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  1. Camera man's reaction to the knockdown in round one
  2. 7Sun Headbanger Garagiste Thrilla in Bluenilla mead for fight night
  3. Hidden Springs Tropic Thunder Berliner with strawberry, pineapple, papaya and mango.
  4. Eating charcuterie and drinking beer while watching the CBS evening news.
  5. 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze. I swear this is a perfect sour. Hell, its a perfect beer, period.
  6. Yeah I've liked one here or there, but usually when they're more hoppy than a normal lager. I never order one, the only ones I've drank in the last few years we're beers I got in trades.
  7. I lived in CA as a kid and vaguely remember football starting at 10am on Sundays. I couldn't handle that now (I've lived in EST since 1983). 1:00 is perfect, I can wake up at 11am on Sunday, cook a nice breakfast, take time to relax and coordinate where I'm watching and with whom, and then start drinking at kickoff Then it's 10 straight hours of live football and snacking with 1::00 games, 4:00 games, and SNF at 8. I wouldn't want Sundays any other way.
  8. I only read the title, not the thread. Thread title: anyone gone on a Caribbean cruise? My Answer: yes, and here's my opinion on cruises. Relax
  9. Not a fan of cruises. I've always felt I'd rather spend the money and go somewhere I want to go without being on a ships schedule, so I can immerse myself into the local culture and can be spontaneous. I get why some people like cruises, they're just not for me, I don't like or need that much structure when I'm on vacation. The one cruise I went on back in around 2005 to Grand Cayman and Cozumel was OK, seeing the Mayan ruins an Tulum was a great experience and the highlight of the trip.