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  1. Congrats Woz....great week. Pulling Spieth for Will McGirt was really the wrong move on Dr. Dabbers part.
  2. Congrats ATL! Keep it rolling, if you play like you have the past 2 months, you will be tough to beat.
  3. Fake Running Game
  4. Everyone else is hurt
  5. Flap, you are a beauty....you troll Packer threads and can't wait to throw #### our way. Doesn't matter if you know me....we all know you.
  6. no...he's really not
  7. Another Packer injury......must be fake news
  8. He's no John Kuhn
  9. multi billion dollar industry.
  10. Big Come Back....YUUUUUGE!
  11. stocked up on 2xIPA's for just such an occasion