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  1. Lifestyle changes can be expected. I've had from 1 to as many as 6 dogs at one time (rescues) and I can't see making that kind of commitment again.
  2. ⚪ Headed there soon...Thanks for all the great info!
  3. I wouldn't mind giving kicking Greg Olsen's tires. I think he would be infinitely better than Graham from the stand points of understanding the playbook and taking Sternberger under his wing.
  4. I spent summers in Oconomowoc & Nashotah Lakes. Best of times was when Grampa Johnny took me to Wingers. I ate Kit Kat bars & played bumper pool while he wrecked himself enough to drive us home👍
  5. As a Packer Fan, I hate having to root for Boone. Always a quandary and sucks a little bit of football soul outta me. Only need 1 TD so get it early Boone and then GB with the D-Train the rest of the night! Go Pack
  6. I'm thinking about starting Perriman in 2 championship games. FBguys seems to be all in on him and ranked top 5 in non ppr leagues. I don't know if I can trust him ahead of guys like Parker or Sutton. Feeling like it could be a trap
  7. Yep...2007 in a home loss to the Eagles. It was my 3rd year playing FF that team only lost 2 games all year including the 'Ship game. Had I started the Bears D over the Packers in a cold Brett Favre mail it in game, Ida won. I'm still not bitter...really🤐 Lesson: Play It till the whistle blows.
  8. I got beat by Aaron Stecker off the week 16 WW 🌩️ one year😏
  9. Let’s see what kind of halftime adjustments the refs make😝
  10. Based on your projections this year, as a Packer Fan I feel a whole lot better about today.
  11. Can you tell us how it ends so we can skip the commercials🤤
  12. Can I get ANOTHER commercial!? WTF? Gonna have to DVR this mess.🤮
  13. Reed using Pan like a punching bag early...staring down the crowd with each made putt!! What a psycho😂😂