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  1. To me this is just plain stupid! I would rather they used the money they used to sign Graham. While TE is a big need (I hate the Graham signing) nothing happens on offense without a competent O line. If they weren't going to throw big money at Austin Hooper than they should have waited. Heck I would rather have a 40 year old Jason Witten than Graham and they could have saved a ton of money. Graham must have pictures that he is using to blackmail Ryan Pace from his days with the Saints because I think they paid about $10 million more than any other NFL team would have. There should be some bargain O linemen that they can bring in to compete now that most of the big names have signed.
  2. The O Line is the most important thing for them to address and so far they haven't done squat. It doesn't matter who they sign on offense because they can't block anyone. Long was a shell of himself last year because of injuries and the rest of the line seemed to fall apart. I think Daniels was their only consistent O lineman last season. If Pace doesn't address this soon through both the draft and free agency than should be fired.
  3. I didn't read the article but it bugs me from the standpoint of the Bears signing 3 FAs because of their failure to draft players at those positions. (Mitch, Floyd and Shaheen). That is 2 high firsts and a 2nd. I am glad they are moving on (Not necessarily from Mitch) but they need to start hitting on their top draft choices when they aren't traded away. I know this is a Mitch thread so I won't discuss the other moves but the title of the article rubs me the wrong way but I'll get over it. I still hope to be proven wrong about Mitch LOL. I heard one of the "experts" on ESPN say if you watch his highlight film you would think he was as good as any of the top QBs in football because he can make all the throws and is loaded with talent. What they neglected to mention is that he makes those throws when the team is down by double digits against soft defenses. Maybe he did have issues with his non-throwing shoulder and the play calling. There was a short period last year where he looked competent but he looked awful again when the competition got tougher.
  4. I guess I am in the minority here and absolutely love the Bears signings. I think Graham will be great. Jimmy Graham went from being a pro bowl player to getting injured, losing a step and being mediocre at best. The only natural progression for him is to return to his pro bowl form like all players do when they get older. Jimmy Graham's QB was horrible last year and now he is lucky to have 2 great QBs to get him the ball. Is there a better QB situation in the NFL than Foles/Trubisky. All the free agents are going to flock to Chicago to play with them. On a serious note I like Quinn better than Floyd. I really thought Floyd would have a breakout season last year playing with Mack. I would have signed Floyd to a huge contract if the Bears played the Packers every week. He seemed to show up against them and disappear against everyone else.
  5. I am sure you saw all his games live including the Olympics. To me this is a silly poll on this site. You could ask who was better - Eli Manning or Otto Graham on this site and most people would probably pick Eli because they never saw Graham play. Maybe Eli is a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. I would say maybe 2% of the people on this site saw Sayers play in his prime because you would have to be around 70.
  6. As far as football accomplishments it is definitely Sayers. As a few people said "what if" Bo committed to football full-time than I think he would have been one of the all-time greats. If Sayers didn't get injured he might be one of the greatest RBs of all-time as well.. It's too bad they didn't have the technology to fix his knee like they do today. He made the hall-of-fame and only played 4 or 5 seasons on good knees. From what I have been told, his last 2 seasons he transformed himself into a power running back and led the NFL in rushing despite averaging under 4 YPC (Too lazy to look up the exact total). I never saw Sayers play but I am a Bears fan. I assumed you picked these 2 because their careers were shortened by injuries.
  7. I am still worried about the game's outcome because of your earlier post
  8. Kept hearing that the Packers are a much different team than the last time they met - I agree with that because they look worse
  9. It didn't really hurt them in that situation thanks to Gould. Better than an interception.
  10. So I take it you are ecstatic that he will be the starter next year. I don't see any magical FA they can get that they can develop into a top-tiered starter based on their O line and TE needs. I would love to see someone like Winston come to Chicago so he can throw for 4000 Yards with 20 TDs and 50 Ints. This offseason they would be better off trying to upgrade the offensive line and bring in one of the failed starters from another team for competition based on who is expected to be available. I have not been impressed with the list I have seen of available FA QBs. I don't trust Bridgewater to pay him 20Mil a season and think he was greatly helped by Sean Payton offense with the Saints skilled players. I might be wrong but I don't think the Bears situation is ideal and he would get killed next year. A failed veteran starter for competition that will be a lower priced would be an ideal candidate to bring in (Most don't work out like Tannehill but who knows). I also don't have faith in the coaching staff developing a QB based on what we have seen so far.
  11. Full PPR TE - Waller or Henry (Playing each other @LAC) WR - Moore @IND, Kupp @SF, Thielen vs GB (Pick 2) Picked up the Denver D and have them in @ home against the Lions. Baltimore is my other D @ Cleveland. Is that a mistake? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  12. I probably am starting him but I am looking at a few other options as well. It is either him or I could pick up Dalton @ Miami, Mustachio @ ATL or Trubisky Vs KC. So far i like Winston the best but that could change later this week.
  13. I made it with less than 2 to spare. Luckily he was shut out in the 2nd half because it looked dire. woohoo.