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  1. Last year Wims showed a ton of flashes in the preseason. From everything I read (including this thread) he is going to make the team and looks great in practice. This is a guy who should be on people's radar as a free agent acquisition only if one of the top 3 WRs goes down. Miller has had his share of injuries but I think AR, Miller and Gabriel will be the main 3 with Wims and Ridley getting some work as well. Not sure how Nagy will use Cordarelle Patterson either. It is weird to think that the Bears are deep at WR. It is definitely better than the year they made Hester #1.
  2. Barring injury his play is only going to increase the hype. The Defense and Montgomery have been the only ones receiving consistent praise out of training camp. He has been really impressive in practice. As mentioned by others it sounds like Trubisky is struggling going up against the defense and shows occasional flashes. Playing against there D in practice will either slow things down for him during games or make him develop bad habits. I am hoping the former not the later. I think he will take a step forward this year based on his familiarity with the offense and feel the offensive weapons have improved as well.
  3. Forgot this is Daniel Snyder's organization. Aren't they still paying Deion Sanders $5 Mil per season. I think his agent convinced Snyder that he could play until he was 70. I agree with the sentiment that I would use kid gloves with this guy until he is further along in his recovery. No need to be stupid during the preseason.
  4. That doesn't look like they are going full-speed. What kind of idiot medical staff would clear a player for contact in practice but not in games?
  5. He has been a full participant in all non-contact practices .
  6. I actually could see his stats going up with an improved offense. He will no longer be going against the other teams #1 CB which should free him up a little. I can definitely see his TD total going up.
  7. I haven't read the past 40 pages but I think there is an argument to be made whether his off the field controversy will effect his play on the field. The guy is a top 5 WR but i still have my doubts about him and I often will take my next player in line to avoid a potential headache. If my next WR in line is an entire tier below than I would take him. I don't know what happened but I know that I would never accept a plea if I were innocent and would do everything to fight the charges. I expect someone with as much pride as a professional athlete would do everything to protect their reputation. He could lose current and future endorsement deals.
  8. If he has a long career he will definitely surpass that total. Maybe he has his sites set on Brett Favre. Are you expecting him to be a hall of famer like Luckman too?
  9. I misread your comment to mean this season and agree with you that he will not be the starter next year.
  10. That was interesting and I always found that Barkley wasn't on any of the short yardage/red zone lists interesting as well. The top 2 RBs in terms of yards. If Zeke has a great year this season he will have a little more leverage but I don't see paying him now.
  11. They only have journeymen backups (I may have missed something in the offseason) so who do you think is going to be the starter? I know he is in Gruden's dog house but the cupboard is bare so the competition won't be that great. If you can get anything for him go for it but I might think about holding onto him for a few weeks and see if he is picking up Gruden's system than trade him if he does well.
  12. They would have been better off not making that trade because they would have a better draft choice after finishing 0-16. I know it is early and but I don't think Brissett is going to be a top tier QB ever. IMHO he will be a low level starter or a great backup QB. I don't think they knew the extent of Luck's injury but their team is not that talented and only LUck's great play makes them a playoff contender
  13. I would start him over Diggs in a heartbeat. I am debating about starting him over Frank Gore (vs Houston) at flex. I don't like Blount's this week because the Ravens are good against the run or else he would be an option as well.
  14. I think he has been a great player and it would be very close. I wouldn't lose sleep either way.