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  1. SHIIITE!! This is why we can't have nice things! Super impressed that he played after that nasty hit last Thursday. Dudes a warrior and I'm sure he will play if they let him.
  2. Crazy how I did this to myself but in redraft I own Kamara, Coleman, Breida, DJ....WW priority had Samuel ahead of Drake but landed Kenyon so all my RB's are in play tonight (so to speak). Rolling with Coleman & Drake and hoping for some Thursday night Halloween weirdness.
  3. Understood. Just thought most of the recent comments could go in the Dak thread. I mean, that’s where I would go to find out about, you know, Dak.🤓
  4. These game threads should be locked after a certain point, IMO. The emotion, bias and trolling gets to be off the charts ridiculous. Why foster it?
  5. Glad I stepped into the Zeke thread and found out all this crap about Dak.🧐
  6. He was once great...led my FF teams to championships but now, it’s sad to watch him run in quicksand, mis-time jumps and has a hard time catching contested balls. Truth be told, I don’t really think he understands the offense either. RIP Jimmy
  7. Mason Crosby 12.0pts & 51 yds against Dallas in week 5
  8. Good game by Thursday standards but what a buzz kill😒 Defense and ST's were just awful last night. Incredible how the offense changed when Devante went down. DPI should have been called on the last Int but bottom line is the Pack made too many mistakes, didn't or couldn't adjust enough to win. Props to Philly. On to Dallas where Zeke could run for an NFL record unless GB figures out how to slow down the run.
  9. We’re gonna need to find another reason to go to commercial.
  10. Headed down next week with another couple...will definitely be hitting up some of the recommendations from this thread! @Judge Smails PM sent Thank YOU!!