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  1. I hate the NCAA BS, but this is pretty cut and dry. Penny previously gave a million dollar donation to Memphis, and then paid to have Wiseman and his family moved to Memphis in 2018. He's not only a booster, he's now the coach. Clear violation.
  2. NCAA says Penny Hardaway was a booster. Wow! Huge loss for Memphis, and NCAA basketball this season.
  3. Saw them a few times in the 90's. Chicago 96', I believe, at the Aragon Ballroom, was one of the better shows that I've ever been to.
  4. Best news that I've heard all week!
  5. Frankie Cosmos-Windows
  6. Calphalon is the move. Take care of it, and it will last for years.
  7. Probably De Niro in Taxi Driver. Nothing worse than a fake NY accent.
  8. New album dropped yesterday. It's quite good.
  9. Converge-Reptilian
  10. Haven't picked up a PRS SE in years, but people rave about these for the $$$.
  11. I'm buying my son a new electric guitar for his birthday. My budget is $800. He has a few guitars now, a Fender Mustang, a MIM Strat, and a Yamaha acoustic. He wants something versatile with passive humbuckers. I've been looking at a few different Charvel models (San Dimas, and So Cal). I'm also considering a higher end Epi LP. So many choices. He plays a little bit of everything, but mostly classic and Indie rock type stuff. If you had an $800 budget, what non Fender guitars would you be looking at?
  12. Bob Mould-Heartbreak A Stranger