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  1. Impossible to do, but here are a random 5. There is a Light That Never Goes Out-The Smiths The Rain Song-Led Zeppelin What's Going On-Marvin Gaye Would?-Alice in Chains Lazy Eye-Silversun Pickups
  2. Snail Mail-Pristine
  3. One of the greatest hard rock albums of all time.
  4. Ian Thornley is a monster guitar player too. Way underappreciated. check this out.
  5. Dead Poet's Society- "Oh captain, my captain" scene. 😪
  6. I saw the John Joseph Cro-Mags last year. They brought it. JJ is still electric. He's in great shape, and didn't miss a beat.
  7. April Wine-I Like To Rock
  8. HUM-In The Den New album Inlet out now.
  9. So I should look at higher end cans? I can have the volume on my desktop maxed out with my headphones now, and it's still not loud enough. They're 32 ohm headphones. It might be my crappy onboard sound. That's why I bought the amp/dac (Schiit Magni3+/Modi stack).
  10. I just bought a little Schiit desktop headphone amp. My PC audio just wasn't cutting it. I'm just cutious if anyone here uses one. I'm also looking to purchase some new headphones. My old Sennheiser HD-201's are toast. Any input is appreciated.