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  1. Honestly, It's pretty cool that this board is still going. Most of us are around the same age. I miss the way social media used to be. Nostalgia for infinity.
  2. 91-92 Nirvana-Nevermind Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger Pantera-Vulgar Display of Power Kyuss-Blues For the Red Sun My Bloody Valentine-Loveless Alice in Chains-Dirt Smashing Pumpkins-Gish
  3. Really? This is absurd.
  4. Just your standard obstruction and witness tampering. No big deal.
  5. Republicans stuck with Nixon until they no longer could. They're going to do the same with Trump. The unindicted co-conspirator will eventually fall. Every single day, I ask myself, what if President Obama did this? It's beyond laughable at this point.
  6. When healthy, Anthony Davis is the best player in the league. He's capable of putting up a 31+ PER every season.
  7. Love the effort put into this Shuke. It's everything that is great about classic message boards.
  8. Been crushing this song lately. Power Trip-Ruination Great band on Southern Lord.
  9. Paw-Lolita
  10. He hasn't read it. He's still clamoring about Hillary.