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  1. Going to see how good the run D is today. Go Pack!
  2. yes
  3. There's a cure for aids but not lock jaw? WTF making Fowler put that? Euro's pissing me off already
  4. 2016 has been teh suck for losing icons.
  5. Congrats Bobcat10! Wear that Spork proudly GB! How about Rory? Wasted all those starts on him early in the year and what do you know, he finds it in the end. Jerk! Good news...only 17 days till the wrap around season starts Some guy named Eldrick will be there.
  6. RIP Arnold Palmer
  7. The King is dead, long live the King. RIP Arnie
  8. Rodgers and the offense struggling to find an identity. Gonna hold in my deep bench league cuz I'm an optimistic homer. That play referenced above where he had the first down and then lost it made me just knowing Flap is out there about it.
  9. I was on a barstool, ok? The casual fan can see that things are out of sync with this team. Like everyone in here, my hope is it gets corrected in a hurry.
  10. I say he hasn't figured out when to be aggressive and when to be conservative.
  11. Flap and his jedi mind tricks Let's over react to week 1 out comes shall we? Hopefully you drafted him as a a TE2 and are willing to see how things play out if not, by all means follow Flap's advice.
  12. What is up with the quote function Anyone here defending MM think he should have gone for 2 after the Rodgers/Janis hailmary in AZ? He is the epitome of conservative play calling, IMO.