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  1. Yeah, I agree, although I dont think Trilliums non dry hopped stuff is nearly as good as the dry hopped or double dry hopped stuff, and Im not a real big fan of most of their DIPAs. All of their DH and DDH APAs and IPAs to me are every bit as good as Treehouse. And I love that each IPA showcases a specific hop. Congress St is Galaxy, Melcher St is Mosaic, Summer St is Simcoe, and Sleeper St is El Dorado. Fort Point APA is Citra and Columbus, but they make Galaxy and Mosaic DH versions of it too, which takes it to a whole other level IMO. Tasker , maybe you arent big on single hop IPAs? I know Treehouse's Green is mostly Galaxy, but their other IPAs all have multiple hops. I love both breweries about the same, but I like Treehouse's DIPAs better than Trilliums, and I like Trilliums APAs better than Treehouse. IPAs are about even for me, and Id say about 75% of beers I get in trades are Trillium or Treehouse. If I have either in my fridge Im a happy camper. Edit: I havent looked at ratings on BA in a while, but just looked at the top IPAs and APAs. Treehouse has 4 of the top 6 IPAs, and Trillium has 4 of the top 7 APAs. I cant believe Zombie Dust is still the #1 rated APA. The few times Ive had it I thought it was good but not better than Pseudo Sue or the Trillium stuff.
  2. I would have been there next Wed/Thu but my company canceled the August meeting, so Ill be there at the end of next month instead.
  3. Trillium is releasing Headroom DIPA this whatever you can to get some, last release I was lucky enough to score a single 750ml, and it was beyond words good. I heard it could be $24/4 pack and limit of two 4 packs per person though. Ouch. Im still gonna try to trade for a couple cans though, its one of those beers I feel is worth the price. My Trillium connection tried the new batch and says its as good as the last.
  4. Im surprised they let Terry go, based on his work up to this point in the competition I think he should have stayed.
  5. Finishing a bottle of When In Doubt, an Angry Chair/J Wakefield collab, labeled as an "Old Fashioned inspired sour ale". Tastes nothing like an Old Fashioned, but its pretty tasty.
  6. Man Diaz is a tough SOB. Knocked down several times, so bloody he could hardly see and still kept coming at Conor. Granted Conors punches werent as hard after round 2, Nate still plowed right through them the rest of the way and never backed away. Mad respect for him as a fighter. So fun to watch. The smartest thing Conor did during the fight was not going after Nate on the canvas after the knockdowns.
  7. What a fight!
  8. Jesus, what an uppercut. Lights out!
  9. Schramms Black Agnes Mead. Straight nectar.
  10. White Oak Jai Alai watching UFC
  11. Went to Cycle in St Pete last night, they tapped a bunch of this past weeks 3rd anniversary beers. All barrel aged stouts infused with different coffees. I had pours of the Jamaican Blue Mountain (Mavis Bank Estate), the Vietnamese (Da Lat), and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe...all stellar. Also had a Coffee Cuveecide (not as good as any of the individual beers) and a Coconut Cuveecide (amazing).
  12. I need a "I never watch porn, in public OR private" option.
  13. At this point I think Id rather get a root canal than to call them back after the way theyve been giving you the cold shoulder and runaround. Bottom line is youre disconnected, so youre a new customer, so youre eligible for the deal (or at least A deal), I dont get what the problem is.
  14. Where in your online statement does it show a gift card? Im finding nothing about a GC in my online statement (I called and got the Big Deal and GC Aug 12th).
  15. ^ I love me some WW.