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  1. I originally had plans to fly from Tampa to Nashville to see the show this week...plans ended up buddy, who lives in Nashville and bought the tix back when they first went on sale, just sold them to a friend of his 2 days ago. I would have been flying into Nashville today...I wonder how many people have flights to these cities and how theyre screwed if they bought non refundable tickets.
  2. Started with Jai Alai on draft at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (surprisingly good BTW, both the pizza and beer), then went across the street to the beer store and had a pint of Angry Chair Space Grass IPA (good but not great...the GF had Victory Dirtwolf)...then to Coppertail where I had a strawberry rhubarb berliner (really good)...grabbed a 6 pack of Sorcha O'Sullivan IPA to go (Coppertails latest alpha hunt IPA series..this one is Idaho 7 and Medusa hops)...enjoying my 3rd bottle now...pretty tasty.
  3. Peanut M&Ms are my crack. The others Ill buy in no order 100 Grand Heath Snickers (almond and dark are my go to) Bit-O-Honey Butterfinger
  4. We might finally see 50s at nignt next Thu-Fri. Lol
  5. So there's no Jai Alai in local distro around here that's brewed in Tampa since the sale.....its all brewed in it's been tough finding it fresh outside of the taproom...the 9/25 NC batch is maybe the best Jai Alai I've ever had. Creamy soft mouthfeel with strong tropical notes. Smooth AF. I'm on my 4th 6 pack in a little over a week.
  6. Damn, I won't see Born Yesterday anywhere for a few weeks yet
  7. Wendy's is by far the worst and the only fast food place I won't go.
  8. Currently enjoying True OG oil from Alpine. Tastes like lemon Kush from back in the day. Like Lemon Pledge without the waxy aftertaste.
  9. Learning To Fly form that same 30th anniversary show in Gainesville...I love the stripped down version of this song he always does live, and the crowd really takes it to another level when they sing along. Just fantastic.
  10. Fresh Jai Alai. Sometimes ya gotta go with a classic. Lol
  11. Jesus...FF setlist from the other night in Richmond, VA...31 songs. Run I'll Stick Around Learn to Fly The Pretender The Sky Is a Neighborhood Something From Nothing Walk Rope (extended outro; with drum ) Sunday Rain My Hero These Days Let It Die (first time live since 4/ 3/12) All My Life Enough Space White Limo Arlandria Times Like These (solo into full band) Breakout Make It Right I'm in Love With My Car (Queen cover) (Taylor Hawkins on lead vocals) Skin and Bones Jump / Fat Bottomed Girls (during band intros) Monkey Wrench Best of You Encore: Dirty Water This Is a Call La Dee Da Wheels (first time in the US since 5/ 7/14) Congregation Concrete and Gold Everlong
  12. That's from the Gainesville show that was in the Running Down A Dream documentary. It's a great show.
  13. Did apricot glazed grilled pork chops with oven roasted parmesan potato wedges tonight. I feel I've mastered the art of grilled pork, so juicy and tender. Cooked to about med well.