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  1. I've seen worse on streets of Hollywood on a Wednesday night. Just sayin'
  2. Who the hell knows? I don't trust Doug Pederson. Can't believe I sat Gronk for this clown because of the news.
  3. Is Duke Johnson worth a #1 waiver wire spot? I'm glad I didn't waste it last week.
  4. Gronk is a nonfactor this year. Whether it's due to his injury or not but he's just not the same player. Yeah yeah yeah, double coverage blah blah blah. Gronk always gets double coverage.
  5. Is anyone worth a #1 waiver wire spot this week? I don't know if I want to waste my #1 for Sutton or Coutee...
  6. What is wrong with this guy seriously? I mean playing in Cleveland can make you less motivated but he's actually in a good system with a Hall of Fame QB. He's walking on very think ice...
  7. Big disappointment. I had high hopes for this guy. He's not even worth a spot on my roster now.
  8. Yup how do you reverse that call? Not gonna win that challenge.
  9. LOL What's the deal with these Tide commercials?
  10. I was pissed I started Clement but I'm ok with it now.
  11. Even if he knows the playbook, Gordon won't be a fantasy stud in NE. That TD he scored was a fluke. Brady doesn't even look his way.
  12. It's only week one people. R-E-L-A-X Most things posted in this thread will not come to fruition.
  13. He played 45 snaps in 4 games. I'm pretty sure he'll get way more than that in Zona.
  14. This year's WW has been crap. I'm gonna waste my #1 on AD. Yeah he's 32 but I didn't like how the Saints were using him. He would get subbed in for 1 play, then the defense would be all over him since it was transparent he was gonna get the ball. That's why his numbers are so bad this year. If he actually gets 15 to 20 carries a game in Zona, he's worth a pick up, imo...
  15. Unless Fox has Forte on his Fantasy roster, why would Fox rush Forte back? It's pointless...
  16. He's a bust. I'd be pissed if I drafted him as my 1st overall when Forte was just sitting pretty.