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  1. I understand what everyone is saying about owners that just give up... I'm talking about a guy who was 1 game out of a tie for 1st with 2 weeks to go! He goes and takes a 0 @ QB playing against the guy in the #2 spot???? It stinks to high heaven IMO!!!
  2. You know that we've been doing this for a long time now and have given thought to everything that happens with the FFPC and specifically the Footballguys Players Championship. This is an age old issue in fantasy football and has to be dealt with by every single commissioner and when it comes to an event like the FFPC or FPC, it's a much more complicated matter. I am betting you probably know this already. The reason we have the "hands off" position when it comes to team neglect and/or abandonment (unless it's a malicious attempt at sabotage) is because we have not come up with a valid solution that addresses the problem and doesn't create unwanted consequences. The suggestion given a couple of posts above in writing a program that automatically sets lineups has been considered by us and discussed with both RTSports and our current developer and we are not satisfied that it would be a better alternative to the hands off approach. I know this may not make sense to some of you here but when you are talking about 7000+ teams, what may seem like a simple solution becomes complicated when examined from various angles of a game operator. That's before you get to the actual job of developing the code and making sure it functions correctly. RTSports has something in place that does what the above posts suggests and we discussed it a couple of years ago when we were still with them. We decided against it as it did not function to our satisfaction and created the unwanted consequences I keep mentioning. I know that team neglect/abandonment is frustrating, especially when it works against you. It also often works for you - no one complains when that happens, of course. We would love to eventually find a way to solve or curtail this issue but I just don't see a fix on the horizon. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and this is a perfect example of it. So before anyone decides to leave the FFPC for another contests because of this, be sure you are fully aware what the other contests do in these situations, if it's any different from our position. And if it is, how exactly it functions and impacts the contest. In my league this week the guy who didn't pick up any QB to play was only 1 game out of a tie for 1st and playing the guy in the #2 spot overall. he looses by less than 5 points by taking a goose egg at QB. This team DID make waiver pickups this week but no QB. It stinks big time to the point I wonder about collusion...