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  1. There was a Harvard study done that's pretty well known. There's a great Atlantic article on it. They basically followed a bunch of Harvard students over the course of their life, interviewing them every year and asking about how happy they were in their lives. They saw very well off people who ended up committing suicide. Very successful people with substance abuse problems. And as they tried to tie up the connections....they found that the people who hadn't fared well were the ones that didn't navigate through the tough parts of their lives. Those who were dealt bad cards - sickness, death of a loved one, financial hardship - but kept a good state of mind? Those were the ones who were happy. The ones who crumbled at the adversity had bad endings, no matter how much money or opportunity they had in life. I've always had that in my mind. I've lost both parents. One suddenly, one through a long illness. I've been through a divorce. I don't feel sorry for myself. And I don't think it's unfair. It's what's made me who I am. So, I feel like keeping your bearings and not being too impacted by the bad things is the key.
  2. Was just there two weeks ago. Had the cannoli donut. Good lord.
  3. I didn't read the book and I am not looking for a spoiler, but I don't trust the former cop who is in love with Holly. The fact that he tracked her down, followed her to the detective's house and is offering to work on the case seems funny to me. I guess that might be apparent, but I hadn't seen anyone else here mention it...
  4. If you get 2, the best bet is getting them at the same time. If one is older and more settled in, it can get violent towards the younger one. They live 4-5 years so it's not as much a commitment as a cat or dog, but way more than a fish. I had a pen like this one: It gave them room to scamper around. They get to be a decent size and I thought it was cruel jamming them in a small cage. They do poop a lot. I didn't find mine smelled at all and kept the pen layered with fresh Timothy hay. They do squeal/whistle and it's cute. Last thing? They are a human garbage disposal. Apple skins, carrot skins, carrot tops, celery scraps, lettuce, etc, etc. They're like a compost heap. Toss it in and they go nuts. I couldn't get a dog or a cat for my kid and she loved her GP's. I thought they were a decent middle ground pet.
  5. I’m in CT. And I’m not rooting for another NY football franchise.
  6. I’m a Jets fan. Followed them for 45 years and it’s all been pretty much miserable but they’re my team and I’m stuck with them. The XFL starts this weekend and I have a new chance here to latch on to someone who may, at some point, bring me happiness. Help me pick which team that should be. items to consider: Cool city to visit for a game. Good local cuisine and/or nightlife. Good logo and team colors. if I’m wearing their gear I want it to look good. intangibles? Team name? Notable players or coach? Hottest cheerleaders? Anything here is fair game.
  7. For the most part, I appreciate the fact that a) the episodes come out weekly and you can't binge it all in a day. I find myself looking forward to it on Sundays and b) it's refreshing to have character development and suspense (albeit slow right now) instead of bam bam bam instant gratification immediately.
  8. Sunday (ep 5) was the first one that really dragged for me. The whole series has been a slow burn, but this week was slow and didn't really reveal much new info. Like, we know Jack has been "touched". We've watched him be a surly, disconnected jerk for weeks now. Every scene, you think "Is this when he loses it?" and I've gotten past the suspense of it and I'm like "Okay....enough. Can we advance this a little finally?"
  9. Maybe 2 years ago for a large fries on a road trip where I was hungry. 20+ years for anything else. I just think the food is gross. I'm sure that if I were to eat a Big Mac right now, it'd be temporarily enjoyable and is designed to satisfy your tastes short term. But the trade off of then having that garbage in your system isn't worth it for me.
  10. Thank you emails are fine, no letter needed and I feel like they're definitely appreciated. I always make sure to personalize it with a short comment about something I spoke specifically to the individual about.
  11. Alicia Keys is like the female John Legend. We always hear people droning on and on about how talented they are....but they have like 3 songs over 15 years.
  12. Output (Power) Calculation Output ~= (Cadence - 35) * (Resistance/100)2.5 * 24 Output is essentially the scaled result of cadence times a positively-power-scaled resistance factor. At a constant cadence, as you add more and more resistance you get back larger and larger increments of output increase.
  13. The Peleton calculates an output total for you, which is basically a % of cadence (how fast you're going) times resistance (how hard you're pedaling). If you're at the right cadence and resistance? I can't see how the average workout is justifiably different. As for resistance on my bike? It's the same knob and mechanics. I know what 0% is. I know what 100% is. They will tell you a quarter turn is 3-5%. They'll describe 25% as "you can start to feel the road underneath you" or 50% as "your quads should be burning, if not then add another 5%". Is it to the penny? No, but for the 2,000 of extra cash in my pocket, I don't mind being at 27% instead of 30%. I would say, if you're a super athlete that's into your times and metrics and track all that stuff? My set up is clearly not designed for that. I would argue that I get as good a workout as 90% of the Peleton users though.
  14. Here you go, Joe. On the app, you can filter archived classes and that's what I do most of the time. You filter the time (10, 20, 30, 45, 60), levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Cardio, Advanced) and the music type and the applicable classes pop up. You can take live classes if you want, but they start at set times and if it's 5:35 am, I don't feel like waiting until 5:45 to start so I just pull up an old class. The downside for me? The instructors are a little forced and super cool and constantly say inspirational things like "You made the choice to get on this bike today. You are better than you were yesterday! You're amazing!" And I roll my eyes at that garbage. But you work up a good sweat every time.