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  1. 12 team ppr QB/2RB/3WR/TE/FL Team A gave up: Todd Gurley Antonio Brown Team B gave up: Christian McCaffrey 3.01 4.01
  2. For me it's less about White in particular and more about not trusting Wikipedia for accurate info. Cameron Artis-Payne's Wiki says he is 22. It's pretty widely known he is a very old rookie (25). He graduated highschool in 2008. But all of that is conveniently edited out of his bio, and it only mentions his two years at Auburn.
  3. Nice! Good investigative work there. I have no idea why I even care about this, but here goes...he graduated from highschool in 2010, presumably at 18. Went to one year of community college, but sat out the second year. Then came back in 2012 for another year of CC. Then two years at WV. So yeah, 22, turning 23 makes sense.
  4. Was the other Kelvin Benjamin? Yes. It's in the link. Wikipedia has him listed as 22 and everyone seems to be using that. He is listed as 21 on the Bears website. Also 21 on MFL. It doesn't matter much either way, but the discrepancy is kind of strange for such a high profile prospect.