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  1. All sent out. Anyone that wanted one got one. Check your mail. Awesomeness will be arriving to everyone by the end of the week.
  2. Bundling stuff up and putting it in my car to go mail stuff out. Last chance. Leaving in half an hour.
  3. The system is telling me yours is the in box that's full. Mine has plenty of room in it. Clean out a message or two and try again.
  4. Anyone else? Going to the post office in the morning . . . now is the time for the latecomers.
  5. Will hopefully do a mega mailing tomorrow. Anyone else want in???
  6. My Anarcy99 in box is full, so anyone new use this account instead.
  7. If my other inbox is full, PM here instead.
  8. As I remember it, Gronk was coming off of season ending back surgery. Whether that would be classified as upper back surgery or lower neck surgery is out of my pay grade.
  9. After watching Lebowski again, I forgot how similar the story was to Fargo. In both films, people with financial problems set up some sort of kidnapping and amateur criminals all around botch things up. The characters may be completely different, but the premise in each film is similar. Yet I loved Fargo and was ambivalent about Lebowski.
  10. With this thread getting resurrected and more praise and adulation, I decided to watch Lebowski again since it had been a few years since my last viewing. Sadly, I still don't get it. Maybe it's too hip for me, I don't know. The bowling alley scenes are amusing and the OVER THE LINE bit is classic (especially to those that have bowled in leagues before). But taken as a whole, I still don't see how some folks gush over this movie as one of the all time greatest comedies ever made.
  11. The Brady 3 years for $27 million extension is going to end up looking like a total steal for NE once some of the new QB deals get done. Rodgers extension to be announced soon said to be for $25 million a year.
  12. Per Adam Schefter: Cowboys signed QB Tony Romo to a six-year, $108 million extension through 2019, including $55 million guaranteed.
  13. I thought about this ... then I think back to the month before his breakout season where the beat writers all thought he was a "man among boys" in training camp. That's against other NFL starting players. Considering his age, scheme, QB... he's one of the 4-5 players currently at max value that I will continue to buy/hold because they are so much better than other people at their position that it tilts the weekly match-ups heavily in your favor.At this point I think I'd rather have Jimmy Graham. Similar points but without all the drama. And a younger QB.Brees is 34. Brady is 35. Not exactly a huge difference there.Over the past two seasons, Gronk has averaged 14.29 fantasy ppg vs. 11.26 for Graham in 0 ppr leagues. That's a difference of 3.03 pts/gm, which is quite a bit. Even in PPR leagues, Gronk averaged 19.66 points per game vs. 17.2 for Graham. If that is "similar," then so be it.
  14. I'm not a doctor, but Jene Bramel is, so I defer to his expertise on this one:http://bramelsecondopinion.com/2013/01/15/how-likely-was-rob-gronkowskis-second-arm-fracture/ I think your accurate crystal ball comment really sums it up for me. Frankly, would I be shocked if Gronk got a DUI? Not really. If you told me that an NFL player would go missing for two weeks and resurface in a Mexican prison, would Gronk be one of the first names I guessed? He sure would. But these are astronomically small risks, IMO. We might as well start downgrading players because they play the lottery, and if they win, they're likely to retire. My crystal ball is nowhere near accurate enough for me to believe that incorporating wild suppositions about a stranger's character would improve the quality of my predictions. Especially since a fondness for partying is rather common among his age group, and almost always declines naturally with time. Punishing him in rankings for being immature seems bass-ackwards- since when is youth a negative in dynasty rankings?As I mentioned, it seems the biggest strike against Gronk is the broken arm. My thoughts on that are largely shaped on what Bramel says- the recovery period seems reasonable, the second break was likely a perfect storm, an offseason to heal should alleviate any remaining issues.LOL at some of the melodrama. I still said Gronk would be my #1 TE, but I would take him a round later than everyone else because of the injury risk. I did not discount him at all for anything in the OTHER category . . . but as I said, if there were guys that even had an OTHER category, he would be one.So while you worry about his arm injury, I worry about his arm (which depending upon your perspective could count as one or two injuries but required 3 surgeries) . . . and his ankle (which he hurt before the SB last year and required surgery and he also injured another time in training camp) . . . and his hip (which had him listed as questionable for multiple weeks even before the broken arm) . . . and his back (that caused him to miss an entire season in college from back surgery).Yes, he's still young. But that's at least 5 surgeries in 4 seasons . . . and as I mentioned earlier in the thread could have caused him to miss a lot more regular season time if the injuries happened at different points of the season.While we don't know if he will ever get hurt again, I think it's safe to say that as he gets older injuries will at some point get harder to regenerate from. I agree that he could play 10 more years and never get hurt, but he could also be done in 5 years due to the beating he gets as a TE. We can't predict either, but the point of the thread was whether people should be CONCERNED. Yes, I am concerned. He's still in most people's eyes the top fantasy TE and I would concur, but I would worry if he would miss time (completely leaving his off field stuff out of it altogether). Different strokes for different folks.
  15. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but we don't know what Gronk's designations would have been had he been hurt earlier on in the season. And IMO the back injuries in college are not so insignificant that they should be totally ignored.I agree that the broken arm was a flukish injury (and why he was even on the field then still mystifies me). Clearly when he's 100% he is gold, pure gold. But that's still 3 pretty major injuries over roughly a 5 year span. Those could happen at any point to anyone, so I would tend to agree that injuries are mostly bad luck. I wouldn't discount Gronk very much, but I would still tend to say he should be discounted slightly with the injury concerns.