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  1. I am legitimately surprised at how many media members have been targeted by police during these protests/riots. That is a little scary that they (police) are so brazen about it.
  2. The choice of language was certainly crass. But, in my lifetime, I have not seen a single president so hellbent on dividing the country, and driving it into chaos. That people approve of such "leadership" is indeed troubling.
  3. Lets cut to the chase: Are you proud of the state of the United States today? Are you proud of the direction this country is headed? Are you proud of the leadership of President Trump?
  4. I look at racism as a scale, not a binary condition. We are all (100%) on that scale somewhere.
  5. Where am I assuming that only racist cops use excessive force?
  6. This is one of the fundamental problems that is difficult to grasp: The issue is not "bad cops", the issue is systemic racism that permeates the justice system, and allows for policies that end up disproportionally impacting black americans. Take the death of Ahmad Arbery - it was tragic that the McMichaels killed him, but the real problem extended far beyond the McMichaels and Arbery - the judicial system initially decided the McMichaels did nothing wrong. That is a systemic problem that is intertwined into the fabric of society, whether we acknowledge it or not. Also, George Floyd - the killing of FLoyd was bad. But what was/is worse is that the cops on the scene saw nothing wrong with Chauvin's actions. The DA struggled to find something wrong with Chauvin's actions (and if you read the complaint, its not clear the DA really believes the Chauvin did anything wrong even today). A society where those in power see nothing wrong with these actions is infinitely more troublesome than "bad cops" And there are a lot of "good cops" who know this culture exists, and stand silently by - just like the cops who stood by while Chauvin killed Floyd (and who have not faced any charges of their own).
  7. That also assumes a random distribution of people become police officers - I would posit that those that self-select into that group, tend to be a little more authoritarian, and that the % of authoritarians who are racist are higher than the general public.
  8. Only happens to Spurs: "Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has informed José Mourinho he will need to sell players to fund a move for free agent Willian."
  9. Yeah - back to back races behind closed doors in Austria I think they will do something similar at Silverstone in England - 2 weekends of closed door racing.
  10. 🤔 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump To the leaders of Iran - DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!
  11. Well, the first step to recovery is acknowledging the problem. If we can't acknowledge the problem, we will never solve it.
  12. A couple of comments from NSA Robert O'Brien: Zeke Miller @ZekeJMiller O'Brien on CNN on police forces: "I don't think there's systemic racism...but there are some bad apples in there...There are a few bad apples that are giving law enforcement a bad name...We need to root them out," Kelly O'Donnell@KellyO National Security Adviser, Robert O'Brien says rioters are "using military tactics. It has to be stopped." Both statements demonstrate a tone-deafness and lack of understanding the situation, and ensures that nothing will be done to address the underlying issues.
  13. Not true. It was because it registered as a blip that we now know about it....
  14. we were watching the same feed - older daughter immediately said: "Fake Landing!" ETA - they had been showing the ship, just moments before this, when that camera cut out, then they cut back to the stage 1, standing upright.
  15. No Wisconsinite would willingly let someone else hold their beer.
  17. Sadly, its all too believable. And even more sad - many people want this kind of President.
  18. Sorry about your wife Dickies - I hope she finds something for the new year. We could use more dedicated teachers like her teaching our kids.
  19. Just imagine, one of the qualifications for Joe Biden is that he wants a female VP? In which case, there are no qualified male candidates who are being excluded. I can think of several reasons why gender could be a qualifying factor for Joe. First, it sends a strong message to female voters that Joe values a female perspective in a leadership role. Second, irrespective of Joe's feelings, having a diversity of opinions and perspectives is important when you are trying to govern everyone - not just the white males. Third, for women and girls around the country, the symbolic gesture alone to break that particular glass ceiling is immense. Having role models that look like you is important for society - and lifts everyone up. My guy was, and still is Buttigieg. I would love nothing better than for him to get some experience as a VP for Joe, and then be in position to run for President again in 4 years. But I also am the father to two teenage daughters, and I see how important it is to them to have a female leadership voice, and I recognize that is a value that makes everyone better. When it comes to the VP role there really is no "most qualified" person. Its a binary choice - you are either qualified, or you are not. And, there are many ways to become qualified. You don't have to be a senator or a governor to be "qualified". There is no singular path to leadership.
  20. Its more about turn-out, than how red the rural part of the state is relative to the urban areas.