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  1. I make these all the time. A grilled PBJ and an ice cold glass of milk is one of the most satisfying late night snacks of all time.
  2. I've been deemed essential, I haven't missed a night of work and dont plan on it going forward.
  3. Its happening here in Tampa.
  4. Tiger King Star Joe Exotic's Ex-Husband John Finlay Shows Off His New Teeth (SEE PIC) John Finlay claims Netflix captured footage of his transformation, but it didn't make the final cut of Tiger King. If you’ve been binge-watching Netflix’s new hit docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, you probably can’t stop talking about it. PEOPLE super-fans have their own slack channel dedicated to the show. (And if you haven’t watched yet, that’s your homework assignment this weekend. Don’t read any further, because, spoilers.) The series follows Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who goes by “Joe Exotic,” as he attempts to claw his way to the top of America’s big cat community with his zoo, entangling himself in a murder for hire plot — and so much more. The audience is introduced to Maldonado-Passage’s lovers, including his now ex-husband John Finlay. And with the show gaining plenty of national attention, Finlay wants the world to see his glow-up. Finlay, who was candid about his use of methamphetamines during his relationship with Maldonado-Passage, was filmed in the series with multiple missing teeth. However, in a new photo obtained by TMZ, Finlay revealed that he underwent a dental transformation thanks to dentures in July 2019. He also told TMZ that the cause of his missing teeth was not from drug use (he said he hasn’t used any in six years), but a result of genetics. According to TMZ, Netflix obtained video and photos of Finlay with his new teeth after getting the dentures, but the network chose not to air any of that footage in the final cut of Tiger King. After Tiger King began streaming on Netflix, Finlay created a fan account on Facebook called “The Truth About John Finlay,” which led many to believe he wasn’t a fan of his depiction on the series.
  5. Latest version came out in Feb I think
  6. CDC says otherwise
  7. Still using UnlockMyTTV (installed with Troy Point app) with RD, zero issues. I can't believe people actually pay for digital downloads.
  8. Streamed Invisible Man for free on my firestick and wanted a refund of some sort when it was over. Terrible movie IMO.
  9. I failed miserably at the thin t-bones. Tried to cook them directly above the coals on my komodo grill, but they cooked through before I could get any char on them. Ahh well, they tasted good.
  10. Grilling some t-bones tonight. Picked em up during the first wave of hysteria when I didnt know if I'd be able to get steaks later and they were the last 2 in the store...they're both 16oz so they're pretty thin. Pairing them them with baked potatoes and grilled asparagus. Next trip to the store (next week) Im gonna try to grab a Boston butt or two.
  11. It was a guided tour with backgrounds on all the cats we saw. At the time it seemed like they were doing good things.
  12. Yes, Kate McKinnon Is Set to Play Tiger King’s Carole Baskin But who should play the rest of the cast in the Joe Exotic series based on Wondery’s podcast? We have some suggestions. Your obsession with Netflix’s latest true-crime masterpiece, will soon be rewarded with more Tiger King. Last fall—long before the Netflix–subscribed masses knew much if anything about polyamorous, big-cat wrangling, former presidential candidate Joe Exotic and his vicious feud with Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin—Kate McKinnon signed up to star in and executive produce a limited series based on the podcast Joe Exotic. And yes: the Saturday Night Live star will be playing Baskin, a fascinating choice considering the entire cast of Tiger King feels like a particularly bizarre group of SNL characters. McKinnon’s series will be based on the six-episode Wondery podcast, which is available to listen to now. Like the Netflix docuseries, the podcast follows the life of Baskin, an utterly beguiling, slightly malevolent big-cat enthusiast who wants to rid the U.S. of illegal big-cat zoos. The show is not yet attached to a network or streamer, which means we don’t know when or where it might premiere. All we do know, really, is that McKinnon will play the lead even though she doesn’t really look like Baskin, nor is she old enough to play her. Still, it will be interesting to see the Emmy winner’s take on the flower-crown-wearing Big Cat Rescue CEO. Just the thought of McKinnon cooing, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens” in front of a crappy green screen is titillating enough. real question, then, is this: who will fill out the rest of the cast? Somewhere out there, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are thumb-wrestling to see whose agent gets to reach out about playing Joe Exotic, while David Spade is crafting a really, really long text to McKinnon about their shared SNL ties—and how Exotic “could be a really great Emmys play for me.” Danny McBride already has several wig consultants working on the perfect mullet. Billy Bob Thornton could not be reached for comment. (But he would also make an amazing Rick Kirkham, just sitting in a chic Oslo cafe and sipping an endless cup of coffee—so long as Ed Harris or J.K. Simmons don’t beat him to it.) Sam Rockwell, please sit this one out. You can’t play everything! And who should play “Doc” Antle, Baskin’s other cultish big-cat nemesis? Perhaps Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, or comedy legend Steve Martin. Will Ferrell would also be an inspired choice, considering he’s already proven incredible at playing people who do not seem to be quite of this planet. Russell Crowe probably wants to see the script before he considers it, while Christian Bale’s doctor is telling him no, he cannot do another physical transformation for a potential role. Kevin Costner...if you’re reading this...that would be interesting as well. But truly, any of these men would also be great as Jeff Lowe, the rich (but maybe not that rich???) big-cat dirtbag who betrayed Exotic in the end. Jonathan Banks would also nail the role of Lowe’s crooked right-hand man, a more bumble-headed version of Banks’s Breaking Bad character, Mike Ehrmantraut. For Baskin’s husband, Howard, though, there is only one option: he should obviously be played by Ben Stein. Make it so, TV gods.
  13. I went about 10 years ago. Thought it was decent.
  14. How the pandemic will end: Its a long read but worth the time IMO
  15. Im sure it's been said here several times but for those that dont know, Ozark season 3 is back this Friday 3/27
  16. Max unemployment in Florida is $275/wk according to a friend who had to file the other day.
  17. Apparently, the thing to use is sardine oil, not butter, according to Carol Baskin of Big Cat Rescue.
  18. Read the other day about a recent trend of people watching YouTube videos on how to make bread at home...apparently people are stocking up on yeast, flour, etc in case there's a bread shortage. And good luck finding Tylenol since it's been reported that ibuprofen is not good to take if you have Covid19.
  19. Yes. I went to a Publix over the weekend at around 8:30am (they open at 8) I was walking in I saw a few people leaving with TP in their carts and thought I was in luck. Went inside and was told they JUST ran out, and the next truck would be Monday morning. I got up Monday got there at 7:50, and was about 20th in line waiting for them to open. When I got inside, they had a couple of employees handing out one package per person. I got a 12 pack, grabbed a few other things and was put the door by 8:08. They were just almost ou of TP as I was walking out the door. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, I had to run to Walgreens for some things and I noticed the TP aisle was stocked petty well, and there was only maybe 5 other people in the store, and 2 of them were grabbing the limit of 2 packs of TP. I could have grabbed some but I'm all set for another week or 2. So note to self - when I get low again, I'll try Walgreens first.
  20. Caught a chest cold when I flew to Michigan last weekend...I'm on the tail end of it now, it was just a cough with congestion, no other symptoms (I took my temp 3-4 times a day until a couple of days ago)...every time I went out in public the past week I had to make a concentrated effort not to cough, which wasn't easy, but I didnt want to freak anyone out. It's crazy how any little sign of sickness right now is looked at/judged.
  21. Heard an interview yestersay with the first female in Florida to get infected...she said she worked with a doctor in California who put her on a cocktail of supplements, with super high daily doses of vitamin C, about 1200mg per dose. She recovered quickly, but she is in her late 20s and in great shape/health. I went to a local drugstore today and got the last big bottle of vitamin C gummies they had. Gonna keep my C level up just to be safe.
  22. From a post by a friend on social media today: Based on new case rates over the past few days, the US will surpass Italy within 36 hours as the most-infected country in the world, with a far higher transmission rate. At this rate, four days from now we will have 200k infected in the USA. Taking the most conservative estimate or mortality rate that I could find (0.8%) that means 16,000 Americans will be dead. That’s the estimate if the virus magically stops spreading four days from now. It won’t. This is VERY real. Stay home please, if there is any way you can stay home, even if your government isn’t requiring it, it is pretty much the only way to save lives now. Current cases by country graph: Coronavirus: the hammer and the dance (long read)
  23. Sure they will. They don't want to re-open with a roach or rodent issue, and skipping their monthly service (especially here in Florida) can absolutely cause those kinds of problems. We haven't been contacted to suspend service for any of our 2000+ restaurants other than a few mom and pop places (which make up less than 5% of our accounts).