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  1. Hey Bruce, I'm new to DD and am experiencing some technical problems that have me boggled and could use your expertise. My guess is that it's a simple oversight on my side. Problem #1: This is my first year setting up the DD with IDP's. My league flex's the three positions (DB, LB, and DL) so I put a three in the starters column under Flex IDP and checked the Flexed box for the the positions. When I look at my overall tab in the Player Pool, it only incorporates LB's into the rankings. ??? DBs and DLs are put way down in the 700s after team Def which I am not drafting ??? When I look at the Best Value Pick window, the Need Mult column for these two positions is 0.5 while all other positions are at 1.0. shouldn't they all be 1.0?? Problem #2: I downloaded DD to both my desktop and my laptop and quadruple checked that all values in the setup are identical. Any ideas why players projected points are different for both?? Thanks for your help!