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  1. Those screenings are in a grave free area of the cemetery though. It's a big, empty lawn, not sitting on or next to headstones. I think if you're sitting right on top of graves it's kind of weird. I don't see it as disrespectful though, just odd.
  2. Damn. I just watched that documentary last month. Free on youtube.
  3. Watching this press conference I can't believe this is real life.
  4. Demos: Randall Cunningham (song about young, dual-threat qb's) Stuck Here with Gardner Minshew
  5. Great band. He was so underrated. Rocking out listening to them now. She's my best friend's girl She's my best friend's girl But she used to be mine
  6. All I remember is Dalton but that was late in the year.