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  1. Played Erin Hills last week and kicked it's ####. It will be interesting to see how the logistics work for the 2017 US Open as there is no place close to stay, everyone will be bussed in, locals will get free Uber rides in and out of the area. Our caddy said there are tees that they don't show on the yardage guide that are hidden in the fescue and the course could play as long as 8k yds. The greens are pretty straight forward, what you see is what you get. There are steep, closely mown drop offs seemingly around every green that cause balls to fall into hazards or roll quite far away from the target. There is a nice mix of long and short holes that the USGA should have plenty of options when setting up to give a different look and feel for the players every day. The price is steep $265 plus $55 + $55 min tip for a caddy (highly recommended). I was told they are basically sold out for the rest of the season with 20 tee times available until the end of September. They won't be taking tee times until after the US Open in 2017.
  2. I had every intention of going this year but my best friend's kid decided that this would be a great weekend to get married https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDbyE7Gqfz8 USA USA USA!!!
  3. Best wishes to you and your's for a speedy recovery!!
  4. Most likely a combination of scalping and fungus kicking in. The root base at Baltusrol has been thin leading up to the tournament and consequently the bent/poa annua greens become "puffy." Double mowing and rolling wet grass places a great deal of stress, that coupled with the moisture is a perfect breeding ground for fungus to grow.
  5. Cal Spa is teh suck
  6. We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Rev. Scott just made that up, didn't he?
  7. Did Phil just hit that laterally off the hosel?
  8. Andrew Johnston looks like an amish lumberjack
  9. 1,234,567
  10. I am not saying that golf courses aren't responsible as well, just that ultimately the golfer is responsible for what happens after the ball is struck. I know of courses that have redesigned holes to protect themselves and homeowners. I just see a quite a bit of "whoa is me" from people who buy houses next to a golf course and don't want to take responsibility for where they chose to buy. It's like buying next to an airport and getting pissed because planes fly over.
  11. This surprises me. As a golf course operator, we do everything in our power to get the golfer and the homeowner together to rectify the situation. Many people aren't as willing to fess up and do the right thing like JD here. A golfer is always responsible for their ball, period. Given that, the homeowner has to take responsibility for buying a home on a golf course and be willing to take the good and the bad that comes with living next to it.
  12. Holly needs a wardrobe malfunction STAT!! DeChambeau=B.A.D. Gimme a little Old Man Furyk. Hometown Boy with a trophy in his pocket already.
  13. 3,4,2,1 5 That's some high quality H2O!
  14. to the crew at SOakmont CC for all the work they have ahead to get the course playable for the rest of the week. What a mess. The players will be caught up by Saturday and ready for a great final round on Sunday.