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  1. I don’t see you bashing me or anyone else. We’re good. Im sold on Dak because he’s a winner and all his teammates love and believe in him. I firmly believe if he got the ball back last night he would have scored and tied the game up. He’s amazing when the cuffs are off and he can run the two minute stuff. It’s only when we’re in the conservative standard gameplay that we struggle. Other than the defense playing like crap last night Im happy with how everything worked out and I’m looking forward to next season.
  2. Yeah he’s got to get better at that. A lot of yards left on the field. So nobody wants to talk about how our defense got absolutly manhandled for 4 quarters? Demarcus Lawrence was stonewalled all night.
  3. There is no discussion though. You’ve made your opinion crystal clear. You think Dak stinks and he’s not a legit QB, right? Yeah, we get it. So we’re clear, he sucks, now what would you like to add to the conversation ? Unless it’s somthing new, PLEASE STOP TROLLING THE THREAD EVERY WEEK. Ill simply keep asking you to kindly stop pissing in the pool. Eventually it’ll work itself out.
  4. We don’t need a QB and we’re not wasting any resources on one. We need to get rid of our moron play caller and simply remind the defense how they got manhandled for the first half of this game. Last nights game was on the defense. There were two really bad calls that went against us too. Still shocked that we let a fat FA RB gash us all night.
  5. Agreed. That 4th down run right at our weakest part of the line is exactly what he gets wrong every week. He overthinks it and tries to get cute by breaking tendencies. “They”lol never expect us to go behind our weakest OLineman” We need to keep Richard, drop Linahan and whatshisface, the former QB from Boise and get Dak a QB coach and play caller. Draft another OL/DL and some more defenders. Next season is gonna be fun!
  6. You troll Cowboys and Titan threads each and every week. We all understand your stance, you think the quarterbacks stink. You’ll have to excuse those of us who have seen what a winning quarterback looks like when we don’t take you seriously. How about you stop repeating yourself in every thread. Can you please stop doing that? I’m asking you nicely. It’s annoying as hell and at this point it’s just trolling.
  7. Good game Rams. Good luck next week, I’ll be rooting for you.
  8. Good game. Dak played well. Defense was overwhelmed. That was concerning. Looked like ND against Alabama in the trenches.
  9. When I heard they declined the second the penalty I almost shat my pants. I swore the Rams would make him pay.
  10. Yeah he tried to qualify it by saying he does everything well but that was cringy
  11. Way to celebrate down 17
  12. Lol at Hill giving the defender the peace sign.
  13. That image of Luck laying face down is a bad look.
  14. Maybe it’s because Mahomes has such a strong arm but Lucks passes look slow.
  15. I wouldn’t put Rivers or Eli in at this juncture:
  16. It’s a bizarre discussion anyway. Sure it might work for the chargers this once but in your hypothetical world other teams would also have the option to spend their first round pics. A few years in everyone would be have mortgaged their picks in advance and you’d essentially be right off where you are now. This is a silly discussion. Given the silly rules I’m still not drafting a guy and then letting him play against Alabama 2 more times on top of 20 more games.
  17. I’m not gonna pick a guy with my first rounder and then have him play two more full seasons. What if he gets hurt? I’ll take my chances to grab him the year he comes out.
  18. Weeellll Daaaaayum, Raylon Givens!!!
  19. He’s got three all timers.... No señor!, aye papi! And.... Shee-Ca-Go....Shee-Ca-Go!