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  1. This is like a nascar race the way they're all bunched up. Crazy.
  2. A little longer video on youtube. A couple more at the beginning.
  3. I was just about to post this. Guy crushes it. His Bubba kills me.
  4. Thanks. Will check them out. I know they had a lesser TCL model on sale today. Maybe tomorrow they have a deal on 5 or 6 series? Seeing now they have the 5 series for $475 on amazon.
  5. I see it now.
  6. This 2018 LG 49" only $395 Doesn't list a refresh rate though.
  7. What about this sucker?
  8. I'm looking for something that won't break in a month and has a great picture. Willing to pay more. Don't want to get stuck with something lousy because it's on sale. Reviews on all these sets scare me off.
  9. 43 inch TCL $199 Piece of crap?
  10. Not even sure what that means. Basically I just want to watch football.
  11. Only 60Hz refresh rate. Does it matter?
  12. is this a good deal? 55 inch sony
  13. Any good tv's yet?