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  1. Gates (or Henry)...Cleveland has been burned by TE's in the last two weeks
  2. When do we find out if he made the flight?
  3. This. I could start J Hill or R Kelley, but 15 touches or 3 quarters of Zeke is a better option than most have on their bench. I picked up McFadden in the unlikely event they bench him...can't take a 0 in the championship if they bench him on Monday night.
  4. Of those 3, I sit Montgomery. His usage is inconsistent. I'm hoping (for my sake) that GB finally realizes what type of weapon he is and will continue to ride him...but that's not a given. I have him in my lineup, but that's because I don't have the options you do. I'd start Julio over Montgomery and wouldn't think twice about it.
  5. I'm starting him. I couldn't live with myself if he blows up on my bench and I lose because of it.
  6. Just grabbed Henry. Hopefully we have clarity by Saturday AM... ETA: Looks like Eifert played every offense snap on Sunday. I'm not sure when the injury happened, but he didn't miss a snap. Makes me feel a little better...thinking they are just resting him and he'll practice in full tomorrow
  7. I'm in the same boat and also have Hill in over Howard. I have watched every Lions game this year and we are pretty stout against the run. While Howard has played incredibly well lately, I could see a very mediocre game on Sunday. His upside still makes him a start unless you have another top 10 option (like Hill, however he has played so poorly lately that I could see Rex limiting his upside)
  8. I own Ty and not Gurley, but I wouldn't start Ty over him. Do we have any assurances that Ty is playing this week, or what his role will be? Could he be limited due his his kidney issue? I know Gurley hasn't lit the world on fire, but we've seen his upside and his role is as solid as rock. Ty just seems too much of a question mark to me to start over Gurley this week.
  9. Only 19% of ESPN leagues. Not sure how to find the MFL leagues numbers. But obviously I didn't have these numbers when I made a guess at the percentages. There's no denying is was a desperation play, even if you didn't see it that way, most did. What did he have going for him? He essentially lost the starting role to Carey the game before and Langford was back. Oh, and he's facing one of the best defenses in the league with a QB who lost his job and only got it back due to Hoyer getting injured. "Rumors of his demise" had nothing to do with was a completely jumbled situation with no clarity on who would get the carries against a top defense.
  10. I'd be shocked if more than 5% started him tonight. And bye next week. Can't wait to get him back in my lineup!
  11. If Rhodes shadows Jeffery tonight, Cutler will have to throw Meredith's way. I wouldn't be surprised if he got into the endzone.
  12. Totally misleading title. Yes, he faces a lengthy ban because those are rules (6 games) if the league finds you guilty. But there's nothing in that article that indicates he's guilty. Only that investigation is ongoing...
  13. If Washington is healthy (who knows?), ZZ will start with Wash peppered in to get his feet wet. I think Forsett is a distant 3rd option. I'd think ZZ would get 2/3 and Washington 1/3 roughly...with Forsett getting a few
  14. The CMike hype was last year. But it was a joke anyways