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  1. Got my confidence for starting Sanders next week after that 2 point conversion
  2. It's not over. Onside kick and another hail mary
  3. They are usually fools gold even when they have great matchups. They did have a decent game against the Bears but they usually disappoint.
  4. Definitely had some bad breaks but you can't expect much from their O right now.
  5. Keep him fresh and let him come back slowly from his injury? He looks so much better than Hyde.
  6. I doesn't matter who the QB is if you don't fix the O line.
  7. Because he has 22 yards on those 11 carries.
  8. Two PIs in a row. Wentz got bailed out on his bad throw.
  9. Going for it on 4th down made it easy for Seattle to turn this into a 2 possession game.
  10. I doubt they will use him. Luckily I don't need him to win my matchup this week.
  11. LOL - I feel your pain. I played Hurst last week and Jonnu Smith this week