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  1. I feel like having $90 in Week11 that maybe I missed the boat. Is Brad Hill worth me just dumping $77 on him so I guarantee I get him? Or should I use this FAAB before? I don't really get what to do now.
  2. Who are you all targeting in the early 100s? I start getting into this pick ranges and don't really like a lot of what's on the board. the Michael Gallup's, Jamison Crowder, Delanie Walker, etc range. Who do you guys like around 100-125?
  3. I took him at 29 overall last night and today I kind of feel uncomfortable with it. Not sure I would do that if I was drafting today.
  4. SLEEPERS WEEK 16 here are some guys I like: QB -- Josh Allen @ NE RB -- Mike Davis v. KC, Zac Zenner v. MIN
  5. Last week I traded David Johnson and Mark Ingram for Todd Gurley. Not a fan of how AZ looks and don't think Ingram will hold his value upon return.
  6. Reminds me a lot of when NE would have to go play a decent Dolphins team in Miami, in September, and struggle. JAX dominated yesterday but it wasn't shocking. If it were November -- I'd be surprised.
  7. I chuckled when Conner scored his first touchdown and then went to over-celebrate with his offensive line. A bit of a snub at Leveon Bell.
  8. No I was getting him at #26 for awhile in late July in mocks. Then it started being that #23 was needed. Now I don't see him much.
  9. I was stealing McCaffery in the 3rd for awhile but now I see him sometimes for 15th overall.
  10. Any hesitation taking Bell at #2 given his holdout?
  11. Any chance Bell won't sign and report? I have the #2 overall pick and I feel a bit hesitant right now to draft him.
  12. "This doesn't sound like best friend talk out here."