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  1. Saw GnR last night in Orlando, agree with everything you said. They were fantastic. I was on the fence about this tour until I saw some clips and reviews of the shows and bought tickets a couple of weeks ago. Axl's still got it, I was blown away how good he sounded. Of course the band was awesome, too. The Cult opened up, and they werent that great. Ian Astbury cant hit any of the notes anymore...35 minutes of talk-signing. Oof. Guns played 24 songs, the show was over 2.5 hours of non stop rocking. My favorites were November Rain, Knockin on Heavens Door, and Sweet Child o Mine. Axl didnt really interact with the crowd at all other than an occasional "you feeling good?" here and there between songs...didnt matter though, he sounded good as he ever has. A local radio station in Tampa said theyll be coming to Tampa on the next leg of stadiums after this one is done, that commitments are in place but cant/wont announce anything until this tour wraps up....the band recently confirmed that theyll be touring well into 2017, so if you missed them this time you might be able to see them on the next leg(s)
  2. San Diego police have one suspect in custody and are searching for other possible suspect(s) still at-large following a late-night shooting that left two officers wounded. The shooting, which happened at approximately 11 p.m. Thursday, prompted a shelter-in-place for the area surrounding the 3800 block of Boston, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) officials confirmed. As of 12:50 a.m. Friday, police continue to search area surrounding the 3800 block of Boston with helicopters, SWAT vehicles and patrol cars. The officer's conditions are unknown.
  3. I mainly use trakt for tv shows I'm watching. Its mostly for the shortcuts, but it's cool to not have to keep track of which episodes I've watched. I put em in my watchlist, and then when I go to progress the next episode in the season is there, as it knows which episodes Ive watched. It's just a time saver really.
  4. Yup, figured it out and edited my post already. I didnt buy a premium subscription yet, but theres a ton of RD links for movies and shows in my Exodus now.
  5. Tip: tip #2 has a typo. Heres what it says: Sync Real-Debrid to Exodus Hover over Exodus in your video add-ons > press menu > add-on settings > Accounts Under the Trakt heading, click authorization You will be prompted to go to the Real-Debrid website listed. Once there, you will sign in with your account and validate the Kodi Exodus add-on and in return, it will give you a code. Return to Kodi and enter in the code you received! for step 2, (bolded above), you need to scroll down and click authorization in the Real Debrid heading, not the trakt heading.
  6. Oh, you mean like my Amazon Prime membership and $150/month Direct bill. Yeah.
  7. Im probably gonna get a box next month and use the Stick for when Im out of town for work. The first few days having the stick, I had buffering issues pretty much anytime I watched something on Kodi. I did the buffer adjustment thingy, and since I really havent seen any buffering unless I try to fast forward, like through a series opening now I just let em play and no issues. Its strange though, watching anything on Amazon with the Stick (not in Kodi), I havent had a single freeze or buffer. Rewatched the entire Eastbound and Down series this past week. GB Kenny Powers
  8. You don't even have to use a computer. Plug it into your TV, and follow directions from YouTube. Took me 15 minutes. ETA: just search "install kodi fire stick without computer" on YouTube.
  9. No rooting necessary. But yes, I installed it myself onto the Stick.
  10. The only Kodi talk Im seeing is in the Cut The Cable thread, I figured we might could use a dedicated thread for tips, tricks, add on suggestions, troubleshooting, help, etc. Im running a pretty basic setup on a Fire Stick, Ive got Exodus, Phoenix, SportsDevil, and Pro Sport installed at the moment. Ive only recently jumped into the streaming world, and just got it a little more than a week ago, and I absolutely LOVE it. Havent had many buffering/lag issues at all, which is surprising considering what Ive read. I just signed up on Trakt so I can have a watchlist and track which shows Ive watched, etc....pretty simple and it beats looking for my shows using search. Im wondering what the best option for watching live NFL games is gonna be this season? Whatchya got?
  11. Welcome to your new addicition. Lol. I trade for tons of those NE IPAs, they really are unlike anything else out there and on another level. I hear Trillium uses flaked wheat, which form what I understand is what creates that soft mouth feel. If you ever see any of the DDH varieties (Melcher St, Congress St, etc) available, grab em, theyre the best of the best IMO.
  12. Thought it was pretty decent despite Affleck, who I can't stand.
  13. Hmmmm. Gonna pick up a can to try next time I see it.