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  1. Fires are east of us with the wind blowing from the west so not affected. 🙏Thanks for checking up on us, GB! I have hired a coach to guide me along this journey towards IM and his first instructions to me were to rest and lose 20 lbs. I'm carrying 220-225lbs so my goal is to get to 199lbs and stay there. This may be the greatest challenge because of my love for all things food & most especially, drink🍻. The goal is to shed .5 lb./week and keep it off. It will be done. At the moment, gyms are closed in California, so water is limited. Based on my lack of swimming experience we are going to hold off including any swimming into the program and train just run/cycle at low volumes. 3Xweek run 3mi., 3Xweek cycle 1hr., 1 brick 1.5hrs with a 30 min. stretch routine every other day, 1 day rest. We have a target of the Santa Barbara Tri in September 2021 (1mi ocean swim, 33 mile bike, 10 mile run) as our first event. It is counter intuitive for me to back off like this but that is why I knew I needed a coach to teach me how to train. Thanks for all the support especially @JAA coach suggestion (really looking forward to being able to swim 2k yards in open water like you some day)! Have a great day Ya'll...Be Well.
  2. Truly amazing! Multi sports aint cheap, I'm finding that out but if you're going through the endeavor you might as well be as comfortable as possible.
  3. Thanks...I don't even want to think about the IM distances right now. Olympic is perfect at the moment with a peak towards half towards the end of next year.
  4. This is what I'm looking for! Thanks JAA. Also, will be a great resource. Guaranteed I will be prone to hot spots & saddle sores so getting proper gear & lubing up is going to be absolutely critical to success. Right now, I need to get a coach that can provide me with a blue print to work from, help me plan my schedule, guide me in nutrition and give me insight to questions I don't even know to ask.
  5. Thanks for the insight, El Floppo👍🏻 I’m a runner, always have been since running X-country in HS 100 years ago. I’ve done 1 marathon, a pile of HM’s (my favorite distance) mostly run with my wife usually 2hrs. I could go faster but I enjoy her pace and I’m not competing just completing these events. The bike is my new pleasure. I bought a nice Trek Domane 5SL, had it fitted and absolutely Love to spin. I group ride with friends and I have a great deal of confidence that the bike will be my strong event as long as I put the time in the saddle. The bike has helped me strengthen my core & lower body which have taken a beating over the course of time. My feet are in pretty bad shape as well but I found a good podiatrist & regular pedicure’s (pre-Covid) works wonders.
  6. Great stuff, Thanks JAA! This will be a slow work up for me, I am not in a rush to accomplish this IM. At the moment, I just want to live the process and not do what I have done in the past and jumped in too fast and too hard. Hell, there aren’t any IM’s or HIM’s to put on the calendar but that’s probably a good thing for me. I’ll most likely work with my wife’s coach (he’s a pretty inspiring dude) but I appreciate any & all advice. For example, what is the best place to find tri or cycling clothes? I’m an XL (6’ 225lbs) and I’ve had a hard time finding shorts & shirts that fit. The LBS has some gear but not much as everyone seems to have taken up cycling with the Covid. Look at this guy, 1st time in the thread and starts mucking it up with Cycling stuff...take it to the bike thread, Guy! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. I joined Strava a few years ago but went dark on training so really just became active recently. Pretty sure you aren't looking at my Strava. Tri-Man just started following me and my last activity was a Zwift Fondo Taper. (Doing a Swift VR into Champs Elysees cool its that?!) I plan to commit 10-15 hours/week to train. 1-2 hrs swimming, 6-10 bike, 3 running. I'll do as much of my strength training when the weather cools off. The best info that I've taken from "Going Long" so far is the life balance that is required of endurance athletes. This is the start of a life long commitment for me. My wife knows what it takes to do what I want to do, she supports me 100% and we will train together as this has lit her fire to do another IM.
  8. Yes, I think that is a realistic goal for me. I'm going to take this slow and build up my base and work on technique. Swimming will be my achilles but I have a good coach lined up and have confidence that I can become decent enough not to drown, which is all I hope for at the moment.
  9. Dark Matter on this board...Joe Wags IRL...dude, I thought I sweat. You sir, are impressive
  10. My wife was on the ironman website this past Saturday and noticed Ironman VR had an "olympic" Tri with 3k run subbed for the swim. On a whim, she signed us up not realizing the deadline to complete was Sunday afternoon. Well, I guess we know what we're doing tomorrowWe kept it slow and steady for the most part, pushed it a bit on the bike towards the end because we both felt pretty good and finished up with about as slow a 10K possible. That was really my first go at a Tri and it was a blast except for misplacing all my gear in transition. Gotta work on that! I'm reading "Going Long" right now and it is excellent although I'm sure there is more up to date training and nutrition information out there. Appreciate any links or books you can point me to. Thank again.
  11. JW is likely me. Thanks for the Add I am working my way up to an ironman by the time I'm 60 in 3 years. Covid has gotten me off my #### and motivated to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. This thread is a great resource for training & motivation so TIA!
  12. Audits cost $20😁 +8 thru 14 with 8 (3) putts. -1 holes 15-18 after the beers kicked in.
  13. I know you don’t want to make a big deal about it but if it’s happening to you, it’s likely happening to everyone. I’d take it to the GM & let him know F&B was less than helpful. You’re a member, they should have checks & balances in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. There are plenty of other clubs, public & private where you can spend your money. I work at a private & this would be taken care of STAT.
  14. Shot 79. Thought I had checked in on the app, guess not 🤷‍♂️ great day ball striking. Could not get up & down to save my life which is usually a strength. Good event...hope you raise a bunch of 💰💰