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  1. Hmmmm. Gonna pick up a can to try next time I see it.
  2. Got some stuff from The Veil Brewery in Virgina - Master Master Shredder Shredder and Step Dad Chaperone. MMSS is a Double Dry Hopped IPA at about 5.5%, and the Step Dad is a Mosaic DIPA at 8.5%. Both excellent.
  3. Yes, but this way all I gotta do is stir. No forks are touching my non stick pans.
  4. Theres a food truck in Tampa Bay called Vanchetta that has the best Porchetta ever. Their signature sandwich is sliced porchetta (cooked on a spit in the truck), some crispy skin, provolone, apple slaw, red onion marmalade, and garlic aioli on a toasted roll. Amazing. If I could replicate it at home Id never leave the house.
  5. Sauteeing chicken tenderloins is quick and easy. Give them a whack with a meat hammer if you want, they cook quicker that way. Just get a decent non stick pan, add a touch of EVOO, season the chicken, and place in heated pan, about 3 minutes on each side. The sauce is simple: 1 28oz can of Marzano whole peeled tomatoes, 3 good sized cloves of chopped garlic, 2oz water (or stock if you have some), about a tablespoon of EVOO, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and 2 TBSP minced or diced onion (optional) I give the tomatoes (juice and all) a quick jolt or 2 in the food processor to break up the tomatoes a bit (keep it a bit chunky but no big chunks). Place in sauce pan and heat. While thats heating up, cook the garlic (and onion if you choose to add it) for about a minute in a splash of hot EVOO in a saute pan, and add to the tomatoes. Add the EVOO and water, and salt & pepper to taste. Bring to a simmer, and simmer on low for about 30 minutes stirring here and there, adjust seasoning to taste. Cover and simmer another 15 minutes (stirring every few minutes or so). You can add oregano and/or basil at the beginning if you wish. Its a good all purpose red sauce that goes well with chicken, pasta or seafood. This makes a small batch, just double it for a bigger batch.
  6. Simple yet delicious. Sauteed chicken tenderloins, topped with a tomato garlic sauce with quartered mushrooms, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh basil and mozz. I made the sauce the other day, so this took about 12 minutes from start to finish to make. Low carb, low fat, quick and tasty.
  7. I only download now if I cant find a stream, which isnt very often.
  8. AT&T has a $45 dollar plan ($40 w/auto refill). Unlimited Talk & text, 3GB of data.
  9. DirecTv is ticking me off. After my bill went from $80ish for the last year to $130 last month to $155 this month, I called and got rid of all my premium channels, and Im going to drop down a notch in my channel package. With my Fire Stick, I can get all the NFL games (as well as movies, ANY TV show, live sports, sports PPVs, etc), so Im not even worried about the Sunday Ticket any more. I may just dump DTV for real and go with something cheaper. If they offer me a great deal to stay/come back, I will, but Im not gonna sweat it, and Im not gonna go through the song and dance this year and beg for deals.
  10. As soon as one horrible story falls from page one of the news, another takes its place. Insane.
  11. Other Half Small Green Everything, a 4.8% session IPA. Delicious.
  12. That More Moro is old as hell. At least a few months. Only good when really fresh. Finishing up my night with a Pioneer Trailblazer IPA, an outstanding NE style (aka the BEST style) IPA.
  13. Firstrowsportes dot com > boxing/ufc > tate fight > link 2. Zero lag/choppy for me.
  14. Fridge it, but leave the bottle out when you crack it so you can experience the differences in temp changes. Its how I drink almost all my beers regardless of style. Start cold, and figure out how you like it best as you go!
  15. So far tonight: Fiddlehead Mastermind DIPA Cigar City Guayabera APA Tree House King JJJULIUSSS Maine Beer Co Dinner IPA next up...not sure yet.