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  1. I think you missed your family and looked for any sign of comfort to help you get over it. I had a friend who said she was thinking about one of her friends who died years ago, then a rainbow appeared and she felt "she sent it" to her to brighten her day. I feel like thousands of people saw that same rainbow. Maybe one of them interpreted the rainbow was for them for a different reason. Maybe it was just light refracting off moisture in the air. People look for any little nugget that helps them mentally get through hard things.
  2. I've been on keto for 11 months, down 30 lbs and drink red wine or vodka/clubs nightly. Enjoy, Oats.
  3. I turned it off 10 minutes in to Ep 1. Thought the dude was super, super annoying.
  4. Glad to see you at peace, Joe. My Mom passed away about 3 years ago and I've found that it isn't the Mother's Day type things that are hard. It's sitting home on some random Sunday night realizing that it was about the time she'd call every week to check in on how my weekend was. Or going through a bunch of recipes and see her very distinctive handwriting. Be well and celebrate her.
  5. We had Ground Rounds here in CT with the same special. The only issue was, they'd bring them out 10 at a time for each person. The first 20-30 were cooked and sauced normally. The rounds from 40 on gradually were less cooked and less sauced. I cut the cord in the mid 60's when the wings were half raw. Their way of saying "You've had enough, boys"
  6. Will Smith? Did I miss that being mentioned in the first 3 pages? How can that be?
  7. I think the Super Bowl gig is worse. Why? Because no guy wants to sit there watching it and, when you do? All you can do is comment how bad it sucks. Wrong acts for the wrong audience. You can throw some old unfunny windbag like Billy Crystal up for the Oscars and he'll be fine.
  8. I hope you get some sweet wicker furniture from Santa this year, swc.
  9. 1) You said the food came out wrong. What was wrong? On their menu, there seems to be the lamb shank, a pork chop and steak. Was it the wrong item or just cooked wrong? You'd braise a shank, so it'd almost be impossible to be undercooked. 2) I really don't see how it could possibly be cold. Every chain like that has heat lamps. If your food sits, it sits under the lamp and when you finally get it, the plate itself is burning hot (and often brought by another server who has seen it sitting there). I really don't see a way it could be cold. This post seems like you're in it for the clicks.
  10. Meh. I didn't like it. I thought the story jumped all over the place and really wasn't that interesting. They took a ton of liberties, like he didn't tell the band he had AIDS prior to Live Aid and no one treated that as a farewell performance. They toured the year after that. And I just couldn't get behind the cheesy scenes "Oh, THAT'S how they came up with Bohemian Rhapsody" type stuff. Had heard the script and production of this bounced around a lot over the years and I think that showed. It just isn't a great story. It's a great last 20 minute imitation by Malek though.
  11. I just offered TY Hilton for David Johnson. a) I have Antonio Brown. b) Luck simply can't throw the ball downfield. Aside from the Brissett play, his yards per completion are abysmal. (7.8 this year vs 11-12 his entire career) c) I think the QB change results in lots of checkdown passes in the flat to Johnson where he can make things happen.
  12. Lots of good stuff here. I've been divorced 10+ years and my daughter is now 14, I'd echo: Learning to cook. When we spend time together, she always has a certain recipe or two that she's begging for once I pick her up. Snapchat or social media. I don't comment on her posts, but will like certain ones and she notices. And Snapchat is the new text/email/phone call. That's how she communicates 95% of the time. And it's fun to be out somewhere, see something cool and share a few seconds of your day here or there with them. Mom is likely going to be crazy and irrational at times, especially when you eventually get another partner. If so, talk like you're on the witness stand. Just the facts. Answer the question you've been asked and nothing more. No emotional escalation. And sometimes, you just sit there and let her rant. The storm will pass.
  13. In my early 20's, was at a bar with a bunch of friends. One of them met up with his girlfriend there. She was pretty drunk and, well, flirty with everyone except my buddy. He got into it with some guy she was flirting with and, appropriately, the guy says "Don't blame me. Tell her to stop. If she comes over to talk, I'm going to talk to her." Sure enough, she ends up going back over there soon after and my buddy tries to take it out on the guy again and they start scuffling. They break it up and we all decide to get out of there, cut away from her and the drama and go somewhere else (lots of bars in the area). We get outside and the guy storms out looking for my buddy. I tell him to calm down, we're headed somewhere else and it's over. He tells me "Get out of my way or I'll kick your @$$ first" and instinctively, I just crushed him with a right cross to the jaw. Like a movie, he staggered back a few steps and fell out cold flat on his back. I found out later his jaw was broken and needed to be wired shut. Only time I've ever hit someone like that but it was a haymaker. Edit to add: I ended up sleeping with the girl after my friend dumped her not long after that night. She was trouble, but an absolute tiger in the sack.
  14. I know the OP was in April, but chiming in anyway. New Haven has some really cool aspects about it. The college part of the town is great. There are great bars and restaurants, including the aforementioned Mamoun's and BAR. Louis' Lunch is also there and that's recognized as the "birthplace of the hamburger", I don't think much of the burger but it's a cool spot to hit for sure. And the pizza. Pepe's is the best pizza spot in the country, hands down. The white clam pizza or the tomato pie are their specialties and it's a religious experience. All you need to know is when Francis Albert Sinatra played in NYC, his people drove to New Haven to bring him back Pepe's pizzas. Sally's is in the middle of ownership changes and I'm not even sure it's open right now. It's really slipped over the last decade. Modern is now #2 there for me and also makes the top 10 of many national lists. And yes, you're a 40 minute train ride to Grand Central Station which is pretty fun and convenient. Enjoy.
  15. Cool fact. Most of the pictures/videos of Scranton in the opening were taken by John Krasinski the first time him and his friends drove through the city before season 1.