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  1. This is the week Sanders breaks out and pays owners for their patience
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to All🦃🇺🇸 Is 3 more days going to change things enough to be safe?🤔
  3. ATL, they now have to spend precious practice time preparing for both. I'll check back in on Monday and take my lumps if need be. It just seems like a very Payton-esque thing to do
  4. Mind Games. Payton being Payton. Hill may "start' but Winston will get the majority of snaps at QB.
  5. Hey Mike,

    The tournament is the HJ Memorial dates are 6/19-6/22/16. The practice round is Sunday with the tournament proper on Monday-Wednesday. This is my first year in this event but I'm pretty sure a good time will be had by all. $330 gets you 3 rounds @ Laughlin Ranch, $5K Hole in one, Sunday Reception, Wednesday award, prizes in excess of $11K, a donation to the HJM Foundation. I believe they have 80 players signed up and room for 100 so if you want in, you're in. I can fwd an email from the tournament director that has more info. Let me know....


    I'll be staying at the Aquarius.


    I just noticed your a Viking Fan....I'm a Packer Fan so disregard the above.


    ;-) Just messin' Let the insults begin!!!11!




    1. Zow


      Awesome. I think I had a buddy play in this tourney a couple years ago. The Monday and Tuesday might be tough with my work schedule. Let me check that and get back with you. Worst case I'll see if I have any court in bullhead during those days  

      - Mike 

  6. LOL!!! Please Don't Smote Me!!

  7. Its great day for Hockey!!

  8. "The Hawk's presence in an enemy rink is about as welcome as a lemon in a glass blower's lunch bucket!"-Phil Mendel

    RIP Bob