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  1. BBA Three Philosophers. Raisins, toffee, cherries, boot leather, slight bourbon booziness. So complex.
  2. You definitely did it right! Hopefully next time you come down I'll be living in Tampa or St Pete and you can crash so we can really do it up.
  3. Fresh growler of Pseudo Sue from Brew Hub. Its...ok. their Rome City IPA they have on right now is much better.
  4. I noticed recent batches have been getting better. Brew Hub has $3 pints and $5 growlers all weekend...Im getting a couple growlers later today.
  5. I installed 17.3 on top of 17.1, no problems.
  6. Cool. I know the area, I work over in the Deland/Deltona/Orange City area once a month. Yeah I heard their pizza was awesome and it was very meh. The Yellowfin sandwich and silver dollar fries were really good though. But I've been there once and I think thats enough.
  7. Yeah we saw a bunch of key deer. They're actually bigger than I thought they'd be.
  8. Where you moving to? And that was that first time I've been to No was it different? Seemed like a cool spot, but I doubt I'll be back, there are too many places on the water with great views and vibes Id rather check out.
  9. It was a quick 2.5 day visit, but were already planning the next trip down when we can stay longer. We headed down Sunday morning and on the way down stopped at Islamorada Brewing Co and Key West Brewing,, then stopped for a bite and a drink at Keys Fisheries in Marathon...someone in another Key West thread recommended it, and it was awesome. The place had maybe 5 other people in the upstairs bar, and the view and food were both really great. We had a Hogfish sandwich and some Conch ceviche. Ill be stopping back in next trip down. We booked an Air BnB for $120/night in an awesome little house on Big Coppit Key (the address is Key West tho)...its right at MM 10 so its about a 20 min drive to the Mallory Square area. House was on a canal and I took a small fishing rod and some light tackle...picked up some live shrimp at a local bait shop and was able to catch a few Mangrove Snapper at night after the KW fun each night. First night we hit the Waterfront Brewery which was cool and right next door to Turtle Kraals. Its a HUGE space, and I wonder what it was previously, it had to be some sort of bar or restaurant. We ended up at Schooner Wharf for a bit and then did the Duval thing til later that night, then went back to the rental and drank on the back deck til we crashed for the night. So relaxing and it had a laid back, old Florida keys vibe and feel. Beautiful house. We opted for breakfast where we stayed since we slept in til about 11am all 3 days. yep, we're old. lol. Our Air BnB hostess made us the most huge and delicious blueberry muffins with coconut...maybe the best muffins Ive ever had. 2nd day we ate at the Southernmost Beach Cafe for lunch...its literally right on the water and we had a delicious Grilled Mahi sandwich and blackened shrimp tacos. I highly recommend this place. A bit pricey (as is everything in Key West) but for atmosphere, scenery and good food you cant go wrong at lunchtime. We hit Half Shell for happy hour after meandering around the island for a couple of hours, and then went back to Duval (Bull and Whistle, Ricks, the frozen drink place, and some window shopping and people/band watching as we made our way over to Mallory Square). Grabbed a slice of Pizza and some Gelato as we walked around and drank, then some Conch Fritters later on. We walked right by BOs Fish Wagon several times but never made it inside for food. Next time for sure. Did the Sunset thing and had a drink in the garden patio at El Meson De Pepes and listened to some good live music before heading back down Duval. Irish Kevins was hopping as expected, with a rousing dueling sing along contest to Don McClean's American Pie led by Irish Kevin himself. What a blast. We had to check out the next day so we headed back and again hung out on the canal and fished, drank, and just kicked back and enjoyed our time there. We checked out the next morning and went back to KW for one last look, then headed out and stopped at the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key on the way back. Delicious Yellowtail Tuna sandwich (order it rare, its fantastic), and a small pizza. Then stopped by a bridge in Islamorada and I did a little bridge/shore fishing and landed a nice Mutton Snapper that I made into sandwiches when we got home last night. My trip probably sounds boring to some, but we just wanted to get away for a couple days, relax, and not get sloppy hammered every night. We didnt have nearly enough time down there though, it was a quick staycation as its only a 3 and a half hour drive from my GFs in West Palm Beach. It doesnt suck living that close to a vacation that feels like its a world away.
  10. Just spent happy hour at Half Shell raw bar...oysters, conch fritters, peel n eat pinks, and buffalo shrimp. Plus 2 for one drinks. Off to Mallory Square for sunset festivities and then Duval. Oh and lunch at the Southernmost Beach Cafe was delicious. We split an order of shrimp tacos and a Mahi sandwich.
  11. Holy Christ I drank way too many...had to turn the 4Runner keys over to the GF...Ive has this vehicle for 6 years and no one else has ever drove it...but she's doing great...stopping for nachos and one more beer then homeward for the trip to Key West on the a.m....Life is good, brohans!
  12. With @Hawks64 and his wife drinking delicious beer at Civil. Suck it, beyotches.
  13. On my way to West Palm now...T-minus 4 hours til I'm drinking all the hops with @Hawks64 at Civil Society. On tap today: Juice, Pulp, Fresh, Emerald Showers, Mosaic Blondes make me hoppy, Nelson Blondes make me hoppy, plus a couple other non hoppy offerings. That's a murderers row of Civil hops right there. I see several crowlers in Hawks' future. Lol Plus I'm bringing a 750ml of J Wakefield DFPF Berliner (dragonfruit passionfruit), can't wait for that one, he upped the ABV from 4% to 7% this year.
  14. Hell yeah man, see ya Saturday!
  15. Going this weekend. Only my 2nd time, and the first was back in 2007. See ya, suckahs!