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  1. I used to be pretty hard core about stuff like this but now I’ve come to realize that not everyone is into FF as much as me. If there’s a lot of money on the line, opt out. I have a situation where I need to auto draft this year in a league I’m defending. Such is life...hell, I started my draft last year going Fournette-Gronk and still won. Good Luck GB whatever’s direction you go and as stated above, no idea how you prep for superflex auto draft.
  2. 🇮🇹 next spring. First place I thought to go was this thread. TIA for all the great insight!
  3. Thank You Ted!
  4. We saw the QB stylings of DKizer and it aint pretty. Agree, the heir apparent needs to be on board asap and I will be shocked if it happens in the first round of this years draft.
  5. These draft experts predicting Lock @ 1.30 Come ON! They trade away a first round (albeit never actually played like one) in Randall for Kizer in one of Gute's first move as GM....not gonna happen. Take Hock or the best OL at 12, if somehow Hock falls to 12, trade 30 for more OL, DL & Andy Isabella. Go Pack!
  6. Dark Matter: Rory/Fleetwood/Kisner/Spieth/Grace
  7. Great link, Shuke Soil temperature is taken daily at 2pm at 2" depth as a general rule of thumb. 2nd applications of pre emergents are always good practice as it extends your window of control. Sledgehammer is a good product for nutsedge although it seems to knock it down temporarily. Dismiss ( PLA - DMO Shopping&utm_term=4580840320001351&utm_content=Ad group %231) works systemically on roots and tubers. Not available in all states.
  8. :subscribe:Gonna keep an eye on Eddie from now on. Thanks for posting!
  9. Big Fan of the off season moves so far. Whether or not these guys are worth the $$ spent, (in me thinks they will) it's refreshing to see GB get in the mix. I was hoping to see a move for Beasley in the slot as he and Rodgers would be on the same page day 1. Who's left besides Golden Tate? The thought of him in a Packer uni makes me throw up in my mouth a little although he's the kinda guy you want ON your team.
  10. Phil going to TPC Sawgrass to check out the conditions and then decide if he wants to play. Phil being Phil. Congrats to Molinari...
  11. This documentary is incredible! 😮It should have been eligible to win more Oscars in film production and cinematography. I really am in awe of Alex, his pursuits and will forevermore be hesitant to open either one of these threads. Live long and prosper, Alex. 🖖
  12. WF Dealer services was offline yesterday but is up and running enough to take a payment today.