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  1. Amazing picture taken last night of LA. Fire on Melrose from previous night still smoldering in the distance. The smoke that's closer, not even sure what it is.
  2. They just showed the inside of a looted CVS in Santa Monica. Like a tornado hit it. ATM and self-checkouts destroyed. Makeup, sunscreen, toothpaste, booze all gone or strewn everywhere. The raisins were left untouched though. Even looters hate those things.
  3. Local station showing looting in progress in Long Beach. Busted through the boarding outside a Ross. All young people.
  4. I feel like the lack of sports and movies has contributed to the size/intensity of the chaos. Doesn't the military have that weapon that makes people horny? Time to deploy that sucker.
  5. I saw that. Nuts. Curfew has been in effect there since 4pm pst. Cops had 3rd street secured all day too. They only recently left and the looters showed up almost immediately.
  6. I have seen some, yes. Not many. Seemed like last night took a lot of people by surprise.
  7. Once the Jordan store started getting looted things ended quickly. MJ wasn't having that ####.
  8. Guy on local news earlier today was actually interviewing the Santa Monica looters as they left the store. Crazy stuff.
  9. Guy on local news here interviewing looters as they come out of the Vans store with merch.