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  1. We the People Not THIS people.... ..."a government that is big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have" TJ
  2. Government = Politicians. How could anyone put their faith and trust in someone who lies to make a living?
  3. Be honest. What is the highest level science course you completed? 6th grade? Honestly....12th grade (just like most) HOWEVER...during MY 12 grades of was global COOLING!! Beware of the oncoming ICE AGE!! Look....a foot print!! BIG FOOT LIVES!! (send money) Your science teachers failed you. Your understanding of the scientific method is lacking, to say the least. But you listen to the "smart' scientists....not those dummies who don't agree with the mantra? have Leo DIcaprio, Al Gore, and many others who talk the talk then leave a carbon footprint bigger than a Sasquatch... oh...but they buy carbon offsets....I'm sure Sasquatch?? BIG FOOT LIVES!! (send money)
  4. Just in case anyone was curious..... Whoa...Boulder CO.??? The most liberal city West of the Mississippi?? How the HELL did THIS get printed???
  5. Be honest. What is the highest level science course you completed? 6th grade? Honestly....12th grade (just like most) HOWEVER...during MY 12 grades of was global COOLING!! Beware of the oncoming ICE AGE!! Look....a foot print!! BIG FOOT LIVES!! (send money)
  6. I agree. It IS sad. It's sad that people can believe anything....without a shred of evidence...simply because they want to believe. 18yr old Seniors in high school have not experienced a single day of "global warming" yet, they've been brainwashed since birth that it exists. Hook, line, and sinker....we need more expensive light bulbs!! Why? Well...besides the fact that GE wants to make more money.....we can save the environment!! Oh...but you'll need to call a hazmat team if you break one. Is the climate changing? Absolutely Has it been changing since the Earth's conception? Absolutely Will it continue to change in ways we have NO idea about? Absolutely Are we the cause of it? Doubtful Can we do anything to make it "optimal" What is "optimal"? What temperature SHOULD it be? If we've screwed it up, someone should be able to tell us what the temperature SHOULD be.....right? I wonder how much crap was spewed into the atmosphere during the eruptions of Mt Pinatubo, Mt St Helens, Novarupta, Santa Maria, Karkatoa...etc...etc...etc....but somehow, with all those countless volcanic eruptions, here we are. Did WE clean those up? Did WE "fix" the atmosphere after any of these events? on a pine tree!!! BIGFOOT LIVES!! ....send me my money.
  7. I know enough to know when a sham is a sham Go ahead Dr. me ONE BIT of evidence of global warming, climate change, global cooling, global disruption that is not a computer model....or a pic of a polar bear. Besides....Bigfoot exists!! The science has been settled!! now....send me my money.
  8. Nobody got the memo? It is now "Global Disruption". Hey....if the govt. would throw BILLIONS of dollars at me to study Bigfoot....that big, hairy, mother####er would not only exist....he'd ride a skateboard, drink latte, and eat vegan. Whatever it took to keep that money rolling in....I'd PROVE that he exists......and the debate would be over! I would give definitive dates on which he was to show up. When he failed to show....I'd have a reason for it and change the date....again and again. I may have to change his name every now and then just to keep everyone engaged....but he WILL exist! Of course, all of my data may have to be "tweaked" in favor of proving Bigfoot exists and be completely made up of computer models....but there would be no debating the point because if I admit there is no Bigfoot....the money stops.. case closed.
  9. I cannot believe that people have to pay more per month for health insurance than they pay for their house! I currently belong to a "protected class". I'm work for the Govt and therefore, pay about $250/month for my family's health care....and somehow, it is compliant with our king's decree! I cannot believe that this ponzi scheme was crammed down the throats of America. I'd bet over half of the members of this board are still on their mommy's and daddy's insurance.
  10. I wouldn't bother with Varmint. He's relying on World Net Daily for his science. Of course....don't listen to anyone who disagrees.... Stick with CNBC and CNN....they're the only source of "facts that you'll agree with. You see...and there's the rub. The first thing you do when you read an article is see who the source is. If it isn't a left leaning liberal rag, you'll immediately discount it as "radical right" The problem is, CNBC, CNN, etc....WON'T report anything other than what the left wants them to post. Most of what I post is nothing more than a rebuttal of what was originally know...the truth about the lie you believe. I post a video of Al Gore saying something seven years ago that has been PROVEN false...yet you don't see that part of it. MAYBE...just maybe...if he was wrong about that....he just MAY be wrong about something else.?? maybe?? You think MAYBE...that someone is making money off of "global warming"???? Maybe?? Oh hell no. The left spews gobble it up and regurgitate it. I cannot believe anyone LIKES being lied to and won't even TRY to find out the truth.'s your hole in the sand...go ahead and bury your empty head in it. I still haven't seen a single "global warming" prediction that wasn't based on a computer model. I guess that THIS is all I need to see to believe that the ice caps are melting... Hey...what else could it be?
  11. In 2007, Al Gore predicted "it (the polar ice cap) could be GONE is as little as seven years". Someone publishes a picture of a polar bear on a small piece of ice and all of a sudden..."THE POLAR BEARS HAVE NO PLACE TO LIVE!!" The bottom line is that Global Warming=$$$$$. I'm old enough to remember when the big threat was global cooling."WE'RE HEADING FOR ANOTHER ICE AGE!!' First, cooling....then change.Duh....the climate on this berg has been "changing" since day one and will continue to change whether the cows fart or not.If "climate change" were to be absolutely accepted as bunk, every scientist who draws grant money from studying "climate change" would have to find something else to study that pays. If "climate change" were to be absolutely accepted as bunk, every business that makes a nickel from "green technology" would go broke...some already have. Every study that "proves" global warming has been based solely on computer models....none of which have been correct. The fact is that the planet has not warmed, not even a fraction of a degree, over the past 15 years. Talk about "scare tactics". The final word goes to George:
  12. Just watching our country go down the ####ter.

  14. Yeah buddy...."shut up and go away....problem solved".... How about we just keep "chatting it up" until we are using $10 to wipe our asses? Or, we'll stop when you can no longer buy a 32oz soda in NYC....oh wait....that's already happened....hasn't it?
  15. Seriously?? You actually believe what you see on CNN is the entire truth??? You seriously believe that the media does not lean left? There are two examples in the video in the OP. Go to 8:43 Watch THAT and then explain. "There is none so blind as those who will not see". are a fool for not questioning what you hear....from either side of an issue. If you believe what you hear without checking it are a fool and deserve what you get.