've been mediocre if it weren't for the fact that he was a rookie. I don't know if you can quantify it with stats, but the kid's won two playoff games with 0 turnovers. He, Peyton and Ben are the only QBs in the playoffs this year without a turnover, that in itself is pretty good stuff.
  11. someone here thinks he'll be as good as Tom Brady
  12. The Ravens may win with D but the D hasn't really changed since last season when they couldn't manage to win more than 4 games.The principle differences between this and last season are on offense. Harbaugh, Cameron & Flacco. The kid deserves some credit. I agree w/ this but people are trying to insinuate he will be the next Peyton Manning.....