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  1. Nipsey

    Worst food ever?

    Egg salad. Can't believe people eat that stuff. Nasty.
  2. Peg
  3. You have to hold Conner at this point. If Bell is traded you'd have a potential top 8 player in Conner. Even if Bell returns he has more value than Smith, at least as long as Coleman is healthy.
  4. Nipsey

    Le'Veon Bell

    Who knows what he and his agent are thinking. They're making it up as they go. If I had to guess it's because he thinks there's a decent chance he'd be dealt if he showed up before the trade deadline and he doesn't want that. If he goes to another team this season and lays an egg it'd knock his potential future earnings down even more. Every week this guy lights almost a million bucks on fire as James Conner shows the entire world why the Steelers were smart not to lock up huge $$$ in Bell.
  5. Really shocked. I thought once he got that tattoo behind his ear that they were solid.
  6. They're both studs. Girard an uber-elite shooter. Gives Jimmy flexibility that we haven't had as far back as i can remember. Shooters everywhere. With Girard, Goodine, Buddy I assume someone going to play the wing at some point like hughes will this year. Can't remember a guy choosing Cuse over a Duke offer in my lifetime. Set up for title runs for rest of Jimmy tenure. loaded this year and beyond. Way to go Bazley.
  7. Nipsey

    Nipsey sings karaoke

    Time After Time
  8. Nipsey

    Nipsey sings karaoke

    Can't Fight This Feeling
  9. Nipsey

    Nipsey sings karaoke

    Down by the River
  11. Nipsey

    Nipsey sings karaoke

    Man on the Corner
  12. Nipsey

    Nipsey sings karaoke