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  1. 100% legit. She's a heavy knitter. Kinda strange to think that in some alternate online universe she's posting away on her board. Wonder if there's any good shtick on that knitting board?
  2. I think the takeaway here is no matter what the subject of the message board, thanks to Trump everybody is talking about politics. The question I have is could someone from this board have written a similar article? "I used to vote democrat but then I read some awful things written by liberals in the FFA so I went to Trump rally and..." Seems unlikely.
  3. Mom is claiming that there is a lot of "ganging up" done by pro-Trump knitters. When they get called out on it they claim they are the ones being ganged up on.
  4. My mother is big into knitting and she is disputing this woman's account of the online knitting community. Will pass on more information as I get it.
  5. I posted about the Business Insider article 45 minutes ago. I'm not continuing to be certain about anything. Some random Nigerian guy joke tweeting as Lis Smith is pretty odd stuff.
  6. Seems pretty weird to me but I'll take your word for it.
  7. Business Insider saying they have a picture of a man holding a sign with the date and phrase "I am not Lis Smith" written on it.
  8. So there's really a hardcore Pete Buttigieg supporter in Nigeria who jokingly tweets as Lis Smith telling Team Pete that it's "Phase 4" and time to phone bank? Really?
  9. Buzzfeed has an article saying they contacted the guy and he said sent the tweet as a joke. Then said Sanders supporters have doxxed him so he's not going to reveal his identity. None of this makes sense.
  10. Something like this that could have a negative impact on her career and on the campaign itself, you'd think if it were untrue or if she was being "set up" she would come out and issue a very strong denial, not just try to tweet it away like it's harmless.
  11. How long is she going to deny it?
  12. Lis Smith is huge in Africa.
  13. Hey Pete, any comment on the Lis Smith situation?