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  1. Lagunitas sucks...and it kinda sucks..malty as hell.
  2. Sup guys. Still kicking down here. Having an after work beer - a Tired Hands / Hill Farmstead collab, Intensely Juicy Dank Beautiful (Copy & Paste) IPA. Solid but unspectacular.
  3. Same deal here. Reupped August 11th or so. Called DTV today and was given the number for their reward dept 800-508-1232. I asked what the deal was with my gift card, and right away the guy asks if I got one last year. I said yes. He said ok, let me fix this for you, put me on hold for a few minutes and came back and said he processed it and Id get it within 3 weeks. So more of the waiting game, but for some reason I think it will actually come this time.
  4. Cuba Gooding Jr is so terrible
  5. 28 points last week against LA, 27 today against Carolina...what the hell is going on?!
  6. SF is averaging 27.5 PPG right now. What?!
  7. Slather french onion dip on it.
  8. All trades. I have a regular trade buddy who lives near Trillium and goes to Tree House and other NE breweries all the time. I send her Florida BA stouts and she sends me NE hops. Its perfect. Yesterday I had Cantillon Fou Foune (2014) and Arclight Opus Fraise Rhubarbe (BA sour with strawberries and rhubarb). The Arclight has the most insane nose Ive ever experienced, just incredible. Both amazing beers.
  9. Jesus, I checked this thread a couple days ago ad it was at 42. Now its at 86. 86!!!!! Cliffnotes starting after the BBQ plz. I dont have enough time in 2016 to read 44 more pages.
  10. Got a box from NE today. Just finished a Trillium Stillings St IPA (Nelson), a Bissell Bros Substance IPA, and a Focal Banger IPA. #AllHighway
  11. Bomber of Cigar City/The Answer collab Good Nightmare Mekong, coconut coffee imperial stout. Sooooo good.
  12. @headcrack Mine only showed last years GC too, but supposedly it'll be coming
  13. I forgot, I've had their Raspberry Soak and it was awesome. I've got a bottle of Wild Sinister Kid I've been saving for a share, can't wait to crack that one.