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  1. I spent the latter half of my day looking into if it could be wrong as I was in denial. It doesn't look like it could be wrong as I have a different paternal haplotype and share no identical segments of DNA like full brothers will. My brother that gave us all the kits texted me this morning to say my oldest brother, mom, and dad all submitted their results so things might get a little chaotic when the results are in coming up. I'm kind of wishing my dad didn't have to find out at the end of his life while in and out of the hospital. The wheels are in motion though so now it's a matter of how to soften the blow for my dad. It will be made more difficult too as my middle brother and I live in Arizona while my parents and oldest brother live near where I grew up on the opposite side of the country.
  2. Only my brother and I took it so far. My dad is in the hospital and doesnt have long to live due to progression of a chronic lung disease. My mom is alive (they are still together) but my brother and I dont plan on bringing anything up until my dad passes. I'm also not planning on telling my oldest brother unless he figures it out with his own kit. He is really struggling with my dad's disease. I'm fairly certain my mom will deny deny deny when it gets brought up even theres no way it's wrong. Ultimately it changes nothing about how I feel about my dad and brothers, just adds another confusing layer to my life that I am still processing now. Not sure of the next step to finding out my true father when the day comes. My next closest match is a 2nd cousin which wont be enough info I think to track down my father when my mom lies. Or we could be wrong and my middle brother could have a different father. Edit: My brother and I were completely surprised. No one in my family mentioned anything when we got the Kits. I'm assuming the most likely scenario is my mom cheated and was crossing her fingers that I was my dad's son all these years.
  3. Just looked at my results today. I'm the youngest of 3 kids (32 years old). My middle brother got all 5 of us the kit. Turns out hes only my half brother. We arent sure if it's me or him that doesn't know their true dad, but breakdown of ancestry leans towards me not knowing my "true" dad and being lied to my whole life. Seems so surreal.
  4. Really? You're being one of "those" parents.
  5. That's how I read it too. Dog is chained in the back yard 18 to 20 hours per day. And no, I'm not a dog lover, too much responsibility, so I never took one in. I would feel pretty bad about keeping a dog chained up 18 to 20 hours a day, but again never owned one. My feelings are just based on my generic feelings, light research, and knowing some dog owners.
  6. Did you read what she said correctly? She says the dog prefers to be inside the house even when it is 60° outside. A 14 year old dog left chained up outside a full day in 90° weather that hates being outside these days? Is this a fishing trip? By "house" I pray you meant dog house.
  7. No, the dog was outside 12 hours when it was 90+ all day. This is a 14 year old dog. I feel bad for it too.
  8. The neighbor might be a little extreme, but it seems you also may not be fit for a dog based on your situation. Everything I find online says even with water, a dog should not be outside extended periods in 90+ degrees. There should be no excuses to letting your dog be uncomfortable or you shouldn't own it. I think you're both in the wrong.
  9. Just a few quick things to add. When graduating from pharmacy school, you are announced as "Dr. So-and-so." You can make fun of someone requesting to be called it, but the terminology is correct even if your perception isn't. I also hope most of you realize that there is a good chance your regular primary care physician doctor isn't an MD but a DO.
  10. There are also some situations where you may also need tetanus immune globulin and not just a tetanus shot. I always question customers at the pharmacy when they are looking to get the tetanus shot (tdap) and refuse if I think it's possible it may need more than the shot. (Not a clean wound and <3 previous/unknown # of tdap shots).
  11. Man you guys are impossible to make happy. Every week is a week long circle jerk of you guys trying to one up the previous person of making a snide comment. If you don't like it, stop posting. Is it really that hard? Do I find myself rolling my eyes every once in a while? Yes, but I overall enjoy the show as do a lot of people do. This episode was pretty darn good, but you guys are so engrained in being negative you can't even appreciate when they do an episode right.
  12. They are attending the graduation, just not a mass. What is the big deal? Maybe they miss other life events, which would sting and give cause to be disgruntled. But for missing mass? Really?
  13. Went to 2 places today and so far liked ford fusion > chevy malibu. I tossed out any interest in the Chevy impala. Just too much of a price increase. Chevy salesman was super annoying. Told him about 100 times I'm not buying for atleast a number of weeks, 0% chance, but he kept hard selling a 2015 Impala. Told him I only wanted to test drive them, get a feel for them and leave. Ford let me do just that. Chevy not so much. Hoping to have the others looked at in the next week. Edit: From my understanding the Mazda 6 is only manual which doesn't appeal to me.
  14. Planning on checking out a car or 3 today. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Seems like it's about 8$ a month to sign up for the consumer reports to read more into the cars which i'll probably sign up for soon.
  15. How did you decide what car you were going to buy ie make and model? I have always had hand me down cars, and am looking for the first time at buying/leasing a new car. I am leaning towards buying as I don't mind owning a car for 5-7 years. I never realized how closely priced all similar cars are. Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Malibu, Kia Optima, Honda Accord, & Nissan Altima are all priced aroud 22.5k MSRP base price. All look similar as far as looks and specs. Not sure how to narrow it down, but prefer to not go to 7 different places to test drive 7 different cars and get 7 different speeches.