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  1. This is pure conjecture. Let's try to keep a cap on stuff like this.
  2. I'm fine on the week but as a Lockett owner, how does he not have a single target today? I figured him for 9-10 a week and there is NO one else that demands the ball there. That's a shocker to me.
  3. Yes. And you may want to check. Some mortgages will allow for a one time "quick" refi for a flat charge (like $750.00).
  4. I went to Saratoga for the races last weekend and everyone was drinking seltzers. Next step is getting them on tap in bars and restaurants. That's gotta be coming soon.
  5. We have 2 regular stalls and a handicap stall. There's a guy across the floor in a wheelchair. He has no arms beyond his elbows and only one leg. The other leg is only to his knee. He pulls himself around the building with his one leg. When he uses the bathroom, he has his own roll of toilet paper (obviously it's hard for him to use the roll on the stall wall) and he lays a bath towel on the floor and slides himself from his chair to the commode like a snail. One day, after lunch, I had to go and the handicap stall was the only one open so I took it. Yep. When I opened the door, there he was in his chair, staring straight at me. Ugh. I felt like such a creep.
  6. I still have my Weber Genesis purchased in 1994. Starts on the first click every time. I replaced the grates a few years back but that's it.
  7. The same for me. I have a 15 year old daughter and I was 15 in 1982. Watching it together, I don't point out things like "Video game high scores were only 3 digits so you couldn't possibly put MADMAX in there" and instead point out that I drank Kool Aid out of that same Tupperware pitcher every single day as a kid. She also now thinks the 80's music and clothing are "cool" which I never thought I'd hear....
  8. I travel quite a bit for business and the trips usually aren't to glamorous spots. Milwaukee was a city that I was not excited to visit and ended up blowing me away. So much fun. Great bars and restaurants near the river, the Brewers park was great. The people are nice, beer is cold and I ended up really loving it.
  9. So you basically lived the first half hour of "Hall Pass".
  10. I didn't vote Republican in 2008 because I couldn't risk Sarah Palin potentially running our country.
  11. I think people who make you take your shoes off when you enter their house are psycho.
  12. Just went back to Page 1 of this thread to find your first weigh-in. May 15, 2016 = 231.6. 221 pages and 11,000+ replies later, you're only up 7.5 lbs. I guess that's a win of sorts.
  13. I remember one year, a relative gave us a "joint gift" and she complained the whole ride home that we got a joint gift and she didn't get her own present. The gift was a Yankee Candle. I said "I don't think I'm going to use the candle much. I'm fine if you just consider it to be all yours."
  14. I shared my birthday with my ex-wife. I'm someone who doesn't celebrate mine. I don't think I've had a cake in 10 years. I don't really want any celebrations or pomp and circumstance. She is someone who has a birthday week and organizes some event that like 20 people have to go and all celebrate together. Way over the top about it all. She would complain every year that she had to "share" her birthday with me and that it would have both our names on the cake. LOL. It literally upset her every year. Phew. Glad that's over with.
  15. Let me guess. Your parents wedding anniversary is 9 months prior..... He he.